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Past articles by Caitlin:

The Drums of War With China Are Beating Much Louder Now

Comments from both Washington and Beijing have suddenly become much more pointed and aggressive in recent days, with talk about hot war now being discussed as not just a real possibility but in many cases as a probability. Let’s have a look at some of the most significant recent developments. Beijing comments on US encirclement The Chinese government has finally broken from its usual restrained… → Read More

No, Australia Does Not Actually Need To Prepare For War With China

In the latest instance of the Australian media’s deluge of propaganda geared toward manufacturing consent for war with China, Nine Entertainment-owned newspapers The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age have brought together a panel of “experts” to assess how well-prepared Australia is for a hot war with its primary trading partner. The question of if that war is necessary or should be prepared for… → Read More

It Is the Mass Media’s Job To Help Suppress Anti-War Movements

In a new article titled “European antiwar protests gain strength as NATO’s Ukraine proxy war escalates,” The Grayzone’s Stavroula Pabst and Max Blumenthal document the many large demonstrations that have been occurring in France, the UK, Germany, Greece, Spain, the Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium and elsewhere opposing the western empire’s brinkmanship with Russia and proxy warfare in Ukraine.… → Read More

Democrats Praise Bush, Want More Small-Business War Profiteers

Well it’s another big day for Democrats doing Democraty things. At a Friday event commemorating the 20th anniversary of the President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) hosted by the George W Bush Institute, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke glowingly of the president who instituted the program in 2003 at the same time he was preparing to launch an invasion which would inflict… → Read More

Narrative Is Used To Override Healthy Human Self-Interest

It’s very odd how humans can be manipulated into acting against their own self-interest to the benefit of their rulers in ways that animals would never tolerate, just by exploiting the fact that we experience thoughts in our heads that animals do not experience. Take violence, for example. Predator animals survive by attacking and killing other animals for their own benefit, but as soon as a… → Read More

Australians Aren’t Allowed To Know if There Are American Nukes in Australia

The US government is permitted to have nuclear weapons in Australia. What’s more, Australians are not permitted to know whether or not this is happening. What’s more, not even Australia’s elected senators are permitted to know whether this is happening. It’s assumed to be none of Australia’s business whether there are foreign nuclear weapons in Australia. This was clarified during a Senate… → Read More

Whatever They Decide These UFOs Are, the Answer Will Be More US Militarism

US war planes have shot down three unidentified objects in North American airspace over the last three days, which is entirely without precedent. On Sunday an octagon-shaped object was reportedly shot down over Lake Huron near the Canadian border after first being detected some 1,300 miles away over Montana on Saturday night. On Saturday a cylindrical object was reportedly shot down over… → Read More

More Evidence That the West Sabotaged Peace in Ukraine

Days after the war in Ukraine began it was reported by The New York Times that “President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine has asked the Israeli prime minister, Naftali Bennett, to mediate negotiations in Jerusalem between Ukraine and Russia.” In a recent interview, Bennett made some very interesting comments about what happened during those negotiations in the early days of the war. In a new… → Read More

Let’s Nuke the World Over Who Governs Crimea: Notes From the Edge of the Narrative Matrix

Critics of the US empire have spent months compiling mountains of evidence showing that the empire knowingly provoked the war in Ukraine. Supporters of the US empire have spent months posting dog memes and accusing strangers of being paid by Putin. It’s clear who’s in the right. ❖ So does everyone else in the world get a vote on whether their lives should be risked in an offensive to control who… → Read More

It's Not Okay For Grown Adults To Say The Ukraine Invasion Was "Unprovoked"

Listen to a reading of this article: On a recent interview with the Useful Idiots podcast, Noam Chomsky repeated his argument that the only reason we hear the word "unprovoked" every time anyone mentions Russia's invasion of Ukraine in the mainstream news media is because it absolutely → Read More

China Threatens the US Empire, Not the US Itself

❖ So many empire apologist arguments depend on pretending the US empire doesn’t exist; pretending the US is just a normal country sitting there minding its own business. If you do that, it really does look like Russia and China are picking on Ukraine and Taiwan completely unprovoked. If you act like the US isn’t the hub of an empire that is projecting power all over the globe, then the fact that… → Read More

The Phoniest, Most PR-Intensive War of All Time

The president and first lady of Ukraine have posed for a romantic photoshoot with Vogue magazine, wherein President Volodymyr Zelensky waxes poetical about his love for his darling wife. Now, I know what you’re thinking: how is Zelensky making time for a Vogue photoshoot amidst his busy schedule of PR appearances for other major western institutions? I mean this is after all the same Volodymyr… → Read More

Our Entire Civilization Is Structured Around Keeping Us From Realizing We Can Do This

Rise, like lions after slumber In unvanquishable number! Shake your chains to earth like dew Which in sleep had fallen on you: Ye are many — they are few! ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley The video footage coming out of Sri Lanka right now has been the recurring nightmare of every ruler throughout history. Thousands of protesters outraged by the deteriorating material conditions of the nation’s economic… → Read More

Three Illuminating Quotes About The War In Ukraine

Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, and Chris Hedges have lent their expertise to the subject of the war in Ukraine with some recent comments that help bring some → Read More

We’re Here To Become As Conscious As Possible

If there is a purpose of human life, as near as I can tell from these severely limited sense organs and this very limited brain, it’s to become as → Read More

Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia exposes the Ukraine narrative for the sham It Is

In a major walkback from his campaign pledge to make Saudi Arabia a "pariah" for human rights abuses like the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, President → Read More

Western media run blatant atrocity propaganda For the Ukrainian Government

The Ukrainian government is quickly learning that it can say anything, literally anything at all, about what’s happening on the ground there and get it → Read More

Western Civilization Is Being Organized Around Winning US Infowars

The US-centralized empire’s use of propaganda, censorship and Silicon Valley algorithm manipulation is the single most urgent issue of our time, because it’s what prevents attention from being drawn to all other issues. And all signs indicate it’s set to get much, much worse. I feel the need to reiterate once again that the censorship we’re seeing about Ukraine is of a whole new kind than… → Read More

If It Feels Like You’re Being Manipulated, It’s Because You Are

If you’ve got a gut feeling that your rulers are working to control your perception of the war in Ukraine, it is safe to trust that feeling. If you feel like there’s been a concerted effort from the most powerful government and media institutions in the western world to manipulate your understanding of what’s going on with this war, it’s because that’s exactly what has been happening. If you… → Read More

Refusing To Oppose US Tyranny Is Siding With It

The US and its allies are pushing the world toward nuclear armageddon. The US and its allies armed Al Qaeda in Syria. The US and its allies are carrying out a literal genocide in Yemen. The US and its allies are deliberately starving children by the thousands. Shut up about Russia and China. Desmond Tutu said “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the… → Read More