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Past articles by Joe:

Is Trump Playing With A Full Deck?

Hurricane Dorian blew through Trump's vacant brainpan with devastating force. He said several times that he'd "never heard of" a Category 5 storm. → Read More

Boycott! Bring Brazil's Bolsonaro To Heel

If the fate of future trade agreements doesn't persuade Bolsonaro, then the threat of an international boycott may yet concentrate his tiny mind. → Read More

McConnell And Trump: Democracy’s Enemies Within

McConnell worked in tandem with the Trump White House to kill vital election security legislation before the 2020 election. Ask Putin why. → Read More

If Trump Weren't POTUS, He Would Be Indicted, by Joe Conason

If Donald Trump were the president of any private or public entity — if he were the president of anything, that is, except the United States — he would be under indictment today for obstruction of justice, intimidating witnesses and conspiracy, at a minimum. That is what the Mueller report, even in redacted form, tells us in no uncertain language. → Read More

If Trump Weren't POTUS, He Would Be Under Indictment

The Mueller Report shows that Trump had motive, method, and many opportunities to obstruct justice, exactly as Nixon did. → Read More

No Collusion? Perhaps, But Certainly No Exoneration

Without interviewing Trump, it seems impossible for either Mueller or Barr to determine his intent -- and his culpability for obstruction. → Read More

Mueller Report: What Was Good For Clinton Is Good For Trump

If any Republican official says Trump’s privacy must prevail over public interest in the Mueller final report, remember how prosecutors treated Clinton. → Read More

Report: Trump Abused His Authority To Harm CNN And Help Fox News

It is his administration's relentless efforts to promote Murdoch's Fox empire that could get Trump into serious trouble, as multiple investigations move forward. → Read More

Ramble On: At CPAC, Trump Rants Until Auditorium Starts To Empty

Perpetually self-indulgent, Trump lets it all hang out. And in recognition of that stream-of-consciousness style, let's not pretend he was coherent at CPAC. → Read More

Why Republican Barbs Bounced Off Michael Cohen

With their exaggerated indignation and their recitation of witness lies and sins, the Republicans on sounded like Mafia defense lawyers impugning the rat Cohen. → Read More

The Green New Deal: First, She Made Us Listen

Propelling this promise with the force of her newfound celebrity, Ocasio-Cortez has transformed the climate debate almost overnight. → Read More

My Last Cup Of Starbucks

But inspiring as Schultz's story may be, putting a Starbucks in every shopping mall and vacant storefront only goes so far in justifying his presidential bid. → Read More

A Conspiracy Theory That Makes Sense

Like so many other things in American life, political conspiracy theories just aren't as good as they used to be. → Read More

What The Shutdown Really Means

Today, the great majority of voters watch with deepening concern as programs critical to the security, health and prosperity of the nation are suddenly crippled or suspended. → Read More

The Grim Truth About Impeachment

At the moment, it isn't at all certain that impeaching this president will achieve more success than the previous fiasco. → Read More

A Tale Of Two Foundations

Trump misused the assets of one scam, the Trump Foundation, to protect another, Trump University. → Read More

The Rule Of Law Or The Shadow Of Tyranny

Flash-forward to the present and it is obvious that such strict Republican respect for the rule of law has diminished substantially. → Read More

Pardon Manafort

Why would a man facing many years in prison accept such a grave risk during those months of conferring with the Trump lawyers unless he heard a powerful hint of a pardon? → Read More

Bossie Confesses: There Was A Right-Wing Conspiracy Against Clinton

David Bossie, an operative in the "vast right-wing conspiracy" has finally confessed to its existence, more than 20 years later. → Read More

The Women Are Saving Our Country

During the months between the march and the midterm, American women mounted an unprecedented political mobilization. → Read More