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Past articles by Chris:

Huge ‘super puff’ exoplanet could change how we explore the universe

Scientists have confirmed the existence of a massive “super-puff” exoplanet, one that is as large as Jupiter but 10 times lighter and could change how humanity explores the universe. Th… → Read More

‘Almost complete’ ancient shark fossil sheds new light on Earth’s past

Experts have discovered an “almost-complete” fossil of a 150-million-year-old shark in Germany, giving them a nearly... → Read More

UFO documents released by CIA are 'real-life X-Files,' expert says

The CIA's decision to declassify more than three decades worth of UFO documents is a "real-life X-Files," according to one expert. → Read More

Dire wolves from 'Game of Thrones' were real, but they went extinct because of this stunning reason

"Game of Thrones" may have excited viewers with tales of dragons and fictional heroes and heroines, but one aspect of the show was real, according to a new study: dire wolves. → Read More

NASA finds an alien planet with 3 suns

NASA has discovered an exoplanet with three stars, one with a bizarre orbit that has left astronomers baffled. The planet, known as KOI-5Ab was... → Read More

NASA Curiosity rover has spent 3,000 days on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover just celebrated its 3,000th day on Mars by taking a remarkable picture of the Red Planet. The rover, which landed on the... → Read More

Programmer who could lose hundreds of millions in bitcoin shares 'painful memory'

Stefan Thomas, the programmer who lost $260 million worth of bitcoin when he couldn't remember his password, said there's "no chance" he'll ever recoup his lost fortune, calling it a "painful memory." → Read More

NASA mission suggests we might be all alone in the universe

A mission from NASA has discovered there may be a lot fewer galaxies than initially believed, opening up the possibility humanity is alone in the universe. The New Horizons miss… → Read More

Zello confirms use of walkie-talkie app during Capitol riots, will 'ban all militia-related channels'

Zello, the popular walkie-talkie app, has confirmed the use of the app during last week's Capitol riots and said it would "ban all militia-related channels." → Read More

NASA helps cement plan to return to the moon

Though NASA may have trouble returning to the moon by 2024, the U.S. space agency is doing what it can to eventually explore the lunar surface, announcing a formal partnership with Japan for the lunar Gateway. → Read More

NASA discovers 10-billion- year-old planet unlike any other in deep space

A number of planets described as Super-Earths have been discovered in recent memory, but researchers have recently spotted one unlike any other... → Read More

Telegram's popularity soaring after Capitol riots: What to know

The secure California-based messaging app Signal may be surging in popularity in the wake of the U.S. Capitol riots, but another messaging app, Telegram, is also seeing a rise in users. → Read More

Strange FM signal discovered coming from one of Jupiter’s moons

NASA recently extended the life of two of its planetary discovery missions, including the Juno mission to Jupiter. Now it’s come to light... → Read More

What to know about Signal, the secure messaging app that's surging in popularity

In the wake of last week's riot at the U.S. Capitol that left several people dead and has prompted outrage across the nation, the messaging app Signal has surged in popularity as users look for alternatives to social networks. → Read More

New details revealed about Megalodon's shocking size: They ate their siblings in the womb

Megalodon, the apex predator of the seas, was the largest shark to ever live, at nearly 60 feet in length. A recently published study suggests the massive shark reached its epic size because of oophagy: a kind of intrauterine cannibalism behavior. → Read More

NASA is extending Mars and Jupiter missions, citing notable success

Citing discoveries that have "produced exceptional science," NASA has decided to add years to two of its planetary science missions: the Jupiter Juno mission and the Mars InSight lander. → Read More

Jewish woman, 102, describes disturbing memory of her neighbor — Adolf Hitler

A Jewish woman who revealed last year that she used to live next door to Adolf Hitler prior to World War II, has provided new details... → Read More

SpaceX completes first rocket launch of 2021 with communications satellite

The Elon Musk-led company sent a communications satellite for Turkey into orbit via its Falcon 9 rocket, lifting off from Cape Canaveral, Fla. at 9:15 p.m. EST. → Read More

Forget the Christmas Star: Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn will form rare 'triple conjunction'

This weekend, Mercury will join Jupiter and Saturn in what is being dubbed as a "triple conjunction," as the three planets will be within a couple of degrees from one another in the night sky. → Read More

WWI cannon found 4,000 miles away from where it was last fired

A cannon used by the Germans during World War I has been discovered — nearly 4,000 miles away from where it was last fired. → Read More