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Past articles by Tammy:

Searching for the story behind an abandoned, fully cooked Thanksgiving turkey on Interstate 94

After swerving to miss a fully roasted turkey along the interstate on Thanksgiving day, columnist Tammy Swift asks: How did Tom Turkey get there? Who can even afford to throw away a turkey, what with food prices these days? And who would go through the trouble of stuffing, basting and roasting a turkey — only to fling it so callously out the window? → Read More

People cut own Christmas trees for whole 'experience'

For the estimated 18% of real-tree buyers who opt to cut their own Christmas tree, the ritual is as much about the experience as it is about the perfect pine. Local tree farms have worked hard to make that experience merry and bright, by adding extras like Santa Claus visits, gift shops, craft classes, bonfires for making s’mores and sled rides featuring live reindeer. → Read More

Swift: Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa ... and he's really, really tired

From a unionized workforce and burnt-out reindeer to supply shortages, Jolly Old St. Nicholas may have one heck of a holiday season this year. → Read More

Hershey to acquire North Dakota-founded Dot's Pretzels as part of $1.2 billion deal

Dorothy "Dot" Henke founded the business in 2012 from her kitchen in Velva, N.D. → Read More

Bottleneck: Glass, shipping woes may dry up holiday liquor supplies

Thanks to COVID — the "gift" that keeps on giving — you may have to brave your Great Aunt Violet's hideous holiday gifts this year with nogless eggs and "nulled" cider. Then again, maybe not. Some local retailers say all consumers need is a little patience. → Read More

Entrepreneurs hope to help parents with over-the-counter strep test

Patty Post was a busy mother of three who had grown tired of the revolving door of clinic visits whenever one of her children had strep throat. She started to ask, "Why couldn't this test be taken at home?" Now she's developed a home test that, if granted FDA approval, could hit store shelves in 2023. → Read More

Swift: Don't eat cookie dough or you'll get worms, and other weird parental rules

You'd better not be reading this in poor light. Or while riding in a car. Or while lying down. These qualify as 'Because I'm the Mom' rules, meaning our parents made these guidelines gospel, even if they weren't backed by science, common sense or logic. Here, columnist Tammy Swift passes along some of the wackiest and most baffling parental rules as shared by her Facebook friends. → Read More

Swift: Captain Kirk's space trip may start seniornaut trend

Thanks to Amazon's recent New Shepard flight, William Shatner has boldly gone where no nonagenarian has gone before. Which got this columnist thinking: Doesn't every senior citizen deserve to visit space? But first, Jeff Bezos is going to have to make some modifications to the rocket, including Barcaloungers, a spacesuit redesign and lots of old TV Guides in the bathrooms. → Read More

Swift: Welcome to non-spicy North Dakota, where this bland is our bland

While the rest of the world may operate according to the Scoville scale to measure the pungency of chili peppers, many of us North Dakotans (this writer included) operate according to a whole new scale that I like the call the "Tollefsrud unit." This ranges from a mild “uffda” for when Ole Tollefsrud gets heartburn after wife Phyllis slips a bell pepper into her sloppy Joe mix to a passionate… → Read More

Swift: Dogs can show remarkable shape-shifting (or Shep-shifting) powers

Columnist Tammy Swift describes the magical "canine-plasticity" of dogs who can make themselves larger, tinier, skinnier or fatter to fit any situation. → Read More

Swift: Don't be a knob because door installation isn't an open-and-shut case

After hearing how new exterior doors on her house would boost her home value, Tammy Swift hired a handyman to install new doors. But she also learned that, regardless of what Dionne Warwick says, a chair may still be a chair, but a door is rarely just a door. → Read More

Swift: The day that Kevin, the pelican, came to visit

The mysterious stranger toddled into Noreen and Lee Thomas's yard last Monday, looking tall and pale and beady-eyed. They didn't know how long he planned to stay; he carried nothing but a gray pouch. But for the next three days, Kevin, the White American Pelican, terrified the chickens, schooled the dogs and followed the Thomases around as if they were walleye vending machines. → Read More

Swift: Dainty lemon cookies fit my inner Brit to the 'tea'

Fancy a cuppa? There's no reason all we Anglophiles out there can't occasionally take time out for the civil British custom of teatime with a little Earl Grey and these tangy Lemon Meltaways. → Read More

Swift: If someone hands you lemons, make Lemon Bars with Cream Cheese Icing

As much as I love my sister Mabel's lemon bars, I've been looking for a fresh spin on a lemon-inspired "tray bake" (as the Brits so fancily call them). I may have found the perfect alternative in these cream cheese-topped treats from the Two Sisters cooking blog. → Read More

Grease is NOT the word for doggo with persnickety pancreas

When columnist Tammy Swift adopted a 10-year-old Lhasa-Bichon mix, she forgot about one thing: old man problems. After Wally suffered a frightening case of pancreatitis, she will have to resist his puppy-dog eyes and he will have to eat like a dog again. → Read More

Swift: I tried a 3-day juice fast and this is what I learned

Columnist Tammy Swift had viewed juice fasts as a fad — something Jennifer Aniston did after learning the single vegan chocolate chip she accidentally ingested wasn't humanely sourced. Then she decided to give it a try. → Read More

Swift: Pup prefers dog-meet-dog world over dog-eat-dog world

if you were to judge columnist Tammy Swift's senior dog, Wally, by physical size, you would put him in the 112-pound weakling (or maybe 12-pound weakling) category. But when Wally takes her for a walk, he becomes a different dog. It's like strutting down the sidewalk with Tony Manero. → Read More

Swift: A tour through one reluctant gardener's non-tunia garden

In the end, I wind up with a garden that is, well, informal. A master gardener might shudder at my harum-scarum collection of flowers, sometimes planted too close together because my aspirations were bigger than my actual garden plot. Containers aren't strategically plotted to contain spillers, fillers and thrillers so much as just plain fillers. → Read More

Swift: Dog macarons? We tried those fancy, French-inspired treats for Fido

Wally and I opted to test some new, extremely fancy cookies for dogs. Because, let's face it, few animals are as discriminating as one that will happily eat a fossilized hot dog that rolled under the bushes two weeks ago during the family barbecue. → Read More

Swift: How to take a perfectly behaved pooch and detrain him, in 4 easy steps

My newly adopted dog, Wally, is naturally obedient, never has accidents in the house, never chews what he shouldn't, Tammy Swift says. And yet, within a month, I've managed to spoil him so extravagantly that I am now at his bark and call. It appears I am actually a world-class dog detrainer. → Read More