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Recent articles by Ian:

‘A possible extinction event’: the UK’s worst bird flu outbreak – podcast

The UK is in the middle of its worst outbreak of bird flu. To find out how both wild and captive bird populations are coping, Ian Sample speaks with Phoebe Weston, a biodiversity writer for the Guardian, and Paul Wigley, a professor in animal microbial ecosystems at the University of Bristol → Read More

NHS ‘nowhere near ready’ to deliver new Alzheimer’s drug, doctors say

Patients unlikely to receive lecanemab before 2026 and health service does not yet have necessary infrastructure → Read More

Bats are the death metal singers of the animal world, research shows

Mammals can produce sound from ventricular folds, used by humans only for Tuvan throat singing and ‘death metal grunting’ → Read More

Universal flu vaccine may be available within two years, says scientist

Vaccine against all strains of virus hailed as major step in protecting against potentially devastating flu pandemic → Read More

How should we prepare for an ageing global population?

Last week the world’s population reached 8 billion, according to the UN. A lot of that growth has been among older age groups. So what happens when humanity gets older, and eventually begins to decline? Ian Sample speaks to Prof Vegard Skirbekk about how we got here and how we prepare for demographic change → Read More

Paralympic athlete from UK in latest intake of ESA astronauts

John McFall, 41, becomes first astronaut with physical disability to be recruited by European space agency → Read More

‘This looks like the real deal’: are we inching closer to a treatment for Alzheimer’s?

After years of setbacks, dementia researchers are getting excited about a new antibody drug called lecanemab. No one expects it to stop cognitive decline, but even slowing it would be a breakthrough → Read More

Astronauts to live and work on the moon by 2030, Nasa official says

Head of Orion lunar programme says Artemis 1 mission is ‘first step to long-term deep-space exploration’ → Read More

What is black mould and what health problems can it cause?

The fungi are common in homes, with babies and young children most at risk from potential dangers → Read More

Disappointment after potential Alzheimer’s drug fails Roche trial

Swiss pharmaceutical firm carried out two identical phase 3 trials of gantenerumab, with about 1,000 volunteers in each → Read More

Cop27: Is it time to rethink endless economic growth?

Many of the world's economies depend on growth, and an ever-increasing GDP. But is this really possible on a rapidly warming planet with finite resources? Ian Sample speaks to environmental economist Tim Jackson about reimagining economic growth, and what a sustainable economy could look like → Read More

Oldest known sentence written in first alphabet discovered – on a head-lice comb

Timeless fret over hygiene picked out on engraved Bronze age comb from ancient kingdom of Judah → Read More

Magic mushrooms’ psilocybin can alleviate severe depression when used with therapy

Nearly third of patients on largest trial using psychedelic compound went into rapid remission → Read More

Is it ethical to put human brain cells in a rat? – podcast

Researchers have transplanted human neurons into the brains of rats. Ian Sample speaks to the philosopher and bioethicist Julian Savulescu about how they managed it and how we decide where to draw the line in such an ethically complex field of science → Read More

You can smile yourself a little happier, scientists suggest

After decades of argument, psychologists finally seem to agree on the ‘facial feedback hypothesis’ → Read More

DNA of 13 Neanderthals reveals ‘exciting’ snapshot of ancient community

Analysis of remains found in southern Siberia shows interconnecting web of relationships → Read More

Updated Moderna Covid booster gives even better protection than earlier jab

Biotech firm’s data shows stronger immune response to Omicron than original vaccine three months after being given → Read More

How a scientific scandal could force sport to rethink concussion

Dr Paul McCrory is a world-renowned concussion expert whose work shaped concussion policy across global sport for the past 20 years. Last week, the British Journal of Sports Medicine retracted nine of his articles and attached an ‘expression of concern’ to another 74. Ian Sample hears from senior sports writer Andy Bull about what this means and what happens next. → Read More

UK joins international effort to uncover first moments of the universe

US-led project examines fraction of a second after big bang and ‘how all the structures in the night sky started’ → Read More

Vaccines to treat cancer possible by 2030, say BioNTech founders

Uğur Şahin and Özlem Türeci say mRNA Covid vaccine technology could be repurposed to help destroy cancer cells → Read More