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Recent articles by Gerard:

Jamie Dimon’s China Joke Is on JPMorgan’s ‘Stakeholders’

His kowtow shows that investor value is still paramount—and maybe in this case it shouldn’t be. → Read More

Kyle Rittenhouse and the Left’s Terrifying Assault on Due Process

They want revolutionary justice. The legal system’s verdict will be supplanted by the people’s judgment. → Read More

Left-Leaning Media Seek a Misinformation Monopoly

They peddle their own falsehoods while trying to drive opposing views out of circulation entirely. → Read More

Voters Decide to Make America Sane Again

For a nation under severe psychological stress, last week’s elections suggest a healthy prognosis. → Read More

For Privileged Progressives, ‘We’ Means ‘You’

From climate motorcades to maskless public parties, they don’t follow the rules they impose on all of us. → Read More

GOP Has a Chance at More Than Election Victory

It could break America’s political stalemate by looking forward not back to Trump or Reagan. → Read More

Trump Is a Democrat: How’s That for a Conspiracy Theory?

It may be insane, but it would explain why he keeps saving them from self-destruction. → Read More

Merrick Garland Has a List, and You’re Probably on It

His ‘society offenders’ now include parents who object to critical race theory and Covid-19 restrictions. → Read More

Democrats Destroy Political Norms to Save Them

Trump carries much blame for our crisis of legitimacy, but the threat doesn’t begin and end with him. → Read More

Joe Biden’s Economic Fantasy World

He seems to think that if you pay for something it doesn’t cost anything. Hold on to your wallet. → Read More

Biden Deals Europe a Tough Lesson in Realpolitik

Why protect France and Germany as they seek opportunity in China heedless of the danger? → Read More

Joe Biden’s Presidency Is Incredible—No, Really

The dissembling and self-contradictions are many, but the press never sees fit to call them out as lies. → Read More

Does Joe Biden Have Any Core Principles?

Leadership hasn’t been a hallmark of his long political career. His real talent is following the herd. → Read More

Biden’s Vainglory Brings Abject Humiliation in Afghanistan

‘America is back,’ the president said in February, promising to ‘live . . . by the power of our example.’ → Read More

Climate Change Has Consumed Journalistic Standards

Reporters used to be hard-bitten skeptics. Now they aspire to be part of the authoritative expert class. → Read More

What if We’re Reliving the ’70s With No Reagan to Save the Day?

Today almost the entire establishment is steeped in the orthodoxy that has produced the malaise. → Read More

Critical Race Theory Is the Opposite of Education

It’s more of a religion. Its practitioners reject the idea of evaluating the merits of competing ideas. → Read More

The Rise of Woke Anti-Semitism

It’s the oldest hatred, but its resurgence signals a wider disturbance in society’s soul. → Read More

Did Biden Peak on Inauguration Day?

Covid confusion, Mideast chaos and the threat of inflation—he doesn’t have many victories to point to. → Read More

Britain’s Elections Offer Tea Leaves for the U.S.

Incumbents did well, the nation is divided, and the parties are realigning. Sound familiar? → Read More