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Recent articles by Jeffrey:

SpaceX Plans to Beat NASA in Launching the Biggest Rocket Ever

SpaceX tests its Starship rocket in a dramatic engine burn, setting the stage for a launch more powerful than NASA's mega moon rocket. → Read More

Another Chinese Rocket Mishap Threatens Elon Musk's Starlink Satellites

A Long March 6A breaks up in orbit, threatening SpaceX's Starlink satellite constellation. → Read More

NASA's Mega-Moon Rocket Finally Blasts Off, Heralding America's Lunar Return

The successful liftoff of NASA’s Artemis program—which aims to have Americans back on the moon by as soon as late 2025—is at last underway. → Read More

Divers Discover a Long-Lost Piece of the Shuttle Challenger

The new piece of debris is the first one discovered since 1996, ten years after the accident occurred. → Read More

NASA's Mega-Moon Rocket Survives a Hurricane

The Space Launch Systems withstands Hurricane Nicole and remains on track to launch on Nov. 16. → Read More

NASA James Webb Space Telescope: The 200 Best Inventions of 2022

Find out why NASA James Webb Space Telescope made this year's list → Read More

The Last Total Lunar Eclipse Until 2025 Is Coming. Here's Why it Fascinates Us

The cosmic spectacle on Nov. 8 still holds a powerful fascination for human beings. Here's why. → Read More

Third Time's a Charm? NASA Sets a New Date to Launch Its Mega-Moon Rocket

The giant Space Launch System (SLS) is back on the launch pad and could fly as early as Nov. 14. → Read More

China Sends Yet Another Rocket Stage Hurtling Uncontrollably Toward Earth

The three module Tiangong space station is now fully assembled, but a tumbling rocket stage threatened populations below. → Read More

"Why Aren't We All Bacteria?" Siddhartha Mukherjee Explores the Power of Cells

Pulitzer Prize-winning author and doctor Siddhartha Mukherjee on the power of cells and how they shape us → Read More

Speaking From Orbit, the First Native-American Woman in Space Reflects on Earth's Fragility

Nicole Mann gives her first interview from the International Space Station. She is the first Native American woman in space. → Read More

Your Gas Stove May Be Leaking Benzene Into Your Kitchen

A new study shows that even when a gas stove is turned off, it is likely to still be emitting benzene, which raises health concerns. → Read More

The World's First Space Tourist Plans a Return Trip—This Time to the Moon

The world's first space tourist plans for a return engagement → Read More

NASA Tried To Knock an Asteroid Off Course—And Succeeded Wildly Beyond Expectations

The DART mission to knock an asteroid off course just helped make Earth a little bit safer. Here's how. → Read More

Ancient Microbes Could Still Be Living on Mars

A new study makes the case that descendants of long-ago life forms may still be living on the Red Planet. → Read More

The U.S. and Russia Signal Continued Cooperation—In Space, At Least

Despite the war in Ukraine, the partnership in orbit endures → Read More

A Longstanding Mystery Involving Uranus' Tilted Orbit Gets a New Explanation

A longstanding mystery about the planet's tilt gets a new explanation. → Read More

China Wants New Partners For Its Moon Missions As Its Relationship With Russia Cools

The war in Ukraine creates a rift between two erstwhile lunar partners → Read More

Scientists May Have Just Discovered A Lake On Mars

Findings from a new study could have implications for extraterrestrial life → Read More

Could You Eat a Cloud? How Randall Munroe Became the Guru of Absurd Science Questions

Randall Munroe on how he became became the guru of absurd science questions with a sense of both purpose and play → Read More