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Vancouver, WA, United States

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Recent articles by Greg:

Jayne: The tyranny of the minority

We will be told between now and November, persistently and passionately, that elections have consequences. That voting matters. That this is the most important election of our lives. → Read More

Jayne: Birthdate key for kids’ success

On Thursday, Jimmy Butler scored 32 points as the Miami Heat eliminated the Philadelphia 76ers from the NBA playoffs. → Read More

Jayne: Getting on track toward the light

I am, tepidly, moving toward the light, yet remain encumbered by confusion, doubt and uncertainty. → Read More

Jayne: What’s next for Temple Lentz?

Is Temple Lentz running for Congress? → Read More

Jayne: ‘Crying Indian’ ad still rings true

Driving our youngest to school the other morning, I came across a DJ on the radio talking about the “most influential commercials of all time.” → Read More

Jayne: Sacrifice for common good

Sitting at a coffee shop, sipping on hot chocolate and pondering how to begin this column, I had a revelation. → Read More

Jayne: Sports puts the real in reality TV

The favorite stumbled, bumbled, fell and was relegated to tears. The silver medalist screamed and cried in anger. The gold medalist, champion of the marquee event at the Winter Olympics, appeared forlorn while longing for somebody to hug. → Read More

Jayne: Finding the limit to being woke

To be honest, I try to be woke as much as possible. While the phrase itself has become a pejorative and a target for scorn in conservative media circles, it seems that being woke is better than being asleep or oblivious or uninformed. → Read More

Jayne: Red Lion at Quay stirs memories

For visitors, a city typically is defined by the things they can see. Unique buildings or landmarks or public spaces create visuals that linger in the mind, providing the dominant details of a particular excursion. → Read More

Jayne: Pearl Harbor still resonates

It seems so long ago, before most of us were born, and yet it remains fresh. → Read More

Jayne: Raising fear of tolls is effective

As a political strategy, it’s often effective. As a political reality, it’s akin to advocating for a unicorn in every backyard. → Read More

Jayne: Inslee should count on Kimsey

In an ideal world, partisanship would have nothing to do with election integrity. Alas, American politics are far from perfect, and partisan tribalism is a cancer that has metastasized. → Read More

Jayne: Election is time to be engaged

As you might or might not be aware, this is election season. Election Day is Nov. 2, when results from local races for city councils and school boards and port commissions and a handful of other contests will start rolling in. → Read More

Jayne: Society changing for young men

This past summer, before heading off for his freshman year of college, my 18-year-old son worked for a roofing company. It is hot, grimy, physically demanding work, as you might imagine. It is the kind of hard work that reinforces the dignity of working hard. → Read More

Jayne: Trump lost; just get over it

It’s like “Alice in Wonderland,” with Clark County residents falling down a rabbit hole and wandering around a fanciful world that bears little resemblance to reality. → Read More

Jayne: Metric system measures up

We’ll blame Thomas Jefferson. Oh, not entirely; there are more than 200 years’ worth of criticism to dole out. → Read More

Jayne: I-5 tunnel could right the wrongs

For those of us on the north side of the Columbia River, the Interstate 5 Bridge is just that – a bridge. → Read More

Jayne: Repeated oath ringing false

This time, apparently, she really, really means it. Despite taking an oath in January to uphold the U.S. and state constitutions, and despite doing the same two years prior and two years before that, state Rep. Vicki Kraft saw the need to remind us of her vow just over a week ago. → Read More

Jayne: Listen to Capitol officers’ account

This is what Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler doesn’t think we should hear: → Read More

Jayne: Poor white voters pick wrong team

I saw an interview a while back in which the speaker said, “There’s not much difference between poor Blacks and poor whites. It’s just that poor whites have been convinced to vote against their own best interests.” → Read More