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Recent articles by Ariel:

Hydroxychloroquine is a poor coronavirus treatment but a perfect parable for our times

Thanks to social media, the anti-malarial drug is no longer a potential COVID-19 treatment but an ideological position. → Read More

How does COVIDSafe compare to Europe's contact tracing apps?

Germany and Ireland have now launched their own COVID-19 exposure notification apps using the Google-Apple framework. So are they better than COVIDSafe? → Read More

Documents reveal AFP's use of controversial facial recognition technology Clearview AI

Documents obtained by the ABC reveal how the AFP made use of facial recognition technology that is now the focus of a federal investigation. → Read More

A Facebook post can change your life: Documents reveal how social media is used by immigration officials

Documents from Home Affairs reveal how social media posts are routinely used by immigration officials to challenge an applicant's identity and claim for protection. → Read More

Australian government departments are routinely audited for cyber readiness. Most fail

The cyber attack announced yesterday is only successful against organisations that have not applied existing software updates — and the main vulnerability exploited has been known about for over a year. → Read More

Why China is being blamed for cyber attacks on Australia, and what they might be looking for

Attackers may have financial motives when it comes to traditional cyber crime but for nation-states, stealing information also has great value. → Read More

COVIDSafe app tests revealed iPhone performance issues at launch that weren't shared with the public

When the coronavirus contact tracing app was released in late April, Australians were told it was ready to go. But internally, it was a different story. → Read More

How Instagram wellness became a gateway drug for conspiracy theories

Social media influencers are sharing conspiracy theories about COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter alongside smoothie recipes. But why? → Read More

COVIDSafe has been downloaded by millions, but yet to identify contacts (and authorities say that's a good thing)

COVIDSafe was sold by the Government as essential to lifting lockdown restrictions, but the app is yet to provide much assistance to local health authorities. → Read More

'A dream come true': How the anti-vax movement is exploiting the coronavirus crisis

As humanity waits impatiently for a coronavirus vaccine, a determined minority is exploiting the crisis to push the health debate in a different direction. → Read More

Google and Apple release technology to help with coronavirus contact tracing

New technology that could help alert people who have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 is being tested to determine if it will work in Australia. → Read More

Coronavirus misinformation and confusion plagues health workers

Healthcare workers are dealing with a global contagion of misinformation and confusion about COVID-19 as well as the pandemic itself. → Read More

An Australian has joined Facebook's oversight board, which will even outweigh Mark Zuckerberg

Don't like that Facebook deleted your post? You can soon appeal to Facebook's oversight board. → Read More

Can Australia's coronavirus contact tracing app COVIDSafe lift the country out of lockdown?

The Government says the more people use COVIDSafe, the faster we can get to the pub. But is there evidence a smartphone app can help protect you from COVID-19? → Read More

Rollout of coronavirus contact tracing app COVIDSafe faces software bugs and lingering iPhone issues

Millions of Australians have reportedly downloaded COVIDSafe, but questions remain about the contact tracing app's performance on iPhone and other software bugs. → Read More

Will COVIDSafe keep your data secure? Here's what the experts say

Technical and legal experts are digging into the Government's new contact tracing app, raising questions about security and legal protections. → Read More

'It's toxic': How coronavirus conspiracies are putting strain on friendships and families

The pandemic has quickly changed everything — we're confined to our homes, glued to our screens. Yet for some the virus has also fractured a shared sense of what is fact, what is true. → Read More

COVIDSafe's effectiveness on iPhone in question as Government releases coronavirus contact tracing app

The Government wants 40 per cent of Australians to use its contact tracing app COVIDSafe — but questions remain about the technology's performance on iPhone. → Read More

Five questions we need answered about the government's coronavirus contact tracing app

Who will access our data? Does digital contact tracing even work? There are plenty of unanswered questions about the Government's contact tracing app. → Read More

'Stop it': How 5G conspiracy theorists are exploiting the coronavirus crisis

Fringe ideas about 5G are baked in the internet's darker corners. But as the world has gone into lockdown, they have found their way into the mainstream and risk endangering public health. → Read More