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White Plains, NY, United States

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Past articles by Diana:

You Can Eat This Water Bubble. The Environment Will Thank You.

A Revolutionary New Material Is Helping Decrease Plastic Waste → Read More

AI can diagnose some genetic disorders using photos of faces

DeepGestalt takes faces apart and reassembles them to diagnose genetic disorders. → Read More

The molecule that helps exercise protect the brain from Alzheimer’s

Gives the phrase “muscle memory” a whole new meaning. → Read More

Autism involves a large-scale reduction in RNA editing

New work ties things in to the gene behind Fragile X Syndrome, a genetic disease. → Read More

Oh sorry, is eating meat bad for the planet? I didn’t know.

And, consequently, don't appreciate the greenhouse gas impact of their food choices. → Read More

Genetic information as self-fulfilling prophecy

DNA test results can spur relevant physiological changes, even if they're made up. → Read More

Just pee in a cup for bladder cancer detection

A 94% accurate diagnosis of bladder cancer using atomic force microscopy on urine. → Read More

Bacteria engage in chemical warfare against viruses

Bacteria anti-virus armaments include chemicals that stop DNA from being copied. → Read More

Medieval European plague genomes hint at of Black Death’s travels

A more complete phylogeny of plague bacteria yields a clearer pandemic picture. → Read More

Researchers grow a placenta in a petri dish

The organ is essential for pregnancy, but has been nearly impossible to study. → Read More

Soy milk, almond milk, oat milk. Spider milk?

Wonder how the FDA is going to classify this one. → Read More

Sick ants stay away from the kids

They stay out, at work, to protect everyone in the nest from infection. → Read More

Collating memories of what happened based on where it happened

Rats keep track of a position in two different ways. → Read More

A specific sugar molecule seems to slow cancer cells down

Mannose slows the growth of tumor cells and can synergize with chemotherapy. → Read More

Ahh, summer—ramlibacter season

A catalog of the living things that float through the air. → Read More

Understanding the Brain is a catalog of all we don’t know about the brain

Updated version of Creating Mind mostly tells us what we don't understand. → Read More

Low-caste men in India cooperate like college students

How you manage cooperation depends on how you perceive its lack. → Read More

Llama “nanobodies” might grant universal flu protection

Antibodies made in a llama protected mice from sixty flu strains. → Read More

Healthy tissues in older people carry a lot of cancer-promoting mutations

Some mutations help cells divide faster, but they don't seem to lead to cancer. → Read More

Supercool brines on Mars may contain enough oxygen to support aerobic life

It's still simple life, though, and the oxygen is mostly at the frigid poles. → Read More