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Past articles by Jonathan:

Can Marco Rubio help to break the partisan divide over the dignity of work?

The partisan divide over the dignity of work comes down to one question: Where does dignity come from? Do jobs give people dignity, or do people give jobs their dignity? → Read More

Catholic colleges are searching for new homes in the Southwest. Can they succeed?

The next few years will be critical to whether or not Catholic higher education can bloom in the desert. If it does, it may provide a vital service to a population that represents the future of the Catholic Church in the United States. → Read More

How to Save Americans From the Hell of Work

Elites are "miserable" in their jobs. Millennials are burned out. Can religion, loosely defined, help us reclaim our free time and find meaning in our lives? → Read More

Review: Meghan O’Gieblyn on Christian evangelical culture

When the essayist Meghan O’Gieblyn was a student at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, a Friday night out meant sidewalk evangelism. She and her friends would draw the plan of salvation on a portable chalkboard, hand out tracts and invite passersby to get saved. O’Gieblyn got few takers. Eventually, she left the school and lost her faith. → Read More

Purgatory is other people on ‘The Good Place’ and ‘Forever’

What if you could improve yourself after you are dead? This appealing prospect drives two current TV comedies. → Read More

Is your job necessary?

Americans work an awful lot. But what are we doing at the jobs we believe are so important? → Read More

What I learned about art and spirituality on my pilgrimage to Texas

Three buildings argue over spirituality, art and public life. → Read More

Here’s what happened when NRA members encountered a prayer vigil outside their convention.

The National Rifle Association gathering in Dallas attracted demonstrators on both sides of gun control—and an opportunity for dialogue. → Read More

Please, Millennials, Don’t Destroy Us Just Yet

It's a mistake to assume that generational turnover alone will usher in a more progressive America. → Read More

The Year the Robots Came for Our Jobs

Public anxiety over the automation of the workplace reached new heights in 2017, making clear that humanity isn't ready for the coming revolution. → Read More

Louis C.K. has confessed. Now it’s time for contrition.

It is too late for Louis C.K. to be the model of male feminism. It is not too late for him to be a model of contrition. → Read More

Parenting Is Not a “Job,” and Marriage Is Not “Work”

Yes, they're hard to do. But our narrow moral vocabulary for describing non-professional pursuits is making our lives worse. → Read More

The Duke Divinity email fracas and the perils of seeing academic work as a vocation (essay)

The Duke Divinity email fracas shows the peril of academics viewing their work as a vocation and not a job, argues Jonathan Malesic. → Read More

The Rich We Will Always Have With Us

On measures of well-being, residents of the United States fare worse than residents of countries like Canada, Sweden or Japan, all of which are less wealthy but more equal. → Read More

Douthat’s Wager: Go to Church, Even If You Don’t Believe

If you are a secular liberal who made your twice-yearly trip to church on Easter Sunday, you took an important step toward improving your life, your political philosophy, and your community, according to New York Times columnist Ross Douthat. The next step is to go back, not just at Christmas, but e → Read More

America Must Divorce Dignity From Work

A job guarantee is a good policy idea. But universal basic income is better. → Read More

Searching for George W. Bush in his portraits of the soldiers he sent to war

Bush’s new exhibition features 66 paintings of wounded veterans whom the former president has come to know. → Read More

Is there life after college?

The book offers detailed guidance on managing decisions a potential college student must make: whether to go to college right after high school, where one should attend and how to find internships along the way. → Read More

Clinton is wrong. You shouldn’t have to work to have a place in America.

Rising automation means we need a new vision of social inclusion. → Read More

The 40-Year-Old Burnout

Why I gave up tenure for a yet-to-be-determined career. → Read More