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Chicago, IL, United States

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Past articles by Christie:

Mourning the last bag of breast milk, long after my kids outgrew breast-feeding

It was a connection to a former version of myself and my children that I didn’t have to fully mourn as long as I had those eight ounces sealed in a bag. → Read More

My daughter asked me to stop writing about motherhood. Here’s why I can’t do that.

Promising not to write about her anymore would mean shutting down a vital part of myself, which isn’t necessarily good for me or her. → Read More

When to talk to kids about Internet porn? Sooner than parents think.

Suddenly, we were thrust into the reality that our kids are savvy enough to find things on the computer that we are not ready for them to see. → Read More

I Didn’t Nest. But My Husband Did

Before the ink was dry on the papers I signed allowing me to take leave from my job two weeks before my baby’s due date, I’d pulled out a bag of Fritos and readied myself for the nesting frenzy. → Read More

I Turned Down My Dream Job Because of the Leave Policy

I didn’t feel comfortable starting a family with an organization that didn’t value my family enough to pay me while I was on leave. → Read More

My Wild Adventure as a Nursing Mom on a Business Trip

At three in the morning, I stood in my closet and prayed to every god I could think of to have mercy on me. "Please let my suit fit." I was eight months postpartum and nowhere near my former size. → Read More

We’re Having Less Sex, Says New Study We Wish We Could Ignore

The study, published this week in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, compares our contemporary sex lives to how often we were getting it on nearly three decades ago. → Read More

The Simple Daily Practice That Transformed My Marriage

Who knew it could be so easy? → Read More

My 7-Year-Old Still Sleeps in a Pull-Up

The first time my daughter stayed dry in her nighttime pull-up for a whole week, I threw away our diaper genie. It had been five long years of emptying a long tube of urine-soaked pull-ups, and I was thrilled to be done. Naively, I believed we were home free. After all, her younger brother had stopped peeing in his diaper at night when he was 3. When she had an accident two nights later, I… → Read More

Don’t perpetuate the mean-girl myth on behalf of my daughter

When I found a crumpled paper in my daughter’s backpack, I thought it was trash. I pulled it out to toss it and saw it was actually a note from her beloved best friend. My stomach plummeted to my heels when I read what it said. “Please forgive me, but we need to move on from each other.” Really? I thought. Did my second-grader just get a kiddie version of a Dear John letter? Because I have zero… → Read More

Thirty Years Ago I Watched My Friend’s Father Drown. I Think About It Every Time My Children Go Near Water. –

How can I let my kids enjoy the waterpark, pool or beach, when just a few seconds of fun floods my brain with PTSD? → Read More

To the Male Stylists Who Shame My "Mom Hair," Go Screw Yourself

Of course we want to add one more thing to our to-do lists! → Read More

The Biggest Parenting Myth I Fell For

Just when I thought I finally got my babies to sleep... → Read More

My Supervisor Mom-Shamed Me

"How could I tell my single, childless supervisor that her question was rude as hell—and hurtful?" → Read More

Why I let my children see me argue with my husband

My impulse was to shut the door and stuff the bad feelings between me and my husband under the bed. Plaster on a fake smile and chirp at the kids that it was time to go to school. But instead, I waved them into the room. → Read More

Why I Let My 4-Year-Old Wear Makeup

My daughter's fourth birthday was to be a quiet, at-home affair. We had cake, a pinata and a grill ready for hot dogs and burgers. Since it was a hot July afternoon, we fired up the kiddie pool and waited for her guests. What I hadn't counted on was my mother giving my daughter her presents before the party. Oh, and I also wasn't expecting one of the gifts to be a makeup set. Kiddie blush, eye… → Read More

The Fight My Husband and I Had for 40 Weeks

How many fights can one couple have about baby names? If you do it right, you can spar the entire pregnancy and still not have a name when the baby arrives. I was name crazy. I wanted to talk about them all the time. I subscribed to websites on baby names in several languages, flipped through books scanning for noble names, and insisted we watch the credits of every TV show and movie because,… → Read More

This Is What a Good Valentine’s Day Looks Like When You’re a Mom

For our first Valentine’s Day together, my husband splurged on a gift that conveyed his romantic feelings for me. We’d been together for 11 months. The next big gift was going to be measured in carats and would have to be insured. But that was still six weeks off, and he could hardly let the Day of Love pass without giving me a present. Bless his heart, he racked his brains and scrolled through… → Read More

This Is What a Good Valentine’s Day Looks Like When You’re a Mom

What I wanted more than anything was to curl up on the couch with my husband and my babies and breathe in and appreciate what love had created: my family. → Read More

This Is What a Good Valentine’s Day Looks Like When You’re a Mom

What I wanted more than anything was to curl up on the couch with my husband and my babies and breathe in and appreciate what love had created: my family. → Read More