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Past articles by Sheila:

Millennials are going into debt to find the “best presents”

The team at LendingTree surveyed over 1,200 Americans to explore how modern holidays influence consumers financially and emotionally. → Read More

Bonuses are up – how to plan if you didn't get one this year

According to new research, 76% of senior managers report that their companies offer year-end bonuses. Here are some tips for getting one. → Read More

Men's ability to recognize women's faces depends on this very interesting factor

What actually makes it more likely for men to recognize celebrities is if they live in a country that has a high (or not) degree of gender equality. → Read More

Boomers value money more than becoming grandparents

A new survey of 1,000 people found that for most, money makes them quite happy. You can't be happy, joyous, and free without a little mad, mad money. → Read More

Bosses and employees each say that both side won't be ready for a recession – here's how to prepare

Nearly half of bosses responded that their employees didn't have chops it would take to navigating the corporate world in the midst of an economic decline. → Read More

You're seriously at risk for these heart problems if you don't brush your teeth this many times per day

Research finds that tedious brushing and flossing can end up doing major double duty: if you stick to an oral hygiene routine religiously. → Read More

This is the staggering number of people who went into debt to celebrate a friend

A new study of 750 respondents looks at how much money people are spending on their friend’s milestones in the past two years. → Read More

Turns out your makeup bag is crawling with superbugs and bacteria

New research finds your makeup bag is riddled with dangerous superbugs including E. coli, Staphylococci, and salmonella. Ew! → Read More

Study finds you can reduce your golf handicap with simple mental practice

The findings suggest that viewing a video of another performing an action may bolster one’s ability to imagine and subsequently perform that action in golf. → Read More

Researchers find having more friends is healthy, but having closer friends is even better

The research shows that older adults' smaller networks didn't undermine social satisfaction and well-being when it came to friends, the study found. → Read More

Survey: Americans in holiday shopping debt before holiday shopping even begins

A survey commissioned by Yelp revealed that 28% of Americans who traditionally celebrate a winter holiday have taken on debt. → Read More

New research reveals that our blood is full of caffeine (and often Xanax)

Researchers found that pure human blood serum collected from multiple donors tested positively for caffeine as well as several other drugs including Xanax. → Read More

This business expert gave us her best Cyber Monday tips (including how not to get scammed)

Ladders spoke to Cheryl Casone, the co-host of FBN: am on Fox Business, who gave the rundown on what's up and what's down during Cyber Monday. → Read More

This study explains why men end up choosing higher-earning majors in college

In a new study something called "the logics of major choice" may be leading women to choose different majors from men that don't make them as much money. → Read More

Drinking regularly can lead to major heart problems says new study

Researchers say that drinking any amount of alcohol on the reg will put you in harm's way of developing atrial fibrillation. → Read More

These are the Top 10 reasons people want to work remotely

Almost everyone wants to work remotely, at least sometimes. About 74% of respondents said they'd be willing to quit their job to work at home. → Read More

Boredom is more complex than you imagined – plus its bad for your health

Being bored seems to be a hopelessly modern condition. But it likely isn't.“It is such a universal, human experience,” said Jacqueline Gottlieb. → Read More

This exact percentage of people regularly bring their phones into the bathroom

Human behavior is weird, and it only takes a survey on cleaning and cell phone use to bring it out further. Make this the day you wipe down your phone. → Read More

Earning this much more than your husband will make him uncomfortable

For the sake of peace on the home front - and gender norms - the findings suggest it may be better when wives are earning a little less. → Read More

An alarming number of Millennials expect to be “forever renters,” according to report

Millennials are way behind other generations when it comes to homeownership - and one big reason is student debt, according to a report. → Read More