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Recent articles by Andrew:

How to Glue Yourself to a Plane, According to Science

Ever wonder how to glue yourself to a plane, like a British protester recently did? We asked adhesion experts to reveal the exact process. This gets weird. → Read More

They Printed Beef in Space

In a breakthrough experiment, scientists have produced meat on the International Space Station, 248 miles away from any trace of a natural resource. → Read More

Dining Cars Have Been Around Since the 1800s. Now They Face Extinction.

As Amtrak phases out its dining cars on long-distance trains, rail passenger advocates won't go down without a fight, urging Amtrak and Congress to act. → Read More

Navy Pilot Says ‘Dark Mass’ Made Torpedo Disappear

A Navy helicopter pilot was retrieving torpedoes from the ocean when he saw an unexplained "dark mass coming up from the depths." So...what the hell was it? → Read More

10 Fat Bears and the Machines I Think They Kinda Look Like

To celebrate Katmai National Park and Preserve's Fat Bear Week, here are this year’s competitors and the planes, tanks, and other vehicles they look like. → Read More

Watch This Rogue Airport Cart Go Bonkers on the Tarmac

We’ll watch any machine sputter out of control, as long as no humans are injured in the process. So imagine our delight when we saw this crazy video. → Read More

Nothing Good Ever Comes from Recalling an Email

Nothing good ever comes from recalling an email, and the White House learned that the hard way. So how can you actually unsend an email or text? Learn here. → Read More

Area 51 Raid: Everything That’s Happening in the Desert Today

What's happening at the Area 51 raid today in the Nevada Desert? Here's our live blog of Storm Area 51, the most anticipated, illegal alien party of the year. → Read More

The Government Has Banned Flights Above Area 51

The raid might be off, but people still plan to storm rural Nevada this weekend. → Read More

Study Reveals What the Loch Ness Monster May Be

Scientists studied the Loch Ness for a year, looking for DNA of all species that live in the lake. Here's what they found. → Read More

Giving Your Selfie to This Chinese App Is a Really Bad Idea

The popular face-swapping app ZAO poses serious privacy risks. Learn about the app, deepfake technology, and whether it's safe to use at Popular Mechanics. → Read More

Was Amelia Earhart Eaten by Crabs?

What happened to Amelia Earhart and her plane? One theory says she crashed on an island in the Pacific, died, and was eaten by crabs. → Read More

Florida Man’s 20 Greatest Moments

Here are Florida Man’s 20 most memorable moments. And it goes without saying, but please don’t try them at home. That’s Florida Man’s job. → Read More

Rabbit Raven Optical Illusion Answer

Is the animal in this viral video a raven or rabbit? See what experts have to say, and discover just why the optical illusion tricks your brain. → Read More

Everyone Is Going Crazy Over the Best Air Conditioner Temperature. How Cool Do You Keep Your House?

What's the best temperature to set your AC at in the summer? Experts disagree on how cool you should keep your house, and especially your bedroom for sleeping. → Read More

10 Questions for the Guy Who Savagely Destroys Balloons with Dangerously Sharp Objects

Jan Hakon Erichsen hates balloons. Like, really really hates balloons. Like, really really hates balloons so much that he rounds up every household utensil that doubles as a weapon for murder and just brutally beats the crap out of balloons—once a symbol of merrymaking, now a poor victim of senseless, albeit riveting violence. Exhibit A: > Most people: I guess balloons are ok Me:… → Read More

The Complex SAT Math Problem Even the College Board Got Wrong

Can you solve the complex SAT math problem that caused the College Board to correct the answer and raise test scores for thousands of students? → Read More

This Simple Math Problem Drove Our Entire Staff Insane. Can You Solve It?

Mathematicians and physicists also weighed in. Here’s what happened. → Read More

DIY Icon Grant Thompson, YouTube’s ‘King of Random,’ Dies in Paragliding Accident

The legendary tinkerer leaves behind a PopMech-worthy legacy. Here are a few of our favorite feats from The King of Random. → Read More

The Blink-182 Guy Hasn’t Found Aliens Yet, But He Did Find Some Weird Metals

Ex Blink-182 singer guitarist Tom DeLonge, in his search for UFOs, has acquired weird space metals. → Read More