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Brisbane, QLD, Australia

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Recent articles by Nick:

Want to learn how to bodysurf? Here's how to read those waves

If you're anywhere near the Australian coastline this summer, chances are at some stage you'll end up at the beach. If you're keen to give bodysurfing, or bodyboarding a try this summer, there's a few pointers that can help you get started. → Read More

Ancient 'assassin' spiders feared extinct after Kangaroo Island bushfires

An ancient species of spider found only on Kangaroo Island is feared extinct after bushfires destroyed its only known habitat. → Read More

Scientists say a heatwave called 'the blob' killed nearly a million seabirds

'The blob', a mass of warm, nutrient-poor water that emerged off the US coast in 2013, was responsible for the biggest seabird die off in recorded history, according to new research. → Read More

What do record ocean temperature have to do with the Australian bushfire? A lot, say scientists

New research shows the average ocean temperature in 2019 has continued to rise to the highest level on record, and will drive more extreme weather events and bushfires as ocean temperatures increase. → Read More

Your quick guide on what to do if your pet comes across a snake

Snakes are out in big numbers this time of year. Here's what to do if your pet gets into trouble. → Read More

UN Climate Summit snub by Scott Morrison sends strong message to Australia's neighbours

Australia's near-absence from the UN Climate Summit in New York sends a clear message to our Pacific neighbours about where our priorities lie. → Read More

US bird population drops by 3 billion in almost 50 years

Bird numbers in North America have crashed, mirroring insect and bird declines around the world, and researchers say we need to pay attention to the warning signs. → Read More

There are probably microplastics in your poo. But is your health at risk?

A study of eight healthy Europeans adults found microplastics in all of their stool samples. But science is racing to catch up with the potential health impacts of the emerging issue. → Read More

Common insecticide causes rapid weight loss and interrupts migration of songbird

White-crowned sparrows exposed to small doses of a common neonicotinoid insecticide used in agriculture rapidly shed significant amounts of fat and spent days recovering before rejoining their migration, a study has found. → Read More

Survey says Australians want urgent action on climate change

A majority of Australians believe climate change is driving more droughts and floods, and that increasing electricity prices are the result of "excessive profit margins" among private energy companies. → Read More

Ancient civilisations altered the planet much more than we thought

The biggest archaeological research project of its kind to date concludes that ancient civilisations caused profound changes to Earth's ecology, but others say it's not significant compared to what we're doing today. → Read More

Croc blocked! The landform that stops nuisance crocs returning home

Crocodiles relocated to either side of the Cobourg Peninsula in the Northern Territory have failed to return to their home ranges, in research that could help in keeping problem crocodiles away from heavily populated areas. → Read More

How green is your lawn, really?

As the earth's resources become more strained, should we be using our lawns for more productive things than growing grass? → Read More

Beating a retreat: Scientists make a case for a climate evacuation plan

Low-lying islands, coastal towns and cities will need to be abandoned in the future as climate change gets worse. Researchers say it's time to start preparing for equitable and managed relocation, rather than leaving it to a last minute, chaotic retreat. → Read More

Report names Australia as third-largest exporter of fossil fuel emissions

When fossil fuels are measured in terms of the amount of CO2 they emit, Australia is the worlds third-largest exporter behind Russia and Saudi Arabia, according to a new report from the Australia Institute. → Read More

Sea level rise began accelerating in the 1960s, researchers find

Analysis of historical tidal records alongside modern satellite data shows the rate of sea level rise began accelerating in the 1960s, not the 1990s as previously thought. And if trends continue, Australia's region could be hit harder than most. → Read More

Defending the environment is a deadly business as activist death rates rise

More than 1,500 people were killed defending the environment between 2002 and 2017, with new research showing corruption is the key driver of the murders. → Read More

Have you got climate zombies? Here's a handy guide to slaying them

They're the cases against climate science that were buried years ago, yet somehow refuse to die. "It's the Milankovitch cycles", "CO2 is good for plants anyway", "What have the scientists ever done for us?" Here's a handy guide for killing the undead. → Read More

Has the human population already passed the point of no return for our planet?

Humans are consuming Earth's resources faster than they're being replaced. When this happens in animals, populations crash. So what does that mean for the planet's inhabitants today? → Read More

Green groups accuse Chevron of 'deliberate mismanagement' of its own carbon storage project

The Conservation Council of Western Australia says Chevron has deliberately mismanaged a taxpayer subsidised carbon sequestration project, resulting in millions of tonnes of CO2 being released to the atmosphere. → Read More