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Past articles by Reese:

This May Be This Foreign Correspondent's Final Column

I’m dying. It’s not easy to write these words. But it’s true.In September 2020, oncologists diagnosed me with Stage IV prostate cancer. That means the cancer isn’t going away. Doctors can mitigate its spread, but I’ll never be in remission. The doctors want to help me maintain a decent quality of life until I die. (I notice that doctors don’t actually say “die” or even “pass → Read More

Biden's Bombing of Syria Is a Dangerous Step Backward

For the first time, the Biden Administration ordered a cross-border military attack in the Middle East.On February 26, seven U.S. missiles slammed into a facility used by Iranian-backed militias in Syria. Washington was retaliating for the February 15 attack on a U.S. base in northern Iraq.The Pentagon is claiming self-defense."For far too long, administrations of both parties → Read More

What Trump and the Myanmar Coup Have in Common

This week, military officers in Myanmar overthrew that nation's democratically elected government after the party it preferred lost the parliamentary elections. The military claimed voter fraud without presenting any proof. It tried to fill the streets with cheering supporters. It shut down some internet access and all opposition media. People got their news from the → Read More

Battle Lines Drawn on Ending Yemen War

One day before the Inauguration, the Trump Administration added Yemen’s Houthi movement to a list of foreign terrorist organizations. It was just the latest, desperate attempt to hamstring President Joe Biden’s promise to end the war in Yemen. | By Reese Erlich → Read More

Foreign Correspondent: Are Cuban protesters freedom fighters or US pawns?

Painters, musicians, and other artists are responding to what they call the ‘lack of freedom of speech.’ The government calls them agents of the US. → Read More

Is Kamala Harris a Hawk?

Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin hasn’t forgotten a 2017 meeting with members of Senator Kamala Harris’s staff to discuss the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The Israeli land and sea blockade was causing massive unemployment as well as shortages of food and electricity. Benjamin and other progressive activists wanted the Senator to criticize Israel’s policies and end the → Read More

Trump’s Desperate, Last-Ditch Effort to Hike Tensions with Iran

This might be the final stretch for his failed policy of 'maximum pressure.'.. During the past month, Iran has suffered a half-dozen explosions and fires at military and civilian sites. A bomb blew up near the Parchin missile base outside Tehran, Iran’s capital. Fires broke out at an electric power station and aboard seven ships in a southern port city. → Read More

Foreign Correspondent: US beats the drums of war in Iran

Leaders in Washington and Tehran say they don’t want a full-scale war, but they are playing a dangerous game. → Read More

'It's a Punch in the Face to Trump:' Why Soleimani’s Killing Could Mean Hard-line Victories In Iran's Elections

The country's parliamentary elections are a measure of popular support for confrontation with the U.S. → Read More

"Would the American Public Tolerate US Soldiers Defending Trump Hotels?"

Iran has focused on military targets, but Soleimani has "millions of followers all across the region from Yemen to Lebanon who will be seeking revenge from the United States. Iran cannot control them.".. Trump blinked. After threatening to bomb military and cultural sites in Iran, President Donald Trump has apparently backed down on further escalation in his quasi-war with Iran. → Read More

What's Next for Bolivia After Military Coup?

In 2005, I sat in a lounge off the Senate chamber in La Paz, Bolivia, waiting for an interview. I was wearing my best coat and tie. With my thinning hair and grey mustache, I could pass for a Bolivian of European descent. In fact, numerous people smiled and said "buenos días," as if I was a familiar face.The senators were mostly white men, reflecting the makeup of Bolivia's → Read More

Trump Blows It Big Time in Syria

Trump Dumps Kurds as the Empire Crumbles.. In less than two weeks, President Donald Trump has managed to create a massive and avoidable crisis in Syria. By greenlighting the Turkish invasion of northern Syria, Trump’s policy forced more than 160,000 Syrians to flee their homes. And guess who emerged as the political and military winners? Russia, Iran, and the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad. → Read More

Foreign correspondent: Turkey plans attack on Syrian Kurds

A "voluntary" resettlement plan isn't working out very well. → Read More

Foreign Correspondent: What Trump’s Missteps on Iran Have Wrought

The United States has become a high-tech Bluebeard. → Read More

Foreign Correspondent: Can Trump Bring Peace to Afghanistan?

Don’t hold your breath. → Read More

When It Comes to Iran, the So-Called 'Trump Doctrine' Is Sinking Fast

Tehran resident Dariush is exactly the kind of person that the Trump Administration claims to be supporting. He is a middle-class businessman who hates the clerical regime. The White House thinks Iranians like Dariush would welcome the overthrow of their government. But when I talked to Dariush by phone, he was more angry at President Donald Trump. | By Reese Erlich → Read More

At 83, piano legend Larry Vuckovich recounts a 'Fascinating Jazz Life'

Raw garlic, organic greens, and a history playing with the greats: The Bay Area favorite has all the essential elements → Read More

Foreign Correspondent: Russia Sees Through Trump’s Iran Bluster, but Has Middle East Problems of its Own

By trying to isolate Russia and Iran, the United States is only isolating itself. → Read More

Foreign Correspondent: Russian Journalist Vladimir Pozner on Iran, Syria, the United States, and Putin

He was well known in the 1980s as an articulate, English-speaking defender of Kremlin policies. Then he began describing himself as a “man of the left.” → Read More

Trump Is Driving Iran into Russia’s Arms

U.S. sanctions won’t necessarily isolate Tehran. They could spur new strategic alliances. → Read More