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Past articles by Megan:

New Rodent Virus Found In U.S.

This morning experts are warning people with pet rats that a deadly virus that can spread to humans is hitting the U.S. for the first time. Doctors in the U.S. and Canada confirmed cases of the rodent born Seoul virus. → Read More

Sports Fans’ At Higher Risk For Heart Attack

We are just two and a half weeks away from the super bowl and if you're planning a party for the big game, you might want to watch what you eat. Doctors said eating all that salty food and chasing it down with too much alcohol can be bad for your heart. → Read More

New Study Shows Religion Can Improve Your Health

Regardless of your beliefs, new research finds attending religious ceremonies could be keeping you healthy. Researchers at Emory Rollins School of Public Health said regular attendance leads to increased longevity in middle-aged people and seniors. → Read More

New Study Shows Men Are Generally Happier Than Women

A study from Britain said men will be happier than women for almost their entire lives. Researchers found eventually the tables turn. They found the happiest age for women is 85, but that's about when men's overall happiness starts to go down. → Read More

Refillable Bottles Loaded With Bacteria

Those refillable water bottles may be good for the environment, but they may be bad for your health. A new study found they contain more bacteria than your dog's bone. A team from the website treadmillreviews. → Read More

Big Tobacco’s Anti-Smoking Ads Scheduled To Begin

Big tobacco anti-smoking ads will return to the airwaves this Sunday. Under a court order, the tobacco industry for the first time will be forced to advertise the deadly and addictive effects of smoking on TB. → Read More

Your Blood Type Could Put You AT Risk For A Heart Attack

If you have a certain blood type you may be at an increased risk for heart attacks caused by high levels of air pollution Researchers discovering people who have Type A Type B or Type AB blood are more likely to have a heart attack when exposed to dirty air. → Read More

New Digital Pill Will Track Patient Prescription Use

The FDA approves a digital pill that can tell your doctor if you're taking your medicine. The pill, called the Abilify Mycite, is embedded with a sensor that tracks ingestion. Experts said the pills will help address the problem of patients not taking drugs as prescribed. → Read More

Premature Births On The Rise

Premature births rose in the US for the second year in a row after nearly a decade of decline. The march of dimes said an additional 8,000 babies across the country were born preterm in 2016. Babies born premature face a higher mortality rate during their first year of life. → Read More

Most Unnecessary Medical Treatments

Surgery to repair meniscus tears in the knee is one of the most unnecessary and overused medical treatments according to the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Researchers published a list of tests and treatments that most patients can do without. → Read More

Surgical “Super Glue” Could Replace Stitches

In case you'd prefer to avoid the old needle and thread treatment, scientists have created a kind of super glue that can seal wounds without stitches. It’s an elastic gel made from a human protein. The gel solidifies once it comes in contact with tissue surfaces. → Read More

Cracking Down On False Marijuana Claims

The US Food and Drug Administration may start cracking down on claims that marijuana has health benefits that haven`t been prove A FDA commissioner said he's seen people developing marijuana-based products making false claims such as an anti-tumor effect in cancer. → Read More

Losing Weight Can Save You Money

Being big does more than take a toll on your health, it takes a huge bite out of your wallet too. According to a study out of Sweden, adults who get down to a normal weight and body mass index can save an average of $31,000 in direct medical costs. → Read More

New Test May Diagnose CTE Patients

Researchers believe they've spotted a potential warning sign for chronic traumatic encephalopathy CTE the devastating brain disease caused by repeated concussions. → Read More

Aspirin May Help Heal Teeth

A simple aspirin could help reverse tooth decay. Researchers at Queen's University in Belfast found aspirin helps teeth repair themselves by forming new dentine. That's the hard tooth structure that is usually damaged by decay. → Read More

Music Therapy To Combat Stress For Cancer Patients

A cancer diagnosis is overwhelming in so many aspects. Staying positive and relaxed during treatment is a tremendous chore, but a hospital in New York is using music therapy to help patients’ combat stress. → Read More

The Time You Eat Matters With Weight Loss

If you're trying to lose weight today, a new study says that it's not what you eat, but when you eat that matters. Researchers said timing your meals right is the key to beating obesity. → Read More

Indulging In Dark Chocolate

Researchers have come up with another reason for you not to feel guilty about indulging in a little chocolate each day. In a study, Italian researchers looked at 26 volunteers with heart risk factors and found that dark chocolate enriched with extra virgin olive oil increased good cholesterol and decreased blood pressure. → Read More

Increasing Vitamin C Intake Cuts Blood Cancer Risk

Enjoy that nice tall glass of OJ with your breakfast this morning, because increasing your vitamin C intake may be a way to reduce blood cancer risk. A new study suggests the body's stem cells can soak up unusually high levels of vitamin-C. → Read More

Antidepressant Use Greatly Increases

Researchers said more Americans are taking antidepressants. A study from the National Center for Health Statistics found Americans who take an antidepressant rose 65% compared to numbers between 1999 and 2014. → Read More