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Recent articles by Erin:

No, there isn’t a federal law that requires businesses to accept cash

Private businesses are not legally required to accept cash, the Federal Reserve says. They are free to develop their own policies unless state law says otherwise. → Read More

5 ways to protect yourself from a job scam

Millions of Americans fall victim to job scams each year. Here are verified ways to keep you and your money safe when looking for a new job. → Read More

No, you should not use hydrogen peroxide on wounds

Health experts warn against using hydrogen peroxide to treat or clean minor scrapes or cuts because it can irritate the skin and kill healthy cells within the wound. → Read More

Yes, people with eczema can get vaccinated against monkeypox

The JYNNEOS monkeypox vaccine is safe for people with eczema but current supply is limited. They should avoid the ACAM2000 vaccine. → Read More

Yes, Walgreens employees can refuse to sell condoms because of their religion

A recent viral tweet claims a Walgreens employee refused to sell condoms to customers due to the worker’s “faith.” Here’s what Walgreens' policy says. → Read More

Yes, Medicare card replacement phone calls are a scam

If someone claiming to be from Medicare calls you about replacing your card and requests personal or banking information, you should hang up immediately. → Read More

Viral video claims all Starbucks hot cup sizes hold the same amount of liquid. That’s false.

Social media videos claiming Starbucks is shortchanging customers who buy larger sizes of its hot coffee are false. Starbucks hot cup sizes have not changed. → Read More

Yes, 45% of Texas women who traveled out of state for abortion services went to Oklahoma

Data show nearly half of Texas women who traveled out of state for abortion care went to Oklahoma in the months after the Texas Heartbeat Act went into effect. → Read More

Yes, Delta Air Lines did call COVID-19 an ‘ordinary seasonal virus,’ contradicting pandemic classification

In a news release, Delta Air Lines claimed COVID-19 is an “ordinary seasonal virus.” That language has since been updated to a “more manageable respiratory virus.” → Read More

Yes, Los Angeles County did ban government-funded travel to Texas and Florida over LGBTQ laws

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors banned government-funded travel to Texas and Florida over LGBTQ legislation. It does not apply to personal travel. → Read More

Fact-checking claims about Tennessee proposed marriage bill and child age

An early version of a marriage bill in Tennessee allowed children of any age to marry. That part has been amended, but other controversial sections remain. → Read More

Yes, a Supreme Court justice has been impeached before

Only one Supreme Court justice has ever been impeached, and that took place in 1805. → Read More

Why it’s hard to tell if a diamond was mined in Russia

People are calling for a boycott of one of Russia’s largest exports — diamonds. But a diamond’s country of origin is often difficult to determine. → Read More

Some cities have outlawed new natural gas hookups but there’s no nationwide ban

While some U.S. cities have banned natural gas hookups in most new development projects, there is not a national ban in place. → Read More

No, cold or rainy weather cannot make you sick

It’s a myth that cold or rainy weather can cause a cold. Instead, colds are minor infections of the nose and throat caused by more than 200 different viruses. → Read More

Yes, you still have to wear a mask on planes, trains and public buses

The federal mask mandate on airplanes, public buses and other mass transit has been extended through April 18. → Read More

No, Disney+ didn’t drop ‘Anastasia’ because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

“Anastasia,” the 1997 animated film, was removed from Disney+ in the U.S. due to pre-existing licensing deals. On March 18, it will be available to stream on Starz. → Read More

No, you can’t tell if the gas at the pump comes from Russian oil

It is nearly impossible to know exactly what country the gas at the pump originated from because gas gets mixed up when it moves from refineries through pipelines. → Read More

Yes, scammers are impersonating Apple Support to try to steal your iCloud account information

Scammers impersonating Apple Support are calling people claiming their iCloud accounts have been compromised. Here’s how to spot a phony support call. → Read More

Yes, contactless card payment is as secure as inserting a chip card at the register

Tapping your card to pay at the register is just as secure as inserting a chip card, according to multiple financial services companies and security experts. → Read More