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Past articles by Anil:

Fog Creek is now Glitch! – Glitch –

TLDR: We’ve renamed Fog Creek to Glitch, Inc. to represent our single-minded focus on Glitch. We’re hiring for a bunch of new positions (with more to come!) and welcoming a slate of new advisors. → Read More

Changing the Way We Build the Web, Together – Glitch –

A year ago, Glitch launched with the aim of building a community where anyone can build the app of their dreams. We wanted to remind people that the web could be a fantastic place, filled with fun… → Read More

12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech – Humane Tech –

Technology isn’t an industry, it’s a method of transforming the culture and economics of existing systems and institutions. That can be a little bit hard to understand if we only judge tech as a set… → Read More

Jira’s not bad. So why are so many teams looking at alternatives like Manuscript?

Over the past several years, everybody who cares about tech has become acutely aware that software really matters in the world — it has a huge impact, both positive and (potentially) negative. But… → Read More

The building blocks of a creative community – Glitch –

Good fences make good neighbors. And clear policies make a healthy environment for people to express their ideas. → Read More

Introducing Manuscript – Fog Creek Software –

You know, there was that team at Volkswagen that created software to cheat on emissions testing. And they probably checked off all the items on their to-do list. They probably even fixed most of the… → Read More

Climate Leave: paid time off for extreme weather disruptions

Five years ago, we had a real wake-up call at our little company, Fog Creek Software. We’re headquartered in downtown Manhattan, and though most of our team is remote now, back then almost everybody… → Read More

Software Matters in the World – Fog Creek Software –

Amidst the current global rise of populist movements, we’re seeing the first widespread backlash against tech since the dawn of the internet era. We need to do better and fix the ‘Big Bugs’ in tech. → Read More

A Developer Relations Bill of Rights – Glitch –

Seventeen years ago, Joel Spolsky wrote the Joel Test, a broad framework advocating for empowering developers and investing in their work. Even as these ideas have evolved or specific rules became a… → Read More

Taking FogBugz Forward – Fog Creek Software –

The platform that pioneered bug tracking is taking a big leap forward for the new era of software development. → Read More

It can’t just be a pile of parts – Glitch –

Whether you’ve been coding for a few days or for a few decades, almost every coder is familiar with that moment of inspiration, where you see a new library or framework, or come across a new toolkit… → Read More

Apple is about to do something their programmers definitely don’t want.

I work at Fog Creek Software, where our cofounder and former CEO Joel Spolsky has been blogging for at least 17 years about how open-plan offices are terribly bad for programmer productivity. His… → Read More

How Glitch is Growing – Glitch –

One of our biggest goals in launching Glitch was to remind people of that initial promise of the Internet — that the web would be something that any of us could build on, that we could use code to… → Read More

Just raise your hand: How Glitch helps – Glitch –

With our brand new upgrade to Glitch, getting coding help in realtime is as easy as just raising your hand. → Read More

The web was supposed to be a thing we make – Glitch –

Retro never goes out of style on the World Wide Web. From its earliest days, people made personal webpages about their nostalgia for pop culture. When we launched a collection of First Websites on… → Read More

Against The Whiteboard – Fog Creek Software

Today’s computer programmers enjoy one of the best job markets that any group of workers has ever had. There are abundant well-paying opportunities for many different kinds of working coders. But we… → Read More

It’s time to discover Prince – Anil Dash –

With the return of Prince’s classic 80s and 90s catalog to the most popular streaming services, now’s a great time to (re?)discover the breadth of Prince’s incredible body of work. The full scale of… → Read More

Tech and the Fake Market tactic – Humane Tech –

What do Uber and other new-era tech companies have in common? They pretend to be markets in order to avoid regulations and media scrutiny. Here’s how they pulled it off. → Read More

Business leaders must speak — loudly and clearly — against the abuses and excesses that Trump has promised

The tech titans walking into Trump’s office tomorrow seem woefully unprepared. → Read More

Business leaders must speak — loudly and clearly — against the abuses and excesses that Trump has promised

The tech titans walking into Trump’s office tomorrow seem woefully unprepared. → Read More