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Past articles by Ellis:

Is There Really Anything Taylor Swift Can’t Do?

Taylor Swift is the greatest entertainer of the millennium. So far, anyway. But, with only 977 years to go, it will take someone special to displace her. She dominates the digital era more consummately than Elvis bossed the 1950s, or the Beatles commanded the 1960s. Madonna and Michael Jackson towered over the 1980s and 1990s… Continue reading Is There Really Anything Taylor Swift Can’t Do? → Read More

Qatar Will Change the World Cup Forever

Fair Observer provides analysis and opinion on world news, politics, economics, business, culture, science, technology and more. → Read More

Will Smith’s Gift to Racists — and Misogynists

Pandering to stock racist types was not Will Smith’s only offense, says Ellis Cashmore. → Read More

The End of the Extraordinary Abramovich Era

Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea Football Club, proved money can buy anything… almost. → Read More

MTV at 40: Did Video Kill the Radio Star?

MTV didn’t invent video, but it shaped the way we consume, construe and appreciate music. → Read More

Cosby’s Overturned Verdict: Perversion of Justice or Divine Providence?

Bill Cosby is praised to high heaven by one generation, damned to hell by another. → Read More

Michael Jackson Has Lived on After Death

Michael Jackson, the king of pop died 12 years ago, but there has been plenty of life after death. → Read More

Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On, 50 Years On

We often talk about entertainers’ legacies, as if they all leave one. Marvin Gaye did. → Read More

What the European Super League Could Mean for Football

An expanded European Super League could leave the domestic game in a healthier shape than it is in now. → Read More

What Frankie Lymon and Britney Spears Tell Us About Fame

Frankie Lymon and Britney Spears led different lives, but they were both based on hijacked adolescence. → Read More

Harry and Meghan: In Pursuit of Wealth and Luxury

The Sussexes might want to try a little harder not to play the villains quite so perfectly. → Read More

Is Football Ready for Openly Gay Players?

Why are professional sportsmen still reluctant to come out as gay? → Read More

Would Anyone Bet on a Future Olympics?

The fate of the Tokyo games will go a long way to determining whether the Olympics have any kind of future at all. → Read More

Johnny Depp’s Astonishing Gamble

Depp must have known that the lawsuit would either liberate him from sordid hearsay or condemn him. → Read More

The Kardashian Influence Is Bigger Than You Think

As “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” comes to an end, the influence the Kardashian family has is mind-blowing. → Read More

Respectable Voyeurism: "Big Brother" Turns 20

“Big Brother” launched in the UK 20 years ago this Saturday. It changed everything — and not just on TV. → Read More

Harry and Meghan Say No to Britain’s Tabloids

Harry and Meghan have had enough of Britain’s infamous tabloids and are refusing to talk to them. → Read More

Which Term Is More Acceptable: Black or African American?

Why did the somewhat amorphous and imprecise term “African American” enter our vocabularies? → Read More

Are the Windsors the New Kardashians?

The queen agrees to a "transition" for Meghan and Harry — but what are they transitioning to? → Read More

In Our Age of Tolerance, Transphobia Persists

After decades of battling repression, feminists are asking almost the same questions of transgender people that chauvinists asked of them. → Read More