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Past articles by Stephanie:

3 Ways You’re Killing Your Career Without Even Realizing It

For all your stellar work actions, some more subtle behaviors could be holding your career back. → Read More

10 Surprising Sex Facts About Women

Women's sexuality is an enigma, but it doesn't have to be. → Read More

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Sticking needles in your face and body may deter mild cognitive impairment from developing into full-blown dementia. → Read More

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When eating fruit for weight loss, it's more about moderation than limitation. → Read More

HPV May Cause A Genital Infection That Leads To Cancer, And Not Just Cervical

New study suggests HPV-related genital infection can cause cervical, anal, vulvar, and vaginal cancers. → Read More

Planned Parenthood's Virtual Reality Film, 'Across The Line,' Could Help Change Protesters' Behavior

Planned Parenthood is the latest organization to use virtual reality in order to draw out more empathy and connection from people. → Read More

8 Low-Carb Dinner Recipes That Ensure Summer Produce Won't Go To Waste

Hack seasonal produce into light and refreshing dinners. → Read More

Adult Onset Asthma Is Not A Myth; Experts Hard At Work To Find Relief For Older Sufferers

Asthma-related research is shifting its focus to the number of adults exhibiting first-time asthma symptoms in their 30s and 40s. → Read More

Hepatitis B-Positive Mothers Increase Child's Risk Of Chronic Infection; New Study Offers Hope For Treatment

USC scientists find a connection between a mother's HBV and child's risk of infection, opening the door for a cure. → Read More

Sex Differences On The Night Shift: Men And Women Log Less Sleep, But Women's Brain Function Suffers More

Study among the first to find slight differences in how men and women behave when their circadian clock is thrown off balance. → Read More

Recovered Data Casts Doubt On Whether Replacing Saturated Fat With Vegetable Oil Protects Against Heart Disease

New study calls into question an almost 50-year-old piece of diet advice. → Read More

Female Ejaculation, Plus 7 Other Embarrassing, But Normal Things That Happen During Sex

From queefing to post-coital crying, these awkward sexual experiences are normal and more common than you think. → Read More

Young Women May Raise Heart Disease Risk If They Undergo Hysterectomy To Treat Endometriosis Before Age 50

Young women who choose to treat the chronic disorder by getting a hysterectomy may increase risk for coronary heart disease, a new study suggests. → Read More

More Than One Cesarean Section Poses Little Risk To Children's Health

A first-of-its-kind study finds repeat C-sections, planned or not, have little effect on babies' long-term health. → Read More

Sleep Deprivation And Weight Gain: Appetite Increases, But You Don't Have To Go To Bed Hungry

Eating before bed is associated with weight gain, but some snacks can help you relax and get to sleep while still keeping you healthy. → Read More

Female Viagra Has No 'Meaningful' Effect On Sexual Desire Disorder; Why Can't We Treat Female Dysfunction Yet?

There are physical and psychological aspects to low sexual desire; the latter may be key to effective medication for women. → Read More

34 Surprisingly Delicious High-Protein Smoothie Recipes

With eight or more grams of protein and minimal ingredients, these drinks are perfect for a quick boost any time of day. → Read More

21 High-Protein Smoothie Recipes for Breakfast, Post-Workout, and, Well, Anytime.

With eight or more grams of protein and minimal ingredients, these drinks are perfect for a quick boost any time of day. → Read More

Sleep Deprivation Linked To Junk Food Cravings: Endocannabinoid System May Activate Weight Gain

New research suggests the endocannabinoid system may hold some answers to weight gain. → Read More

Creepy Crawlers: 10 Animals Found Inside Humans, From Tapeworms To Baby Squid

This compilation of creepy crawlers found living inside humans is not for the faint of heart. → Read More