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Past articles by Gregory:

The best documentaries about sex workers on Netflix

It might be the world’s oldest profession. But what do you actually now about sex work? → Read More

Teens react to classic '90s jams while you feel ancient

Get ready to feel like a skeleton. → Read More

Porn stars open up about their weirdest scenes is truly a full-service site in every sense of the word. In addition to producing some of funniest porn parodies you can get off to, the company also t... → Read More

French 15-year-old breaks off a monster DragonForce cover

Thanks to GarageBand and ProTools just about every teenager with a pair of Beats by Dre headphones thinks they’re the next musical prodigy. But being a musician isn’t just about... → Read More

'When Mama Isn't Home' is back with an amazing sequel we don't deserve

In October of last year, Russ and Toby Bauer became the toast of the Internet after they took to their kitchen to let people know what boys get up to when mom's away.&nb... → Read More

Here's how much money Barney made on 'How I Met Your Mother'

During his nine seasons on air, How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson never shied away from showing off his lavish lifestyle. From suiting up in the most expensive wears to payin... → Read More

Sorority expels University of Alabama member for racist Snapchat photo

The University of Alabama chapter of the Chi Omega sorority once again finds itself at the center of controversy thanks to racist remarks by one of its members.On Thursday, the... → Read More

Nothing is more twee than this Wes Anderson 'X-Men' spoof

When its not being admired by twee hipsters at arthouse cinemas, Wes Anderson's artistic vision is being spoofed by everyone from SNL to intrepid YouTubers who imagined what an Anderson-dir... → Read More

Chelsea Handler goes topless to prove her breasts are real

This article contains sexually explicit material.These days, it seems as if Chelsea Handler’s chest is discussed almost as much as her comedy. That’s largely due to the... → Read More

2 Chainz rolls up a golden fatty, smokes the world's most expensive joint

Despite the shrieking protests of Nancy Grace, 2 Chainz hasn't shown any signs of stopping his cannabis consumption anytime soon. Instead, he's decided to take his recreat... → Read More

The 9 hilarious families you have to follow on Vine

There’s a whole new set of pressures on people raising kids. With parents taking to Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to brag about their little wonder’s latest accomplishments, it’s e... → Read More

A Canadian newspaper actually used one of Vince Vaughn's gag stock photos

If you haven’t been keeping tabs on Vince Vaughn’s film career lately, don’t worry, you haven’t missed out on any laughs. But all that might be changing if the promotional m... → Read More

Here's the 'Game of Thrones' and Taylor Swift mashup that can heal the world

What does a cat-crazed blonde pop star have in common with the creator of one of the most successful fantasy series of all time? At first glance, we couldn’t find many similarities eith... → Read More

'Bob's Burgers' did a pitch perfect 'Game of Thrones' parody

Between burger-themed cookbooks and animated Sleater-Kinney music videos, the teams over at Fox’s Bob’s Burgers are always finding new ways to delight their fans. This Sunday’s show... → Read More

Neil Patrick Harris takes his 'Thomas & Friends' fandom very seriously

If there’s one thing that stands the test of time, it’s fandom. Though age might cause you to outgrow your favorite cosplay outfit, you’ll never outgrow your love for y... → Read More

Taylor Swift announced that she became a godmother on Instagram

Move over, Meredith and Olivia! Taylor Swift has a new bundle of joy in her life and it doesn't shed! On Sunday evening, actress Jaime King asked the singer to take on the most important... → Read More

Natalie Dormer can't help falling in love with strangers in Hozier's new video

Whether she’s walking the streets of King’s Landing or seducing Henry VIII, one thing’s for sure: Natalie Dormer knows how to charm onscreen. That’s precisely why rock crooner Hoz... → Read More

Taylor Swift mashup proves 'Blank Space' and 'Style' are the same song

The Web police has hunted down another pop irregularity. First, it was Sam Smith's → Read More

Here's what's up with Kevin Spacey's bad accent in 'House of Cards'

House of Cards made its triumphant return to Netflix Friday, bringing with it a third season full of Frank Underwood's trademark southern drawl. But if you're a fan with a keen ear, ... → Read More

Even monks cannot resist a good ol' fashioned snowball fight

The monastic life certainly isn’t for everyone. Between the vows of obedience, poverty, and of course chastity, there are a lot of fun and worldly vices to leave behind. But there is some u... → Read More