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Past articles by Joey:

'It's what we needed': How Singapore Pools helps keep a charity running amid Covid-19 crisis, Singapore News

Amid the fuss over which services are essential during the Covid-19 pandemic, less contentious is the good work that charities such as the Singapore Children's Society do in the community. But keeping their services running has been a challenge for many of them, albeit in a different way. While the rest of Singapore forges ahead with various Smart Nation initiatives,... → Read More

I swear by teeth straightening service Zenyum

There's an age-old saying that the camera adds weight and age to its subjects, and working in the media industry has taught me that it also highlights your smallest imperfections. I've always had a mild case of buck teeth and slightly crooked incisors — fronting several of AsiaOne's videos and articles and watching myself on screen have only made me more conscious of them. → Read More

$2 Daiso portable mahjong set, 70% off Royal Sporting House and other deals this week, Lifestyle News

We scour the island for the best deals to help you stretch your dollar, and keep you in the loop on the hottest shopping trends. 'Cos good things must share. $2 PORTABLE MAHJONG SET Chinese New Year (CNY) is the perfect time for mahjong kakis to unite and capitalise on opportunities to break out the tiles. Can't play because you're missing the table, game set or betting chips? Have no fear… → Read More

Army women who survived Tekong share how they handled their period in the jungle, Lifestyle, Singapore News

Think you have it bad when Aunt Flo decides to pay a visit? Before complaining about typical menstrual maladies like cramps, backaches or breakouts, you might want to spare a thought for women who probably have it way worse. We're talking about the brave ladies who have dedicated themselves to the service of protecting our nation, and part of their training involves roughing it out in the damp… → Read More

This atas Peranakan 'cai png' is so good, you can forget about your keto diet, Lifestyle, Food, Singapore News

Lifestyle, Food, Singapore News - Read more at AsiaOne → Read More

CNY shopping in JB? Bringing these things back to Singapore might get you in trouble, Lifestyle, Singapore News

With everything decked out in vibrant hues of red and speakers blaring "dong dong qiang" around the neighbourhood supermarkets, it's hard to ignore how Chinese New Year (CNY) is just around the corner. Kudos to the people whose houses have been designated as the meet-up point for friends and family to congregate — if you haven't commenced spring cleaning, you'd best get started now. → Read More

Luxury cinemas in JB to pamper yourself from just $3 per ticket, Lifestyle, Malaysia News

If you've never been able to justify forking out as much as $42 for a luxury movie experience in Singapore, you're not alone. I've never been able to convince myself that reclining seats, freshly-cooked meals and wait staff at your beck and call is worth paying so much for — especially when you can get all of this at a fraction of the price just across the Causeway. → Read More

Places to go in KL other than the Petronas Twin Towers, Petaling Street and KLCC, Lifestyle, Travel, Malaysia News

Though we're only one week into 2020, travel plans are always best made early, especially if you're already thinking of ways to milk your public holidays for an extra day off. For those who don't partake in the upcoming lunar new year celebrations (or would rather take the chance to travel abroad and avoid nosy relatives), there's only a couple of weeks left to book a quick getaway. → Read More

My 2019 in AsiaOne: I became an expert on JB but I'd recommend Batam instead, Lifestyle News

Jackie Chan might have been able to travel around the world in 80 days, but my year in AsiaOne taught me that it's possible to do the same in eight — without even leaving my desk. → Read More

How reviewing contact lenses made me discover I've been living with damaged corneas, Lifestyle, Health News

I recently found out my corneas are damaged due to a decade of irresponsible contact lens usage and I'm the first to admit it's 100 per cent my fault. Here's how it unfolded: I'd started to squint more in bright sunlight and agreed to review a pair of transition contact lens, hoping that it'll help the squinting. → Read More

More eerie tales from Singapore film sets to spook yourself this Hungry Ghost Festival , Lifestyle, Singapore News

We're in the midst of the seventh lunar month, and with Halloween fast approaching, 'tis the perfect season to gather friends are regale them with chilling tales of the supernatural. According to those in the media industry, film sets are ripe with such stories passed down from one generation of storytellers to the next. → Read More

Thai girl suffers from vaginal bleeding after a leech crawled inside, Asia News

The monsoon season brings with it wet and humid weather, creating the perfect environment for bloodsuckers and other creepy crawlies to thrive. In Thailand, a young girl experienced an unwanted visitor in the form of a leech, which inadvertently crawled into her vagina and feasted on the blood there. The parasite was only discovered after it had its fill of her blood and fell off on its own. → Read More

#JoeyJios finale: My job sent me cafe-hopping in Batam for free, Lifestyle, Food, Asia News

When it comes to work perks, I must say, I've had it pretty good. → Read More

Melaka creates massive durian breed supposedly named after Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson , Lifestyle, Food, Malaysia News

Lifestyle, Food, Malaysia News - Read more at AsiaOne → Read More

Airport staff electrocuted to death beside oblivious co-worker in Yemen, World News

The grisly death of an airport personnel at Yemen's Aden International Airport has been captured on a closed-circuit television camera. The incident, which reportedly happened on July 14, saw airport staff Lofti Ibrahim al-Shamakh suffering an electric shock that led to his immediate death. In the harrowing 30-second video, Lofti notices an electric fan was not facing the direction of airport… → Read More

5 places to visit in Bangkok that's not Chatuchak, Pratunam and Siam Paragon , Lifestyle, Travel News

Now that the June holidays are over and done with, it's time to take advantage of off-peak travel perks and start planning your next vacation out of Singapore. Yes, this is the time you should take advantage of cheap flights and accommodations, as well as relish not having to squeeze with hordes of families or put up with screaming kids everywhere. If you're wondering where's a good place to jet… → Read More

6 'adult-sized' playgrounds in malls you can consider for a first date , Lifestyle, Singapore News

Let's be honest. How many of us have experienced horrible first dates? First-date pitfalls are the worst, and coming from someone who has experienced both fantastic and abysmal (and I mean the left-on-read and blocked off social media) ones, picking the correct location is crucial to preventing them. If your chosen one is the kind that enjoys being active (do your research first!), do not simply… → Read More

Netflix helped me drop 20kg within a year, Lifestyle, Health News

Disclaimer: I'm in no way a trained fitness expert. Just a girl sharing her story on how she lost weight. Losing weight is tough -- just walk into any gym in January and you'll probably find 'losing weight' on someone's list of new year resolutions. When it comes to dropping a kilo or two, most people achieve that goal by eating less or moving more. When it comes to shedding over a quarter of… → Read More

'Netflix helped me drop 20kg within a year', Health News

Disclaimer: I'm in no way a trained fitness expert. Just a girl sharing her story on how she lost weight. Losing weight is tough -- just walk into any gym in January and you'll probably find 'losing weight' on someone's list of new year resolutions. When it comes to dropping a kilo or two, most people achieve that goal by eating less or moving more. When it comes to shedding over a quarter of… → Read More

Move over bubble tea, try a boba taco softie instead , Lifestyle, Food News

Competition is stiff in the world of F&B, and food-preneurs are constantly coming up with novel ideas to grab eyeballs and make a name for themselves. By far one of the quirkiest items to make an entrance in 2019 that we've seen is a boba taco softie -- that's right, a cross between ice-cream and a Mexican taco, with tapioca pearls thrown in. This hybrid dessert is introduced by Okinawa… → Read More