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Past articles by Ben:

See Photos of This Week's Strawberry Supermoon From Around the World

It's a super moon: a super-sized, super-bright, strawberry supermoon, hanging low in the sky near you, in mid-June. → Read More

By Making Oxygen on Mars, NASA Lays Groundwork for Human Visit

The only helicopter on Mars has completed another roundtrip sojourn. The Perseverance mission has included not only the first flights of an aircraft on another planet, but the manufacture of oxygen by heating carbon dioxide from the Mars atmosphere. → Read More

Did Earth Receive a Radio Transmission From Proxima Centauri?

A team of astronomers is working to analyze an unusual radio signal detected early in 2019 with characteristics more typical of an artificial broadcast than a natural source. → Read More

Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction: How to See It on Monday

On December 21 Jupiter and Saturn will appear closer together than in almost 800 years, one fifth the width of the full moon. → Read More

NASA’s Been Social Distancing Astronauts and Spacecraft for Decades. Why? Just in Case...

NASA has engaged in 'social distancing' and quarantine practices on an interplanetary scale for decades. → Read More

How We Got a Leap Year, With Its Opulence of Time

February 29, the rarest of days, gives us an extra 24 hours of winter. → Read More

NASA Plans to Send a Woman to the Moon ... and Really Soon

NASA's Artemis mission will send the next man and first woman to the moon — and only four years from now. → Read More

Nine Major Innovations You Can Thank Space Program For

The technology we use every day originated from some extraordinary challenge -- like NASA's effort 50 years ago to put humans on the moon. → Read More

How We Made It to the Moon With Less Powerful Computers Than You Carry In Your Pocket

Considering how primitive early space age technology was during the Apollo missions, how did we ever get to the moon? → Read More

What's Left for Us to Do on the Moon, Anyway? Plenty, It Turns Out

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Apollo moon landing, the world is looking forward to a return to the moon. → Read More

Greatest Discoveries of the Best Space Telescope You've Never Heard Of

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope will retire in January, after 15 years of stunning observations of the universe. → Read More

This Asteroid Won't Hit Earth, But It's Coming Pretty Dang Close

The Potentially Hazardous Asteroid called Apophis will narrowly miss Earth in 2029--so narrowly you'll be able to see it with your own eyes. → Read More

We're Sending a Helicopter to Mars

The Mars 2020 rover mission's Mars Helicopter has passed its flight tests and is now cleared to fly Martian skies. → Read More

How Did Life Form 4 Billion Years Ago? NASA Thinks It Might Know

Scientists have reproduced in the lab how organic materials may have originated on Earth. → Read More

Turn Around, It's a Total Eclipse of the Super Moon

On Sunday night, a total lunar eclipse will transform a full moon into a three-hour-plus celestial extravaganza. → Read More

New Horizons Kicks Off 2019 With Ultima Thule Encounter

Minutes into 2019, New Horizons made a historic fly-by of the most distant object visited, Ultima Thule. → Read More

The Geminids Return Late Tonight! Where, When and How to Watch

Look up! It's almost time to be dazzled by one of the year's best meteor showers, the Geminids. → Read More

NASA to InSIGHT: Brace for Landing

NASA's InSIGHT spacecraft is scheduled to land on Mars Monday, November 26, on a mission to look within the Red Planet. → Read More

Voyager 2 Heads Beyond Our Solar System

On the heels of Voyager 1's historic 2012 breakout into interstellar space its twin, Voyager 2, has begun to detect signs that it too may be on the verge. → Read More

Someone's Kid is Gonna Name the Next Mars Rover. Why Not Yours?

The Mars 2020 rover needs a better name, and NASA will soon be holding a contest to determine what that is. Students 18 or under qualify. All the Mars rovers to date have been named by pre-teens. → Read More