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Past articles by Letters:

DeSantis visit to state: Proof of top GOP status?: Letters

DeSantis and Haley The politically dying body of D.J. Trump is still warm, but GOP donors are not fools, and they are exploring where they can get the biggest bang for their bucks. So, DeSan… → Read More

The dangers of rewriting books and whitewashing our literary history: Letters

First, kudos to Susan Shelley for a spot-on column (March 5) on the dangers of rewriting books to quiet the whiney woke. Second, I’m curious what “complete whitewashing of our history” (Mar… → Read More

Huntington Beach is doing nothing wrong on flag rule: Letters

Re “City gets backlash for flag guideline” (Feb. 24): There is a reason why Huntington Beach voted for “bold” leadership. The majority is tired of being bullied by every level of government … → Read More

Will you watch the State of the Union?: Letters

I don’t listen to the State of the Union speeches They’re primarily a pep rally for the president and his party. I find the pomp and circumstance inconsistent with the values of a dem… → Read More

Socialism: Letters

To paraphrase Alexander Pope, those with little knowledge tend to overestimate their intelligence. The author of “Local reps oppose denouncing socialism” (Feb. 9) is a perfect example of Pop… → Read More

Hunter’s laptop: Letters

Re “Hunter Biden seeks fed probe of Trump allies over laptop” (Feb. 2): Correct me if I’ve got the story wrong, but Hunter Biden carelessly abandons a laptop at a computer repair shop, the c… → Read More

Are Biden, Trump secret papers equal?: Letters

They are absolutely not equal: Trump’s trump it This false equivalency needs to stop. They are not the same. I can think of three reasons they’re not the same. 1) The sheer quantity: … → Read More

UC investments: Letters

Re “Blackstone’s $4 billion deal riles UC unions” (Jan. 15): Why do unions think they should have any say in the investments of a company (in this case, UC system)? So, the company UC is inv… → Read More

Pornography: Letters

Re “Is pornography obscene — and should it be prohibited?” No question that Sal Rodriguez has made a cogent, relatable response. He wins. He correctly points out that it can’t be regulated b… → Read More

Katy got barred from the door of Hispanic caucus: Letters

Re “Latino caucus bars Kate Sanchez, a new GOP assemblymember” (Jan. 2): Looks like Hispanics are not welcome by the California Latino Legislative Caucus if they have an (R) after their name… → Read More

How will economy go in the new year?: Letters

The economy has a very slim chance of recovery in the coming year The economy under the Biden administration has been a disaster. Beginning with halting production of the Keystone pip… → Read More

Was the World Cup truly a kick for you?: Letters

The World Cup final was an amazing sport event As a lifelong fan of the beautiful sport of soccer, it was a no-brainer to wake up at 6 in the morning on a Sunday to watch the final match of … → Read More

Proposed Advanced Clean Fleets regulation: Letters

Re “CARB considers yet another costly plan” (Dec. 4): The California Air Resource Board is developing a plan that would get rid of most fossil fuel trucks of all kinds in the state. This mea… → Read More

College recruiting practices and bias: Letters

Re “Report: Bias in college hiring” (Dec. 5): Christina Merino’s article about Bensimon & Associates’ opinion of why “recruiting practices” are the way they are fails to take into accoun… → Read More

CSU enrollment decline: Letters

Re “Enrollment at CSU campuses continues to cause concern” (Nov. 29): As a taxpayer, I was puzzled by the newspaper’s piece about the declining enrollment in the California State University … → Read More

What do you give thanks for here in 2022?: Letters

Much to be thankful for with my family and friends I am thankful to have reached 93 years of age and still enjoying life. I am thankful for a lovely family and friends, the beauty of … → Read More

I’m always working to build support for my district and all of the Inland Empire: Letters

Re “Calvert should back up talk on support for Dreamers, LGBT community” (Nov. 17): In these hyper-partisan times, it’s not easy for a Republican to win an election by more than 10,000 votes… → Read More

What will result from this month’s voting?: Letters

2022 midterms I am a lifelong Republican, now a nonagenarian. It seems to me that the expected red-electoral sweep didn’t take place fundamentally because these midterm elections were about … → Read More

Will Newsom serve four years as governor?: Letters

Yes, it’s his plan just in case other plans fail Newsom’s buying TV time in Florida strengthens my belief that he has plans outside of California’s governorship. His race for governor is an … → Read More

Another Newsom pledge: Letters

Re “Newsom pledges to finish 4-year term” (Oct. 24): That Gov. Newsom may bail on the state and run for president in 2024 is beside the point. Every reference I read regarding Newsom and his… → Read More