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Past articles by Melissa:

4 mindset switches you can make to transform failure into strength

Do you want to transform failure into strength? These are the 4 mindset switches you can make to make this change in your daily life. → Read More

5 ways you can increase your intelligence, according to science

Did you know that there are ways to increase your intelligence, with simple changes? Follows these 5 ways to do so, according to science. → Read More

How to thrive in an environment that doesn't support your goals

If you can change even one of these factors in your favor, you can start growing despite negative influences surrounding you. → Read More

How to retire early from the best industries for employment

You don’t need to change careers, sell out to a high-paying but stressful job, or grind yourself down working long hours to generate extra income. → Read More

Bad things happen when you ignore warning signs

Sometimes, with a little foresight, you can take painful lessons from the past and apply them to creating a better outcome in the future. → Read More

8 ways you’re making life harder than it has to be

Life doesn’t always have to be an uphill struggle. Some challenges are not worth the effort. Sometimes there really is a better, easier approach. → Read More

How to stay financially afloat after job loss

The best thing to do is to put a positive slant on anything you tell. Admit that you were terminated. But, move forward fast. → Read More

The intelligence threshold: Why you don't need to be the smartest to be the best

Sometimes people treat success like it’s some form of wizardry. One tap of the wand, and – poof! – you’re blessed with talent. → Read More

Seasonal affective disorder – Can light therapy really help?

I’ll share a bit about what seasonal affective disorder is exactly and how I’m experimenting with a light therapy lamp to treat my seasonal depression. → Read More

The meditative magic of journaling: How it can transform your life

When I first started journaling, my entries were brief. I wrote down the facts, including where I went and what I did. Then slowly, my entries grew longer. → Read More

Use this technique to get yourself productive right after waking up

You’ve just seen me use three examples of the “page-turner” technique to productivity. Now it’s time for you to put this technique to practice. → Read More

10 things that will matter a lot more in 10 years

Can you imagine your life in 10 years’ time? There are so many variables, it’s nearly impossible to predict what matters more as time goes on. → Read More

Gratitude makes you happier, healthier, and more popular

People’s acts of kindness often go unrecognized. In many cases, the recipient fails to say a simple “thanks” or give any acknowledgment. → Read More

5 money management tips for the average income earner

I’m going to show you exactly how the average income earner can learn money management skills and become a millionaire without living "off the grid". → Read More

What is the definition of success?

Ultimately, it isn’t about what others expect from you or how they feel about your actions. In the end, you make your decisions and live with them. → Read More

How to use Eisenhower Matrix to get your most important work done

Get serious about your priorities. Your daily priorities should be helping you get towards long term goals that you want to achieve. → Read More

4 simple changes you can make to boost workspace productivity

If you run your own business or work remotely, chances are your workspace isn’t going to look like those you see in glossy magazine pages. → Read More

5 types of music that will increase your productivity, according to science

Does music make you more productive? Based on these studies then, music can have a positive effect on your work, depending on the type of music. → Read More

4 ways you can use failure to your advantage

Failure seems to imply that nothing is gained. Hours of work and energy have been put into an endeavor, but the output is zero. → Read More

Why likability matters more than competence

Patients tend to get worse treatment and get neglected if a doctor perceives them as unlikeable. Their pain is taken less seriously. → Read More