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Recent articles by Heather:

Waiting for the next American civil war? It’s already here

The U.S. is heading for a new civil war, some believe. It will be bloody beyond belief, as is the American way, Heather Mallick writes. → Read More

Draft abortion ruling will devastate women, damage court, divide U.S.

Although most Americans generally favour abortion rights, such a decision will push women and the men who love them into a past scarcely remembered. → Read More

Tiny tactics for a bit more happiness

How to be happier (at least a little bit, let’s not overreach here): low expectations, pretty blue flowers, don’t talk so much. → Read More

We have a duty of care for our fellow citizens — and we’re failing

Look around, Canadians have no right to be smug about restraint and courtesy, Heather Mallick writes. → Read More

Nova Scotia mass killer couldn’t have hoped for a dumber police force

The RCMP response was confused and chaotic. They didn’t properly warn the public, they assumed the killer was dead — the list of failures is long. → Read More

Maskless people living in a dream world, as cases climb once again

Keep your mask on. In bed, in the shower, just do it. Please ignore everyone who says otherwise — including Ontario’s premier. → Read More

Rape has always been a male weapon of war

Sexual violence has been a feature of every war throughout human history, but there is a specific eeriness to the crimes being committed in Ukraine, Heather Mallick writes. → Read More

Do people ‘everywhere’ prefer migrants who look and talk like them? I don’t think so

It’s not necessarily true that we feel more sympathy for people who behave and dress like us, Heather Mallick writes. → Read More

Are norms gone? Will next year’s Oscars be a gunfight?

Will Smith’s twisted tearful self-justification reminded me of Brett Kavanaugh crying about his love of beer. Norm smashed, parrot dead. → Read More

Loan sharks are pulling Canadians under

Payday and instalment loans come with extortionate annual interest rates of up to 60 per cent. How is this legal? → Read More

Post-lockdown, a ROM visit for Indian block-prints and cloth beauty

Textile art, seen as feminine, is generally excluded from the body of the male art world — but handicraft and industrial production needn’t be at odds. → Read More

A Russian soldier’s dead hand in the snow and our desire to see it

We are seeing scenes of atrocities in Ukraine, photos and footage that have not previously been permitted in war zones. What effect does that have on us and our view of warfare? Heather Mallick writes. → Read More

The ethics of cheating on a law exam that tests — among other legal matters — ethics

The exam covers ethics and knowledge of the law, yet many lawyers do unethical things, meaning they did not know the law or hoped not to get caught. → Read More

Two cheers for International Women’s Day

Money is central to women’s advancement, and it’s not going well. But there’s this crucial fact: Women don’t give up. We never have. We never will. → Read More

Sarah Polley’s memoir: six ways of looking at terror

In the course of Sarah Polley’s extraordinary new memoir “Run Towards the Danger: Confrontations with a Body of Memory,” the reader will come to know the body of the tiny girl from the beloved TV series “Road to Avonlea” and the pain visited upon it, Heather Mallick writes. → Read More

When will the Ottawa honkers go to fight and honk for Ukraine?

What is freedom? Snouty parking in Ottawa or the right to be alive as in Kyiv? → Read More

The ballad of Yonge and Bloor: Locked doors and empty stores

With the impending closure of the Bay, the intersection is not as Yonge as it once was. Is it the pandemic, or will this be permanent? → Read More

What did you do at work today?

It’s necessary stuff and it makes Canadian life run smoothly, but ugly work extracts a heavy toll from the people who do it, Heather Mallick writes. → Read More

This was the saddest Olympics ever. It was a symphony of bad

Kamila Valieva’s notoriously cruel coach berated her on camera. The child wept. That was the image that will linger, salty tears on ice. → Read More

The PM and the mayor came through — the premier did not

Of our three levels of government, only one has let us down and that’s the provincial government, led by a man who often caters to our worst instincts → Read More