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Recent articles by Daniel:

Understanding Iran's Foreign Policy

U.S. Iran policy has long suffered from a poor understanding of the Iranian government’s behavior and goals → Read More

Ending Our 'Shell Game' Foreign Policy in the Middle East

No U.S. strategy can be a panacea, but a strategy of restraint offers the best way forward for both the U.S. and the region. → Read More

The Origins of U.S. Global Dominance

It is no accident that a U.S. role defined by armed supremacy will involve endless conflicts. → Read More

How Strategic Empathy Makes for Wiser Foreign Policy

If we would avoid unnecessary crises and clashes with other states, our government has to begin paying closer attention to what other states say their vital interests are. → Read More

The Foreign Policy Election That Ignored Foreign Policy

The neglect of foreign policy by the campaigns and the media has been a great disservice to the country. → Read More

Allies Aren't Friends and Clients Aren't Allies

Our founders warned of the dangers of entangling alliances, but the U.S. has for far too long misunderstood the nature of international relationships. → Read More

Just Say No to a Karabakh 'No-Fly Zone'

It would be absurd and irresponsible to interfere militarily in a conflict that truly has nothing to do with us. → Read More

Trump's Arms Control Farce

The administration’s habit of demanding everything while offering little to nothing will never succeed. → Read More

The Bankruptcy of 'Bipartisan Foreign Policy'

A potential Biden Secretary of State lays out his case for a failed orthodoxy → Read More

Choking Iranians to Death with Sanctions

The U.S. has been waging a relentless economic war on the Iranian people, and this is the latest and most indefensible escalation of that war. → Read More

Southeast Asia Isn't Interested in Joining a New Cold War

U.S. policy in the region has completely ignored the intimate ties these countries retain with China. → Read More

End the Dangerous Saudi Relationship Now

We have seen over the last few years what happens when Washington gives the Saudis uncritical backing and protection, and everyone is worse off because of it. → Read More

Getting Rid of the Myth of 'Isolationism'

'Isolationism' is not real, and never has been. It is an insult thrown at realists by the architects of senseless wars. → Read More

The Building Blocks of a Restraint Coalition

There is strong support among voters of both parties for increased diplomacy and decreased military engagement. → Read More

Reckoning the Full Costs of Endless War

The number of people forced from their homes by our imperial projects is staggering. → Read More

Podcast: A Veteran's View of Trump, Endless Wars, and the 2020 Election with Danny Sjursen

Sjursen talks about the most recent rift between Trump and the military and what veterans really think about the president and his policies. → Read More

The Making of Mister Bone Saw

A new account of Crown Prince Bin Salman's reign to date is seriously flawed → Read More

Get Out of Syria | The American Conservative

Having failed to overthrow the government there, we're now penalizing the civilian population for our failure. Enough is enough. → Read More

Why is the U.S. Still Suspending Aid to Yemen?

If it doesn't resume ASAP, many more will die because of terrible decisions made in Washington. → Read More

Living with a Nuclear North Korea

Arms control rather than disarmament is desirable. Too bad neither presidential candidate seems interested. → Read More