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Recent articles by Chris:

Volcanic activity likely changed Earth’s climate 200M years ago, study says

A new study suggests that volcanic eruptions severely altered the climate of the planet at the end of the Triassic period, at the height of the age of... → Read More

While passing the time during coronavirus pandemic, family finds live WWI grenade

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in many around the world being placed under "shelter-in-place" policies to slow the spread of the virus. Some people are watching television to pass the time, while others are playing video games or checking in on friends and family. One family in England took their time-filling activities a step further — finding a live World War I grenade. → Read More

Coronavirus can live on surgical masks for 7 days, but 'standard disinfection methods' can kill it: study

Previous studies have demonstrated the novel coronavirus can live on certain surfaces, such as plastic or cardboard, for different periods of time. A new study suggests it can live on surgical masks for one week, but it is susceptible to '"standard disinfection methods." → Read More

Evidence mounts 'severely ill' coronavirus patients could be helped by experimental plasma transfusion

There is no known cure for the coronavirus pandemic upending every facet of life, but now a second study shows that plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients injected into those who are seriously ill can help. → Read More

WhatsApp to limit message forwarding, citing 'significant increase' in spread of coronavirus misinformation

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is limiting the ability to forward misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic, it announced on Tuesday. → Read More

Scientists believe they discovered the 'smoking gun' that changed Uranus forever

Uranus was hit by a mysterious space object shortly after the planet formed, causing it to tilt approximately 98 degrees, compared to the plane of the Solar System. Now, researchers believe they have discovered what impacted the ice giant. → Read More

Coronavirus cases in children largely less severe than adults, CDC reports

The novel coronavirus impacts every demographic, but a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that children in the U.S. have largely had mild cases, compared to adults. → Read More

Facebook is building a coronavirus 'heat map,' asking users about their symptoms

Facebook, which has made several overtures to fight the coronavirus pandemic, announced it would start to ask some of its U.S.-based users about their health in an effort to give researchers more information about self-reported COVID-19 patients. → Read More

NASA details plans for putting base on moon

NASA’s plan to return to the moon in 2024 could be in jeopardy due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nonetheless, the space agency has put forth plans on how... → Read More

Amusing pictures show squirrel 'stockpiling' nuts, 'panic-buying' toilet paper

The coronavirus pandemic has upended nearly every facet of day-to-day life, including causing people to panic-buy groceries and household goods. One photographer has taken hilarious photos of a squirrel replicating the panic-buying, using props he bought online. → Read More

New York City hospital starts remote coronavirus monitoring

In the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, Mount Sinai Health System announced a new remote monitoring platform to help provide care and monitor COVID-19 patients who are recuperating at home. → Read More

Nuclear bombs could give insight into whale sharks' longevity, study says

Not much is known about whale sharks, despite them being the largest fish in the world. Experts are hoping to change that, including learning how long they can live, using a surprising method — Cold War-era nuclear bomb tests. → Read More

Coronavirus lockdowns have caused the Earth to effectively stop shaking

The coronavirus pandemic has left most of the world's major cities, including London, New York and others, empty. It's also having one surprising effect on the planet as well. The Earth has essentially stopped vibrating. → Read More

Coronavirus 'Achilles' heel' may have been found, experts say

The coronavirus pandemic has ravaged the majority of the world, upending nearly every facet of life, as researchers race to find a cure. However, a newly published study suggests researchers may have found what's been described as its "Achilles heel." → Read More

Wild animals have taken over the streets in major cities because of the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has left most of the world's major cities, including London, New York and others, empty. As humans hunker down, with shelter-in-place measures around the world enacted, wild animals have started to take over. → Read More

Amazon lawyer, at Jeff Bezos-attended meeting, portrays fired worker as ‘not smart or articulate’

An Amazon exec tried to denigrate a former employee at its Staten Island fulfillment center after the worker was fired, according to a report. → Read More

Flush with lid down: COVID-19 can be transmitted via 'aerosolized feces,' study warns

Scientists are still learning a great deal about COVID-19 and how it spreads, but they have learned it can be transmitted via "aerosolized feces," according to a new study. → Read More

NASA's Perseverance rover carrying 'special' hidden message to Mars

NASA's new Mars rover, aptly named Perseverance in these trying times, has a "special message" hidden on it, the space agency has revealed. → Read More

WHO says video games could help fight coronavirus spread

The coronavirus pandemic has upended every facet of daily life and people are looking to keep themselves entertained in ways other than watching “The... → Read More

Coronavirus pandemic forces Amazon to boost safety measures, amid anger from politicians, workers

Amazon said it is taking increased safety measures, including checking temperatures of its associates, as the company is under fire from politicians and its own workers for allegedly lax working conditions amid the coronavirus pandemic. → Read More