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Recent articles by Fred:

Returning to the Party of Lincoln

One potential path for an expanded GOP coalition would be locating a political program that addresses the overlap between the concerns of traditional Republican voters and those of the working-class. → Read More

Sara Gideon Bets on Polarization in Her Bid to Topple Susan Collins

Collins has been fairly committed to maintaining the architecture of bipartisan cooperation in the Senate. By contrast, Gideon has said she’d be open to nuking the legislative filibuster. → Read More

The Tensions of Joe Biden’s Immigration Platform

Even as Biden stakes his campaign on a “return to normalcy,” his immigration platform might double down on the contradictions that have powered the past five years of political disruption. → Read More

How to Revive Family, Community, and Other Resources of Liberty

Challenges to the liberal order can be met with wide-ranging policy reforms. → Read More

Biden, Court-Packing, and Constitutional Norms

In a constitutional republic such as the United States, the protection of constitutional norms is not only a matter of who sits in the Oval Office. → Read More

Even Biden Allies Say That His Election Might Not Be a Return to Normalcy

It’s taken for granted in many sections of the American punditocracy that Donald Trump’s presence in the White House is the principal cause of the mass unrest and violence in the streets — remove him, and the disruption will just go away, like magic. That’s a deeply contestable assumption. → Read More

Concentrated Capital Fuels Cancel Culture

Woke capital grows more powerful by the day, leaving common people more and more worried about potential censure for thoughtcrime. → Read More

To Curb Polarization, Everyone Must Accept a Possibility of Temporary Loss

Securing some of the virtues of democracy might involve citizens seeing themselves not only as members of a given faction but also as participants in a common democratic order. → Read More

Deconstructing Some Arguments for Nuking the Filibuster

As the potential for unified Democratic control of Congress and the White House in 2021 grows, so too has an appetite for nuking the filibuster. → Read More

How the Great Awokening Undermines E Pluribus Unum

The comforts and commitments of ordinary life provide a great defense against political radicalism, so the suspension of ordinary life almost certainly invites political turmoil. → Read More

Economic Resilience and Global Trade Are Not Mutually Exclusive

The choice between industrial policy and participation in multilateral institutions is a false one. → Read More

Proposals to Ban Homeschooling Are an Attack on Pluralism

A proliferation of diverse educational options including homeschooling ensures that educational policy is not winner-take-all. → Read More

Individual Liberty and the Common Good Aren’t in Tension

While government officials obviously have a role to play in creating regulations and policy initiatives in the name of public welfare, recognizing the potential of collaborative decentralization can itself contribute to the public welfare. → Read More

How Coronavirus Could Change Politics

Both in the U.S. and in the world, the COVID-19 outbreak could have long-term political effects. → Read More

Why Institutions Are Important in Economics

Various non-state institutions help ensure a diffusion of power and provide crucial contexts for the flourishing and self-understanding of individuals. → Read More

The Problem with Expanding Guest-Worker Programs

If the GOP wants to help secure its support among working Americans, expanding guest-worker programs would seem a step in the wrong direction. → Read More

Where Populists and Neoconservatives Meet

An exchange between a Washington Post columnist and a U.S. senator reveals some of the underlying issues in contemporary policy debates on the right. → Read More

Cancel Culture Impoverishes Both the Heart and the Intellect

It’s hard to shake the feeling that part of what’s involved is a breakdown in personal charity. → Read More

What the Nationalism vs. Liberalism Debate Misses

Community can end up enriching our personal liberty, and the exercise of our liberty often involves the building of community. → Read More

The Fundamental Tension of the Trump Presidency

An infrastructure bill, trade reform, entitlement protections, continued government subsidies for health care — these are things that might appeal to many Democratic voters. → Read More