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Recent articles by Beth:

Teen athlete sidelined by spine surgery gets help for scoliosis

Zoe Price is back in the game after undergoing spinal fusion surgery to for scoliosis. → Read More

White House pushes COVID-19 antiviral, amid reports of rare 'rebound' symptoms

The White House is pushing paxlovid, a highly effective antiviral to treat higher-risk COVID-19 patients. → Read More

British researchers identify 75 genes that may raise the risk of Alzheimer's disease

A vascular neurologist says the discovery of 75 genes linked to Alzheimer's disease, including 42 never before identified, could lead to the development of better treatments. While the discovery is not the end-all or be-all, Dr. Rishi Gupta of Wellstar Health System in Georgia says it is a "step in the right direction." → Read More

After years of losing sleep, woman finds relief for chronic heartburn

A few years ago, Susan Boswell, of LaGrange, Georgia, says she was sleep-starved and feeling terrible. → Read More

If you have COVID-related brain fog, these tips from a doctor may help

Brain fog is one of the most common and frustrating symptoms of Long COVID. An infectious disease specialist who heads up at Atlanta Long COVID clinic shares some tips that might help ease memory loss and other cognitive difficulties. → Read More

Georgia girl's adoption leads family on journey of faith

Tanvi was born without a sacrum, the triangular bone that stabilizes the lower spine, and she was missing three lower vertebrae. She was diagnosed with caudal regression syndrome, a rare, complex birth defect in which the lower half of the body does not form correctly in the womb. → Read More

New study counters idea Black women are at lower risk of body dissatisfaction, eating disorders

Published in the Journal of Black Psychology, the study looked at data on 191 Black female college students. → Read More

Pfizer, Moderna ask FDA to authorize additional COVID-19 booster shots

Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech have both asked the FDA to authorize a second booster shot of their COVID-19 vaccines. Microbiologist Dr. Amber Schmidtke of the University of St. Mary says the additional shot could be needed to keep the vaccines' protection from waning over time. → Read More

Overexposure to Ukraine war coverage may impact mental health, sleep, experts say

Trauma experts say repeated exposure to TV coverage and social media posts of the war in Ukraine may cause lasting stress, and even PTSD. A child psychologist and sleep specialist shared some tips on how to stay on top of the war coverage without feeling overwhelmed. → Read More

Three young Georgia brothers all face same eye cancer diagnosis as their mother

The Rush brothers, Tristen, Caison and Carter, share a lot in common, including the same cancer. → Read More

After losing wife to delivery complications, Georgia man urges lawmakers to do more to protect mothers

Kira Johnson was 39 and healthy, when she went in for a schedule caesarian section. Eleven hours later, Johnson died of a hemorrhage. Her husband Charles Johnson says they waited more than 10 hours after the discovered blood in her catheter for a promised CT scan that never came. → Read More

Three Georgia sisters with sickle cell hopeful about experimental gene editing treatment

About 100,000 Black Americans are living with the hereditary blood disorder. → Read More

Headaches convince Georgia mother of three to get help for high blood pressure

Latoya Jordan, 42, did not see a doctor or take her blood pressure medication for more than a year, after the Roswell, Georgia, mother of 3 moved down from New York in the middle of the pandemic. But, when she began having headaches, Jordan realized she needed to do something. → Read More

Microbiologist weighs in on how to know COVID-19 is becoming endemic

As COVID-19 infections continue to plummet, do we still need to wear a mask, and what about booster shots? Are those necessary now that the omicron surge is waning? Microbiologist Amber Schmidtke, who has been covering the pandemic in Georgia in an online newsletter, weighs in. → Read More

Georgia toddler diagnosed with extremely rare uncombable hair syndrome

ONE-IN-A-MILLION HAIR: Lock Samples of Roswell is one of about 100 known cases of uncombable hair syndrome - a special condition that makes it impossible to lay flat. → Read More

Man hospitalized 88 days with COVID-19 says skipping vaccine 'worst decision of my life'

Jeff Adams of Covington, Georgia, says he did not get the COVID-19 vaccine because he rarely gets sick. So, he didn't think he needed to worry about the the coronavirus. "I can now tell you conclusively that is the worst decision of my life," the 56-year-old now says. → Read More

Atlanta hospital copes with record surge in COVID-19 patients, staffing shortage

Grady Health System in Atlanta is experiencing its biggest surge in COVID-19 patients so far in the pandemic. At one point, earlier this month, they had 285 patients with the virus. The system's top doctor says they are also struggling with serious staffing shortages. → Read More

'Like witnessing a miracle': Georgia woman gives birth after nearly 5-month battle with COVID-19

The 37-year-old was just over four months pregnant in late August when she believes she contracted the coronavirus from her 8-year-old son. Within a week, she was struggling to breathe. → Read More

As omicron cases surge, so do breakthrough infections

A fully vaccinated East Atlanta man recently contracted a breakthrough infection, likely caused by the highly contagious omicron variant. → Read More

Pandemic worsens home care shortage, leaving many seniors in limbo

The pandemic has exacerbated a long-running shortage of home health aids, leaving many older Americans struggling to find assistance. One Georgia home health agency owner says she is having to turn away dozens of new clients because there is no one to cover their shifts. → Read More