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Recent articles by LaToya:

With the twist in the rearview, Big Sky now has "Nowhere To Run"

The choice to air the first two episodes of Big Sky as anything other than a two-hour premiere speaks more to the fact that ABC was banking on the power of the pilot-ending “twist” than it does anything related to actual storytelling. Because “Pilot” and “Nowhere To Run” are very much of a piece, with the former shifting things drastically at the end in order to set up for the latter. The latter… → Read More

Come for Big Sky’s false Twin Peaks promise, stay for John Carroll Lynch

Big Sky has the makings of appointment television, as much as appointment television can exist on network television in 2020. → Read More

The Forgtten, Very Specific Greatness of Grosse Pointe on The WB

Darren Starr's Grosse Pointe was a satire of his experience writing 90210, but it was also an underappreciated time capsule of the early days of The WB. → Read More

Baroness von Sketch Show's Final Season Goes Out With a Consistent and Perfectly-Timed Bang

Baroness von Sketch Show's fifth and final season starts tonight. → Read More

“Spoiler Alert”: Lucifer ends the first half of season five with its greatest reveal yet

The first half of Lucifer season five wraps up with the show's greatest reveal yet—and some incredibly dark moments. → Read More

With “Detective Amenadiel” on the case, Lucifer finally answers some lingering questions

In my first viewing of “Detective Amenadiel,” perhaps because of its placement after “It Never Ends Well For The Chicken,” I didn’t see it as much more than a novelty episode, just a cut above “¡Diablo!” After all, it’s “The One Where Amenadiel Is Chloe’s Consultant.” My reaction came from a place of that premise being one the show could’ve gone to at any time, meaning it wasn’t too special of… → Read More

In the exceptional “It Never Ends Well For The Chicken,” it’s storytime at Lucifer’s penthouse

Not only does “It Never Ends Well For The Chicken” go all-in, it does so while providing forward momentum for the season. → Read More

On Lucifer, sibling rivalry takes on a new, fearful form

There was a point in The Vampire Diaries where, whenever Katherine Pierce—doppelganger of series protagonist Elena Gilbert, played by Nina Dobrev—wasn’t in an episode, it was understandable to think, “I guess they couldn’t get the actress this week”... only to take a beat and think, “Oh, wait.” Dobrev’s portrayal of both characters was so distinct, that it became very easy to get lost in the… → Read More

In the Lucifer premiere, a returning “Really Sad Devil Guy” begs the question: “Whose Hell is this anyway?”

Lucifer is back now for its second Netflix season. Initially intended as the final season, it will be interesting to watch both halves of this season with that (and the ultimate pivot from that) in mind. → Read More

30 Rock returns (sort of) to shill NBC Universal and demolish any remaining fourth wall

The most important thing to know going into NBC’s “30 Rock: A One-Time Special” is that it is, first and foremost, a means to a promotional end. Yes, it’s an outside-the-box approach to the network’s annual upfront presentation in this climate, but it’s still the network’s annual upfront presentation. With that in mind, “30 Rock: A One-Time Special” absolutely excels at what it is and does. It… → Read More

Well, it’s “Lights Out” for Brooklyn—and this Brooklyn Nine-Nine season

This season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been quite interested in the idea of the high-concept episode and even more so in the idea of playing with time. For the former, this has been a really good season, pretty much always on an elevated level of comedy with few moments of truly slowing down. (And that’s without losing the impact of its emotional beats.) In the case of the latter, though, it… → Read More

BlackAF Review: Netflix's Comedy Is a Puzzling Retread

The Netflix comedy is an Uncanny Valley spin on Barris' black-ish, despite having all the tools to stand on its own → Read More

With "Admiral Peralta," Brooklyn Nine-Nine brings curses, cakes, and (of course) comedy

After the past couple of weeks of Brooklyn Nine-Nine not acknowledging the fact that Jake and Amy are finally pregnant, “Admiral Peralta” begins in a way that makes that choice make a lot more sense. (Comedically, as there is the unspoken-but-realistic explanation that Jake/Amy may have found it too early to announce the news. Even though Boyle had that whole magical realization at the end of… → Read More

In “The Takeback,” Brooklyn Nine-Nine relies on the old tricks of an old friend

Compared to the rest of this season so far, “The Takeback” is a very chill episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In fact, it’s arguably the first filler episode of the season; though it’s probably more appropriate to describe it as a breather episode. After all, Season Seven of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been dense, both in terms of plot and jokes. Remember Debbie, everyone? But while a breather may be… → Read More

High Fidelity Is a Proper Modern Love Letter to a Gen X Rom-Com Classic

The Hulu series modernizes its story in the right ways, with an African-American, millennial, sexually fluid woman instead of a white, Gen Xer straight man. → Read More

Talking Astronomy Club and “Black Men Can’t Jump [in Hollywood]” with Jonathan, Jerah and James III

"It is even hard for me now, honestly, to refer people to UCB." → Read More

ICYMI: How Ben and Kate Easily Provided Four of the Best Comedic TV Performances of the Past Decade

There was one truly great series that lasted one season during 2012-2013: FOX's single-camera sitcom Ben and Kate. → Read More

HBO Hopes Slow and Steady Wins the Space Race in Armando Iannucci’s Avenue 5

Avenue 5 is not Veep, but if viewers give it a chance, it could build to something epic. → Read More

The Best Sketch Comedy Shows of 2019

Find out what shows made this such a great year for sketch comedy. → Read More

The Essential Disney Channel Original Movie Mood Board

Thanks to Disney+, now you can watch a DCOM movie to suit every mood. → Read More