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Karen Johnson

Scary Mommy

Kansas City, MO, United States

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Past articles by Karen:

I Feel Personally Attacked By Bo Burnham’s Hilarious ‘White Woman’s Instagram’

Bo Burnham's "White Women on IG" is a hilarious spoof that's all too real. So don't be offended, have a laugh, and enjoy your $8 coffee. → Read More

Actually, Your Employer CAN Require A COVID-19 Vaxx

Like many rules in the U.S., this one's up to private businesses, state, and local laws. → Read More

I’m Vaccinated, But My Kids Aren’t—What’s Safe For Our Family To Do?

When the adults in the family are vaccinated, but the kids aren't yet, what can we do? Here are some guidelines—per the CDC—to help you make safe choices. → Read More

From The Confessional: Unfollowing Toxic People In Your Life

Let 2021 be the year you officially cut out toxic people from your life, your social media, and your thoughts. This is self-care, and it's important. → Read More

Can We Stop It With The Idea That Nursing Babies To Sleep Is A Bad Habit?

Mothers are often told that nursing their babies to sleep is a bad habit. What we really need is support in whatever we decide. → Read More

From The Confessional: Mom Rage Is Real

Motherhood is hard AF. We work so damn hard and we feel invisible and unappreciated, which leads to rage. We don't want to be this way, though. → Read More

15 Fun Ways To Ring In 2021––Without Being A Stupid Super-Spreader

Another pandemic holiday means another quiet night at home. But wait! Who says you can't have confetti, fizzy drinks, and a selfie station? → Read More

Healthcare Workers Must Adhere To CDC Guidelines Outside Of Work Too

Among those in attendance were employees at local nursing homes. Employees who contracted COVID at the wedding and took it to work with them. → Read More

Biden, Forgive Student Loans For Frontline Healthcare Workers

If military personnel have their loans forgiven (which they should), so should frontlline healthcare workers who have been in the trenches of COVID-19. → Read More

Joe Biden’s Journey To POTUS Is An Inspiring One

Who is Joe Biden? We know he's not Trump, so that's great news, but what he has done to prove he's qualified for the job? Here's a quick list. → Read More

A Virtual Thanksgiving May Not Be Ideal, But It’s The Right Thing To Do

This Thanksgiving will look different—it has to. But it doesn't have to be canceled. Check out these ideas for making your virtual Thanksgiving a success. → Read More

Actually, Your COVID Parties Are My Business

If you throw a house party right now and cram 50 mask-less people in your house, yes, that's my business. You are impacting all of us, not just yourself. → Read More

Working Moms Are Not Okay–– 30% Feel Their Jobs Are In Jeopardy

So what do working parents need? Help. They need help. → Read More

This Molecular Biologist Dispels The ‘Kids Don’t Spread COVID’ Myth

The misconception that kids cannot—or will not—transmit COVID-19 is dangerous. Studies have shown that kids can, in fact, be silent spreaders. → Read More

Teachers Are Sleeping In Tents And Working Through Labor—This Is Not Okay

Teachers should be appreciated and valued for the amazing role they play in our society. They should not be sleeping in tents so they can go to work. → Read More

From The Confessional: This Is Why Moms Stay Up So Late

Do you stay up too late, regret it the next morning, then do it again, over and over? If so, you're probably a mom desperate for time to herself. → Read More

Kids Can’t Share School Supplies This Year — Teachers Shouldn’t Have To Pay For The Extras

Stop asking teachers to fund their own classrooms. We already ask them to be on the frontlines of COVID and shield our kids from active shooters. → Read More

Reopening Schools Feels Like A Science Experiment

Reopening schools when COVID-19 is not at all under control is really just one giant science experiment—one my children will not be participants in. → Read More

From The Confessional: Working Mom––During A Freaking Pandemic––Truths

Working moms were already burnt out before COVID hit. Now, with virtual learning, they are officially crashing and desperately need a lifeline. → Read More

From The Confessional: COVID-19 Is Making Us Question Our Friendships

COVID-19 has affected everything—our children's education, our jobs, the way we shop... and it's affected our friendships, for better or worse. → Read More