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Past articles by Michelle:

Oceans May Have Once Graced Venus Before It Became a Hell Planet

Venus may be one of the brightest and most beautiful objects in our night sky, but don't be fooled. → Read More

This Mysterious Planet Could Be Transforming Into a Water World

A mysterious exoplanet just 138 light-years from Earth could be in the process of transforming. → Read More

Astronomers Traced The Origins of Water to a Time Before The Sun

A star 1,300 light-years from Earth might have just revealed one of the Solar System's best-kept secrets. → Read More

Astrophysicist Shows How One Small Change to Our Solar System Could Unravel It

As our catalog of planetary systems in the Milky Way grows, it becomes increasingly clear how very different our Solar System could have been. → Read More

Scientists Finally Solve Mystery of Why Solar Probes Keep Fogging Up

Space probes designed to study the Sun are the last places you'd expect to have a moisture problem. → Read More

Mysterious Comb Unearthed in England Has a Gruesome Origin Story

A peculiarly gruesome artifact has been uncovered during archaeological digs in England, hearkening back to long lost cultural practices that today we can only try to imagine. → Read More

Planets Remarkably Similar to Jupiter And Neptune Found Orbiting a Sun-Like Star

When it comes to finding life on other planets, a warm, wet world bubbling with a complex soup of chemicals might not be enough. → Read More

Researchers Have Found The Earliest Evidence of Horseback Riding Yet

The bones of nomads who lived in what is now southeast Europe thousands of years ago have just yielded humanity's earliest evidence of equestrianism. → Read More

NASA Slammed a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid And It Didn't Go Quite as Expected

In September of last year, after years of careful planning and development, NASA crashed a spacecraft smack into a rock drifting through the Solar System, just minding its own business. → Read More

A Mystery Object Is Being Dragged Into The Black Hole at The Center of Our Galaxy

For decades, astronomers have watched a mysterious blob named X7 drift around the supermassive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way, wondering where it came from. → Read More

Venus May Have a 'Squishy' Surface That's Regularly Regenerating Itself

To call Venus a real oddball of a planet would be slightly understating the issue. → Read More

Scientists Have Recorded Brain Waves From Octopuses Just Living Their Lives

In a scientific first, researchers have recorded brain activity from living octopuses moving freely and blithely going about their octopus business. → Read More

This Planet Is Way Too Big to Be Orbiting This Teeny Tiny Star

There are a lot of weird and wonderful planets outside the Solar System, but a newly discovered world is a real space oddity. → Read More

A Solar Orbiter Filmed Mercury Crossing The Face of The Sun, And It's Glorious

A spacecraft studying the wild ways of our magnificent Sun has captured an event rarely seen from our position here on Earth's surface. → Read More

The White Specks in This Image Aren't Stars or Galaxies. They're Black Holes

The image above may look like a fairly normal picture of the night sky, but what you're looking at is a lot more special than just glittering stars. → Read More

Astronomers Detect 6 Massive Galaxies So Old They Can't Be Explained by Science

A handful of objects uncovered in JWST data has astronomers stumped. → Read More

After a 20-Year Search, Scientists Have Finally Found Earth's True Innermost Core

Our home planet is seeming more like a jawbreaker the more we learn about its interior. → Read More

We Finally Know What Japan's Eerie Mummified Mer-Monkey Really Is

An in-depth analysis has finally revealed the make-up of a bizarre 'mummified mer-monkey' housed at the Enju-in Temple in Asakuchi City, Japan. → Read More

Discovery of Two New Forms of Salt Water Could Rewrite Fundamental Chemistry

Two newly discovered forms of frozen salt water could help scientists resolve a mystery concerning the Solar System's ice-encrusted moons. → Read More

Our Planet Appears to Immediately Contaminate Meteorites Upon Arrival

A space rock recovered within just a few short hours of entering Earth's atmosphere has revealed there may not be such a thing as a "pristine" meteorite. → Read More