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Ariel Bogle

Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Recent articles by Ariel:

Google wants to kill cookies. Here's what you should know

When you go online, Google probably knows. And that's why its plan to get rid of third-party cookies is creating waves, especially for advertisers. → Read More

Four easy online privacy dos and don'ts for 2020

2020 is off to a chaotic start, but locking down your online privacy is still vital. → Read More

Soldiers love TikTok, but the US and Australian military do not

The #army hashtag on TikTok may have over 11 billion views, but the Australian Defence Department is still not a fan. → Read More

Big Tobacco bombards Cabinet with pro-vaping message

International tobacco giants have sought meetings with the Prime Minister and leading cabinet members in an effort to overturn Australia's ban on nicotine vaping. → Read More

'It can spread wildly': How our bushfire crisis is being exploited on social media

As authorities fight bushfires around the country, an ABC investigation reveals a battle of a very different kind online, with misinformation being spread through cyberspace. → Read More

When you apply for a job and they ask for your blood

Australian employers are collecting increasingly detailed and intimate data about workers. But privacy protections are "complex" and "patchwork", experts say. → Read More

Facebook is hiding the number of 'likes' on posts in Australia

Australians scrolling Facebook today will find something missing: the number of times the "like" button has been tapped on a post. → Read More

Students are fighting climate change, one 15-second video at a time

Controversial social media app TikTok has been seen as a place for earnest content like dance crazes and slapstick comedy. But its young Australian users are increasingly using it to politically organise. → Read More

Google reprimanded by Australian Electoral Commission over law breach investigation

The Australian Electoral Commission also admonished the tech giant for not ensuring greater transparency around local political advertising, according to emails obtained by the ABC. → Read More

Paul's vice became a booming business opportunity and now it's a political cause

He's a modern-day alchemist, who conjures up flavours from home. → Read More

Improving facial recognition requires thousands of faces. Is yours one?

To train algorithms to spot a face in a crowd, you need thousands of images. But where do they come from? → Read More

The internet thinks you're a robot, and other 'dark patterns' people with disabilities face online

Even the smallest design decisions online can block access for people who are blind 'without documentation, explanation or apology'. → Read More

Australian tech firms said they weren't consulted on encryption

Documents released so far by the Home Affairs Department under freedom of information laws suggest officials did not consult with local Australian technology and start-ups companies about its encryption legislation before releasing a public draft. → Read More

New anti-encryption law documents reveal Australian tech companies were mostly ignored

Peter Dutton's encryption laws were 'rushed' through Parliament, but government records released under freedom of information laws suggest the local tech sector was largely not at the table. → Read More

Facebook wants to help the 'unbanked' with its cryptocurrency. Do they want its help?

Helping people with no bank account may be a laudable goal for Facebook's cryptocurrency, but critics fear it could destabilise emerging economies. → Read More

Aussie sex workers were kicked off American websites so they built their own

What happens when your community is no longer welcome on the internet? For Australian sex workers, that's been the reality for almost one year — and some are taking matters into their own hands. → Read More

For refugees, your eyes and your fingerprints now act as your passport. Is that safe?

Handing over increasing amounts of biometric data is now part of the bargain of seeking safety away from home, but critics say the temptation to collect as much data as possible puts refugees at risk. → Read More

iTunes is over, but its legacy is not

iTunes is dead, but the all-you-can-eat culture of music consumption it enabled shows no sign of faltering. → Read More

An X-ray was once between you and your doctor, but for how long?

Researchers want your medical data to train algorithms to spot diseases, but there are risks. And should you get cash back? → Read More

'It's an intense public display': How YouTube subscribers punish celebrities

The data points popularised by platforms like YouTube — subscriber counts, number of video views, likes and dislikes — have made apathy quantifiable. → Read More