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Past articles by Michael:

Can He Build Back Better?

How to assess the Joe Biden presidency one year in? The economy is booming as it hasn’t in decades: between January and October 2021, real GDP grew at an → Read More

Case Closed: This Was a MAGA Murder Mob Out For Trump’s Foes

The videos show it was only the courage of some officers and a few strokes of dumb luck that saved some members of our government from being murdered by fans of the then president. → Read More

Josh Hawley’s McCarthyist Smear Is a Perfect Specimen of GOP Bull

This is the next phase in the GOP’s war on reality: to make the Democrats seem like the party of violence. → Read More

Here’s The Real Reason That Republican Senators Will Again Acquit Trump

They don’t want to punish him for what he did because they know that a Republican president may do something like it again. → Read More

Opinion | Why a Trump Third Party Would Be a Boon for Democrats

We really have room for only two major parties at a time in the United States. → Read More

Trump Nearly Burned America to the Ground. Your Move, Joe.

To live up to the needs of the nation and the hopes of the left, our 46th president will first have to clear the wreckage left to him by our 45th president. → Read More

Trump's Second Impeachment Was the Usual Freak Show for House Republicans

After four-plus years standing behind this criminal, his party still isn’t ready to quit him. → Read More

Sorry, Joe, but We Can’t Move on Without Punishing Trump for His Crimes Against Democracy

I’m sure Biden doesn’t want this mess given all the things he needs to do in short order, but this isn’t just about him. It’s about ensuring the survival of our democracy. → Read More

The GOP Can’t Stop Biden but They’ll Murder Democracy Trying

Maybe the voters of Georgia will surprise us and make this a week to celebrate. If Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff manage to eke out victories, then the whole story of the 2020 election changes from one in which the Democrats took the White House but got clubbed everywhere else to a story of a narrow but clear rejection of Trumpism (in which case thank you, Stacey Abrams). But if that doesn’t… → Read More

Josh Hawley Wants to Be America’s Most Dangerous Republican

Keep an eye on this guy. He’s Trump without the stupidity or incompetence or personal obnoxiousness or open racism. → Read More

Loser Trump Wants to Drag the Republican Party Down With Him

Trump doesn’t care who runs the Senate if he’s not president. He cares about screwing McConnell and making clear that Republicans can't win without him. → Read More

Trump’s Stages of Election-Loss Grief: Denial, Lies, Rage and Fascism

Even if Monday and the 37 days after that go smoothly, and that’s an awfully big if, this is one of the darkest moments this country has ever experienced. → Read More

How Dinkins and Giuliani Foretold the Future of American Politics

Mayoral elections in New York City helped blaze an unhappy trail to our national state of two warring camps. → Read More

The Biden Era Is Really Here, and It Feels Like a Miracle

Imagine: The guy whose every sentence will potentially be news will be a normal and decent human being who understands in a sincere way that he is a public servant. → Read More

What Did the Democrats Win?

For now, democracy is hanging on. I’ve been writing presidential election postmortems every four years since 1992, and I never imagined I’d open one with → Read More

Stop Freaking Out. Joe Biden Is Going to Be President.

Trump and his crew are going to say insane things. But they can’t make them happen. → Read More

The People Picked Joe Biden as Our President. Will Donald Trump and His GOP Accept That?

Two paths lay before us—and unfortunately, Donald Trump can still help determine which path this nation takes. → Read More

There’s a Word for Why We Wear Masks, and Liberals Should Say It

It’s high time Democrats played some philosophical offense on the concept of “freedom.” → Read More

Brace Yourself for the Most Furious Trumpworld Spinning Ever

This—like everything else in our politics, but in highly concentrated form—will come down to a battle of narratives. → Read More

Biden Had Trump on the Ropes, but Couldn’t Finish Him

On a night when Trump made clear, once again, that he’s a danger to democracy, Biden missed his shots at finishing him off. → Read More