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Recent articles by Dick:

Rupert Murdoch is scraping you-know-who off the sole of his shoe

The grinding sound you’re hearing is the Rupert Murdoch propaganda machine chewing up Donald Trump and spitting him out. That’s the good news. We’ll get to the bad news shortly. What a miraculous coincidence it was last Friday when Murdoch’s New York Post editorial page and Murdoch’s Wall Stre... → Read More

Hillary Clinton keeps getting it right

Just as it’s a waste of time for Republicans to refight the results of the 2020 election, it certainly does no good for anti-MAGAs to refight what happened in the previous race. Nevertheless, I wince on occasion when I contemplate how our country would’ve been far better served if the popular vote w... → Read More

How much more evidence does Merrick Garland need to indict Trump?

If or when Merrick Garland bestirs himself to action, he’d do well to ponder the new federal court ruling that drops the hammer on coup conspirator John Eastman.Last week, the case for indicting Donald Trump was succinctly framed and arguably wrapped in a bow. And this was without even knowing what ... → Read More

As usual, Republicans are wrong about gas prices

When I hear Republicans blaming President Biden for high gas prices, I’m reminded of what scribe Mary McCarthy once said of her rival Lillian Hellman: “Every word she writes is a lie, including and and the.”I wouldn’t go quite that far in condemning Republicans for their current propaganda. But asid... → Read More

In a time of war, Republicans are giving aid and comfort to the enemy

I’m old enough to remember when rabid rightist Republicans proclaimed “Better Dead Than Red” and insisted that anyone who was “soft” on Russia should leave this country and go live over there.I never imagined, back when they paraded themselves as America’s true patriots, that they’d ever pull the ul... → Read More

An American merchant of death has finally been held accountable – thanks to Sandy Hook parents

We who abhor gun violence and loathe gun merchants have been dreaming of the day when a few aggrieved parties pull off a miracle and gain a small measure of justice.So it was sweet last week to learn that nine families devastated by the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre of 2012 had extracted a $... → Read More

Rand Paul is suddenly in favor of big government after disaster strikes in his backyard

Rand Paul has long been a laughable lightweight – at Senate hearings, Dr. Fauci beats him up on a regular basis – but now he has outperformed even himself. Republicans like him always equate “big government” with “socialism” and routinely condemn it as a matter of principle – until catastrophe hits... → Read More

We are suffering fresh breakthrough infections of idiocy

If only I had a magic wand, I would henceforth consign all conspiracy freaks and vaccine refuseniks (78 million in number) to some distant desert isle where they could breathe free upon each other until God sorts them out. I know that sounds harsh, but I am beyond fed up. I suspect you are, too. Ri... → Read More

Chris Christie's rehabilitation tour is embarrassing

If Bill Murray were to star in a sequel to Groundhog Day, he'd wake up to the Sonny and Cher alarm clock, take the cold shower, step in the puddle, parry the insurance agent, trudge to the gazebo…and see Chris Christie doing his same old song and dance. Seriously, him again? Didn't this guy end his... → Read More

Dick Polman | Refusing to wear a mask is America at its worst

There are many things I love about my country. But “rugged individualism,” when taken to its extreme, does not make my list. Nor does religious zealotry, when its practice threatens the welfare of … → Read More

Dick Polman | Why Uncle Joe is well positioned to topple Trump

Democrats have entered the hand-wringing phase of the election season, fretting about Joe Biden and poised to leap from their windows. I’ve been around this game long enough to tell you that this h… → Read More

Dick Polman | Trump shows how unfit he is to lead

I’ve been reading Erik Larson’s new book, “The Splendid and the Vile,” which chronicles the first year of Winston Churchill’s wartime stint as prime minister. He was a gifted rhetorician who used t… → Read More

Dick Polman | Joe Biden staged a great political comeback

On Tuesday night, he won at least nine of Super Tuesday’s 14 primaries, including Texas, which nobody foresaw. He won states where he never set foot and never advertised. He posted shocker wins in … → Read More

Dick Polman | Trump trial is democracy’s ultimate test

In a column on the eve of the 2016 election, I warned that if Donald Trump were to inexplicably occupy the White House, he would wreak havoc on American values, and his “authoritarian sensibility” … → Read More

Dick Polman | ‘But her emails!’ A final farewell to fake scandal

Did you catch the important news story about Hillary Clinton the other day? I’m guessing you missed it, because it was buried beneath the latest bombshells about the Russia-abetted grifter who bare… → Read More

Dick Polman | Democratic circular firing squad forgot about Trump

Deep into Wednesday’s Democratic debate, exasperated Republican strategist John Weaver tweeted: “When the topic is criminal justice, how are they not talking about the criminal in the White House? … → Read More

Dick Polman | The numbing of America: Trump allegations treated as old news

In a normal universe, a vivid allegation of rape, leveled at a serially misogynist president, would be a news story worthy of 24/7 coverage. Heck, it would even be bigger than the recent feeding fr… → Read More

Naval gazing: Trump is still bedeviled by a dead man

The quintessential Ugly American arrived in England on Monday, where it didn’t take long for him to hurl insults at London’s mayor. But presumably his mood will be lightened by the abse… → Read More

Welcome to the Watergate Era 2.0

Dick Polman is the national political columnist at WHYY in Philadelphia and a "Writer in Residence" at the University of Pennsylvania. Email him at dickpolman7@gmail.com.Read or Share this story: → Read More

The Trump regime wants you to believe the earth is flat

The Trump regime wants you to believe the earth is flat → Read More