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Past articles by Lauren:

15 Million People Are Under Threat From Glacial Lakes

Global warming is melting the world’s glaciers. We’ve been hearing about this for a while. But what we haven’t been hearing about is the human cost of the dissolving of glaciers. A study out this week in the journal Nature Communications says that 15 million people are under threat globally from flooding caused by overflowing glacial lakes. → Read More

Left Behind: Disabled People and Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can and do cause deaths, but the disabled community suffers disproportionately, with researchers estimating that people with disabilities are up to four times more likely to die in floods, earthquakes, wildfires, and other climate-related events. → Read More

Russia Is Afraid of Western Psychic Attacks

Pseudoscience and mysticism are common among the Moscow elite. → Read More

We Have a Problem: Just 7 of the 110 Leaders at COP27 were women

It’s been about a month since the United Nations climate conference began in Egypt. Called COP27, the annual forum was a chance to address an increasingly clear red alert for our planet. → Read More

Corporate Greenwashing at COP27

Coca-Cola is far and away the biggest polluter of plastics in the world. So why is it one of the sponsors of the 2022 UN Climate Change Conference in Egypt, known as COP27? The answer is insidious, and, unfortunately, this is not the only shady corporate-climate confluence happening this month in Sharm El-Sheikh. → Read More

One Land Defender Is Killed Every Two Days

In the past 10 years, an environmental activist somewhere in the world was killed every two days. In 2021, three-quarters of such murders were perpetrated in Central America. The perpetrators have been mainly organized criminal groups and governments that want to destroy land for profit, such as through mining, logging, and extractive industries like oil and gas. → Read More

Those Who Want to Destroy the Amazon Have Taken Over Brazil's Politics

Perhaps it is no surprise that the people involved in that onslaught have found their ways into positions in which they can “legally” make decisions about the Amazon’s precious trees and fauna. → Read More

Supreme Court EPA Ruling Is a Blow to Indigenous Communities, People of Color

Because extractive industries are generally located in communities with the least power to fight their existence, people who live in areas mostly composed of indigenous people and people of color, among others, are poised to be hit hardest by a new reduction of environmental regulatory authority. → Read More

The Convoluted Rise of Ecofascism

Before Peyton Gendron, 18, allegedly shot and killed 10 people in a Buffalo, N.Y., supermarket on Saturday, he posted a 180-page screed with the clear intention of killing “as many Blacks as possible.” But lesser publicized has been the fact that Gendron identified himself as an “ecofascist,” meaning he thinks people of color are taking up too much space on the planet, thus ruining the… → Read More

Can Putin Be Brought to Justice for Russian War Crimes in Ukraine?

As Ukraine fights for survival, investigators scour the country for evidence of atrocities that are hard but not impossible to prosecute. → Read More

India and Pakistan Welcome You to the Very, Very Hot Future

The future of climate change is here. Or at least it’s here if you’re in India. Or Pakistan. → Read More

Earth Day 2022: How to Avoid ‘Climate Doomism’

It’s Earth Day 2022. Since President Biden took office last year, the United States has had its first-ever climate czar in John Kerry, and an administration working to put back together the shattered pieces of the environmental Humpty Dumpty that Trump shoved off the wall. → Read More

The Silent Victim of Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

There is perhaps no starker a picture of how incredibly environmentally reckless — or ignorant — Russian troops have been as they attack Ukraine. → Read More

With Extreme Wealth Comes Extreme Pollution

There has been a lot of talk in the fight against climate change about focusing on reducing emissions in the most pollutive countries, like China, the United States, and India. But a new report says we’re concentrating on the wrong thing. We should, researchers say, be looking instead at the most pollutive people. → Read More

In Ukraine, Besieged Journalists Find That "Press" Insignia Is More Target Than Protection

International law protects reporters and medical personnel doing their jobs. But those norms are the latest victims of Putin’s war. → Read More

Amazon Rainforest Hurtling Toward ‘Tipping Point’

We’ve been hearing for a number of years now about the disastrous melting of the polar ice caps. The warming oceans. But there is one part of the world that may affect the speed of climate change sooner than any of these other nightmarish issues, even while it is a place that still appears lush and relatively healthy: the Amazon rainforest. → Read More

How the War in Ukraine Has Upended the Fight Against Climate Change

Last year, President Biden pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions by half of 2005 levels by the end of the decade. Of course, this didn’t make the fossil fuel industry happy. But the march toward cleaner energy appears inevitable, as natural gas takes the place of coal, and wind and solar energy production ramps up to replace all fossil fuels. → Read More

Must Journalists Air Lies About Ukraine?

A recent moment on the BBC World Service lays bare a journalistic dilemma. → Read More

UN: Wildfires To Worsen Significantly

The past few years have brought some of the worst wildfires the world has ever seen. Between the United States, Australia, and Siberia, fires have eaten up millions of acres of land. Siberia’s 2021 fires alone burned more than all the others around the world combined, destroying more than 21 million acres of boreal forest — an area about the size of Serbia. → Read More

Mumbai Is Drowning

About 21 million people live in Mumbai, India. Between 2 and 3 million of them live within a half a mile from the Arabian Sea. And climate scientists predict that 80 percent of the land they live on may be under water by 2050 due to global warming. → Read More