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Oakland, CA, United States

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Past articles by Jon:

New Study Shows Air Pollution is Literally Everywhere

The study published in "Lancet Planetary Health" shows that 99.99 percent of the world has has some level of a dangerous pollutant. → Read More

What the Dogs of Chernobyl Could Tell Us About Living on Mars

A new study shows the long-term effects of living in an irradiated environment. That could inform us about long-distance space trips. → Read More

Starlink is Already Causing Hubble Headaches — and the Problem Could Get Worse

A new study found that 3-in-50 Hubble shots have a satellite photobombing them — and that number will only go up as more satellites are launched. → Read More

Astronomers May Have Just Solved a Salty Mystery at Jupiter's Most Famous Moon

Europa had red stripe features that astronomers couldn't previously quite figure out. But it ends up it may be an unusual form of brine and fodder for future studies. → Read More

5 Years Ago, SpaceX Launched Its Silliest Payload Yet — And It's Still in Orbit

The roadster is still out there and doesn’t appear to be on a course to cause problems in the short term. → Read More

Earth's inner core may have stopped spinning — study

Geoscientists found the core may move on a cycle, stopping every few decades to take a breath. → Read More

This physicist helped confirm Einstein's greatest predictions in our cosmic backyard

Mariafelicia de Laurentis, deputy project scientist of the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration, worked on the first image of the Milky Way's central black hole. → Read More

HAKUTO-R Mission 1: Mission details and how to watch the groundbreaking mission

If successful, iSpace will be the first company to successfully land a vehicle on the Moon. → Read More

Webb Telescope makes a stunning observation of the atmosphere of a hellish planet

WASP-39b could be key to finding much calmer, more habitable worlds. → Read More

7 ways the Webb Telescope will unlock the Solar System's secrets

The James Webb Space Telescope will study Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and other far flung places that ground-based telescopes can't see as well. → Read More

Dark Energy: How spy satellite tech will power NASA’s next big telescope

Thanks to NASA receiving a gift of components from a former spy program, the Nancy Grace Roman Telescope will observe more sky than ever before. → Read More

Ariane 6: How the European Space Agency is assembling its next big rocket

While the December 25 launching of the James Webb Space Telescope was a triumph for the ESA Ariane 5 launch vehicle, it will cap its career. The Ariane 6 cometh → Read More

Artemis: Why NASA's big Moon rocket is almost ready

After a successfull simulated launch countdown on January 24, only a few tests remain for NASA's big Moon rocket. → Read More

55-years-ago, the world wrote the "prime directives" for outer space

You can't own the Moon. Almost six decades ago, the world sat down and wrote the rule book for solving potential conflicts in outer space. → Read More

How cutting-edge technology may help uncover hidden meteorites in Antarctica

Hunting meteorites in Antarctica has largely been a matter of serendipty. But a new machine learning study could provide a treasure map for finding meteorites. → Read More

30 years ago, astronomers found a planet where it shouldn’t be — and made history

The first confirmed exoplanetary system is so bizarre, that despite discovering thousands of exoplanets, astronomers haven't found another like it → Read More

The Webb telescope reaches its final deployment challenge

The James Webb Space Telescope finished deploying all 18 of its mirror segments Wednesday, leaving one last task before it takes up its deep space post. → Read More

China's Yutu-2 rover: 3 discoveries from the far side of the Moon

A new study on the findings of China's Yutu-2 lunar rover reveals the nature of the soil on the far side of the Moon and could guide future missions. → Read More

ESA exoplanet hunter PLATO: Mission, launch date, primary goal

The European Space Agency's upcoming PLATO exoplanet mission just cleared an important hurdle, clearing telescope's further development toward a 2026 launch. → Read More

Almost there: Webb telescope is 90 percent of the way to its destination

As of Tuesday afternoon, the James Webb Space Telescope was more than 93 percent of the way to its operating orbit around Lagrangian Point 2. → Read More