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Past articles by David:

First hands-on with the Canon EOS R3

I had the opportunity to get my hands on the recently announced Canon EOS R3 at The Photography Show. Let me tell you how that went for me. Canon teased the EOS R3 and the world waited in anticipation following news of Covid-stricken production facilities. This addition to their squad of pro-mirrorless cameras is, so […] → Read More

The Photography Show is underway despite COVID-19

The absence of live events owing to COVID seems to have filled the global collective recent memory. This is now being broken and life is returning to normal. Here at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK, The Photography Show has begun day one and it all looks to be going very well. The Photography […] → Read More

I am leaving my home to photo-travel in a Mercedes van I built myself

I’m Dave Williams, a writer here at DIYP and a travel photographer, writer, and educator from the UK. For many years, just like a lot of other photographers, I worked a full-time job and shot on the side as a way to fund new gear. I progressed from funding gear to fund my life, with […] → Read More

Image theft should be a thing of the past – a personal story

We’re used to seeing images shared on social media, especially on feature accounts where this is considered normal. Photographers put a lot of time and effort into creating great images and once in a while we see our work stolen. This happened to me recently and I’d like to share the story with you. […] → Read More

Dear Nikon, your mirrorless lens swap is a joke

I’ve had a Nikon Z6 mirrorless camera for a while now, and I’m less than impressed. We photographers are a funny breed. We obsess over detail. It goes without saying that dust removal is not something like to retouch. We have enough work as it is. Back in the day (and by “the day” I […] → Read More

Astrophotographers can capture the Comet NEOWISE right now

Astrophotographers have the opportunity to spot a rare object in the sky this month. A newly discovered comet, NEOWISE, is flying through the inner solar system for the first time in 6,800 years. (6,800 FRIGGIN YEARS!!!). This comet has been getting brighter and brighter in the early-morning sky and, in the coming days, it will […] → Read More

How and why to “quaranclean” your your camera gear during the coronavirus pandemic

I made a silly video a few days ago about cleaning your camera for Covid-19. It really was silly – I washed a camera in a sink full of soapy water. It went down well, but there’s a serious message behind it. We’ve been given the advice to wash our hands for twenty seconds with … → Read More

Oh, to be a kid again! Erik 'The Rocketman' Kuna is living his dream, and he takes us behind this awesome shot!

Erik Kuna is a Floridian photographer shooting for SuperCluster, a space photography agency, and for himself. Kuna has taken revolutionary steps in rocket photography, employing techniques never used before to create amazing cinemagraphs and images. Those are more than merely documentary, they’re art. We’ve asked Erik to share the story behind one of his pictures … → Read More

The Wavo is Joby's first microphone and it's ultra lightweight for vlogging

One of the major obstacles with vlogging is sound. Isolating the sound and having it record at high quality is a big deal. I strongly feel that we are far more inclined to stop watching something with bad audio than we are if the visuals are bad. We can put up with flickering pictures or … → Read More

This guy 3D printed the 'save' icon! Only joking, he's framed his Adobe Photoshop floppy disks to celebrate the 30th birthday! Let's kick it old school!

We all, by now, know that Adobe Photoshop turned 30 last week. Here on DIY Photography, we shared a close look at version 1.0, but other people are taking their own steps to memorialize Photoshop. Richard Johnson of Spectacle Photo has done something extra-special. He’s taken a regular, photographic convention and applied it to Photoshop. The … → Read More

Should we agree to disajree? Is this all a big goke? #JifvsGif

#JifvsGif is a debate long-held in the photographic community, but did you ever think a Peanut Butter company would get involved? J. M. Smucker Company, the maker of Jif Peanut Butter, has teamed up with Giphy, the GIF hosting company. The same company we all use to place our ‘Oh no she didn’t!’ GIF’s on … → Read More

Here is the science behind what makes sunset photos so beautiful

Golden Hour and Blue Hour are the optimum times for us photographers. It’s been drilled into us since day one. We have apps that tell us when the sun will rise and set, and tell us in which direction. The thing is, it’s only worth knowing that information if the sunset or sunrise is going … → Read More

This photographer uses Disney theme parks for magical inspiration

There are many people who have dreams but sit on them their whole life. Doug Young is not one of those people. If there’s one example out there of packing up to follow your dream, this is it. Doug is known on Instagram as @dougdoesdisney and this account was a dream he pushed to reality. … → Read More

Watch this long exposure of the Atlas V launch kicking off ESA’s Solar Orbiter (SolO)

Norman Peay has always been fascinated by aviation. In this photo, he captured the launch of the Altas V rocket on February 10th, 2020. The launch was set to 11:30 PM from Kars Park, Merritt Island, Florida. Merritt Island offered a gorgeous, unobstructed south view of LaunchPad 41, approximately 10 miles in the distance. This … → Read More

Your Stacking Rocks photos look cool, but they are killing animals

Photos of rock stacks adorn our Instagram feeds. There are videos of them being created in elaborate styles. Sometimes they defy gravity with anything from pebbles to boulders in their formations. These eye-catching photos are usually framed against stunning natural backdrops and have a calm and tranquil quality to them. There’s a darker side to … → Read More

100 Lego Star Wars photos from one dedicated toy photographer

UK based photographer David Saunders has reached 100 photographs in a Lego Star Wars project. David shoots Lego, dinosaurs, action figures, and other awesome toys. If you ever have a moment take a look at his social media. The images will amaze you. To stay on top of our game, photographers should undertake personal projects. … → Read More

Instagrammer forces plane to land 2 hours into flight claiming he has coronavirus

28-year-old James Potok, self-professed #ViralBoy, made a very tasteless joke with a view to going viral. The Instagrammer falsely claimed to have coronavirus (2019-nCoV) on a plane. The WestJet flight he was on from Toronto to Jamaica was forced to turn around and land. Unfortunately, this was the result of the ‘likes’ culture. James did … → Read More

The dunes are a newly discovered kind of aurora

The Northern Lights are on many people’s bucket lists. The celestial phenomenon occurs in the upper levels of our atmosphere. We’ve long sought explanations for these beautiful lights, and extensive research has come up with many answers. We thought we had it all covered until something strange happened. Recently, in Finnish Lapland, a scientist discovered … → Read More

Instagram is 'killing' Hallstatt, Let it go!

Instagram has a tendency to make places ‘trend’. This makes global locations become inundated with tourists. Sometimes it’s cool, but sometimes this is to the detriment to the local community. Let’s look at what’s going on at Hallstatt as an example. Hallstatt, Austria, is a very small town, virtually free of traffic, and with minimal … → Read More

Tragic death at Iceland plane wreck Instagram hotspot

The Icelandic police (Logreglan) are investigating the tragic death of a Chinese couple close to the famous DC-3 plane wreck at Sólheimasandur, south Iceland. The couple was found 150 meters apart. They were on the trail between the parking lot and the plane, which is 7.4 kilometers long. There is no official announcement for the … → Read More