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Past articles by Jerry:

Jerry Shenk: Relax, there is no ‘climate emergency’

Because they disputed the political orthodoxy of “global warming,” more recently “climate change,” “extreme weather” or the “apocalypse” du jour, there’s an excellent chance that the more than 1,10… → Read More

Jerry Shenk: Assessing the ‘dysfunctional’ 118th House of Representatives

The American left holds a number of misconceptions about the Congress of the United States. The first is that passing legislation the left favors has — or should have — no impediments; second, that… → Read More

Jerry Shenk: 2022, a retrospective

Finally, and arguably most importantly, election integrity became a major issue last year. States are pushing back on Democrats’ coordinated efforts to federalize elections. Many are tightening mail-in voting requirements and voter roll maintenance, passing new voter ID laws, address requirements and restrictions on Election Day voter registration. → Read More

Jerry Shenk: An overriding law ‘governs’ America

After months of inaction, Congress – Democrats and Republicans – spent December negotiating more than 7,500 member requests for pork-barrel earmarks totaling $16 billion into an “emergency” 4,155 page $1.7 trillion FY 2023 omnibus spending bill – a turd sandwich guaranteed to fuel inflation. → Read More

Jerry Shenk: Alt-energy – faith, gullibility, ambition and greed

Most alternate-energy advocates/climate alarmists are hysterical quasi-religious cultists or gullible technology/market illiterates. The rest are ambitious cynics seeking to weaken America, greedy … → Read More

Jerry Shenk: Forecasting Washington for 2023 and beyond

Republicans were bitterly disappointed by the results of the November midterm elections, shocked that the status quo was nearly preserved, even though 70 percent of the likely voters polled thought… → Read More

Jerry Shenk: Looking ahead to 2024

The 2022 midterm election may be a pill too bitter for former President Donald Trump to swallow. Although he has been unwilling to take any responsibility for the GOP’s underperformance, he should,… → Read More

Jerry Shenk: Joe Biden: Now you know

In July 2020, I published the following: “Perhaps my sense of humor does fire a degree or two off top dead center, and my sense of irony may be slightly overdeveloped, but some things just make me … → Read More

Jerry Shenk: Counterfeit ‘Gatekeepers of The Truth’

Corporate media and Big Tech have provided little, often no balance on a range of issues that reflect negatively on their favored interest groups, causes, politicians and political party. → Read More

Jerry Shenk: Young people, vote your best interests

The government does not have “its own money” to give. But lots of you bought — still buy — that fantasy. Government only takes — and redistributes. → Read More

Jerry Shenk: America, smoke-free at last

After decades of blowing smoke to obscure their core ideologies, Democrats have finally emerged from their self-generated haze and revealed their dystopian vision for America. That’s good, because,… → Read More

Jerry Shenk: Evaluating VP Kamala Harris isn’t ‘sexist’

I have been admonished by a few people, presumably liberal Democrats, who insist that expressing this opinion — “…a President(ish)” Kamala Harris is unthinkable” — is “sexist.” Frankly, applying th… → Read More

Jerry Shenk: Will a new GOP House majority impeach Joe Biden?

If a clearly-diminished President(ish) Joe Biden can still read and comprehend public opinion surveys, he must be having nightly flop sweats over his political future. It’s entirely possible, thoug… → Read More

Jerry Shenk: Time for pro-worker, pro-taxpayer labor reform

Unions have poured millions of dues payers’ dollars into the campaigns of politicians who pass and preserve laws favoring unions, and who approve public service employee union members’ pay an… → Read More

Jerry Shenk: Filthy lucre, the mother’s milk of national politics

In our current system of national political fundraising, politicians and special interests win, taxpayers lose. In 2011, the United States Congress voted to eliminate the Presidential Election Camp… → Read More

Jerry Shenk: Academics, failing in classrooms — and in government

Liberal academics from institutions of “higher learning” and graduates they indoctrinated have been infiltrating the government for years. Believing that learning about things is the same as doing … → Read More

Jerry Shenk: America, give austerity a chance

The American government is not “starved” for revenues, but it should be. The Internal Revenue Service and U.S. Treasury collect more taxes annually than any nation in history, but the government ha… → Read More

Jerry Shenk: A new, different ‘tea party’ is forming

Signs point to a November grassroots backlash in reaction to national Democrats’ policy catastrophes. President(ish) Joe Biden’s approval rating recently hit an all-time low of 29 percent. Fifty-ei… → Read More

Jerry Shenk: ‘Commonsense’ gun control, a quiz

Why do liberal Democrats’ positions on nearly every issue, including gun control, seem designed to make citizens less free? Democrats insist that “commonsense” gun control will stop mass shootings … → Read More

Jerry Shenk: How incumbents take — and lose — advantages

No matter how witless or mediocre, no matter how thin their legislative records, once elected, members of Congress have a far better chance of re-election than challengers have of unseating them. B… → Read More