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Recent articles by Michelle:

Astronomers Think They Know The Reason For Uranus's Kooky Off-Kilter Axis

Uranus marches to the beat of its own weird little drum. → Read More

2 Incredibly Rare Exoplanets Could Give Us Insights About a Planet Close to Home

Around an orange dwarf star just 130 light-years from Earth, astronomers have discovered an unexpected treasure. → Read More

Biology Inspires a New Kind of Water-Based Circuit That Could Transform Computing

The future of neural network computing could be a little soggier than we were expecting. → Read More

A Planet-Sized Heatwave Has Been Found in Jupiter's Atmosphere

A heatwave the size of 10 Earths has been discovered rippling through Jupiter's atmosphere. → Read More

These Are The Most Distant Star Clusters Ever Seen, And We Nearly Missed Them

The very first deep field image from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has just delivered a new treasure from the early Universe. → Read More

Glass Beads Reveal That Lunar Impacts Echo a History of Catastrophes Here on Earth

Microscopic fragments of glass from the Moon have revealed a history of lunar impacts that lines up precisely with meteorite impacts here on Earth – including the giant asteroid impact 66 million years ago that killed most life on Earth and wiped out... → Read More

Stunning New Pics Capture The Incredible Moment a Spacecraft Struck an Asteroid

Yesterday, humanity achieved a new and amazing first, 11 million kilometers (6.8 million miles) from home. → Read More

Shimmering 'Lakes' Under The South Pole of Mars Might Be Something Else Entirely

What scientists thought were lakes of liquid water hiding under the southern polar ice cap of Mars could turn out to be… just regular old rock. → Read More

Diamond From 660 Kilometers Below Earth's Surface Reveals a Water-Rich Environment

Deep below the surface of our world, far beyond our feeble reach, enigmatic processes grind and roil. → Read More

A Stunning New 3D Model of The Cat's Eye Nebula May Help Us Solve Its Mysteries

The twisty eruption of a dying star has finally been revealed in all its 3D glory. → Read More

A New FRB Signal Has Buzzed Nearly 2,000 Times in Just Two Months, Raising a Mystery

We have detected a strange new signal from across the chasm of time and space. → Read More

A Weird Blob of Hot Gas Is Whizzing Around Sagittarius A* With 'Mind-Blowing Velocity'

In the wacky gravitational environment in the heart of our galaxy, astronomers have found a gas blob orbiting our supermassive black hole at superspeed. → Read More

A History of Tiny Asteroid Impacts Forced Our Moon to 'Wander' on Its Axis

New evidence has shown how asteroids slamming into the Moon have changed the positions of its poles. → Read More

JWST's First Glimpse of Mars Reveals The Red Planet in a New Light

The James Webb Space Telescope has made incredible headway, peering farther across space and time than any telescope that came before. → Read More

Earth's First Continents Sank Into The Planet Before Rising Up Again

A new examination of some of the oldest rocks in the world suggests that the first continents on Earth were unstable, and sank back into the mantle before making their way out again and reforming. → Read More

A Robot on Mars Detected The Tremors of Meteorites Hitting The Red Planet

An instrument designed to detect seismic activity on Mars has just revealed an incredibly cool new ability, detecting faint tremors from meteorites impacting the red planet. → Read More

This Trait of Red Dwarf Star Systems Could Help Us Resolve The Red Sky Paradox

There's something very peculiar about Earth, aside from all the organisms crawling all over it. → Read More

Byzantine Records of Solar Eclipses Have Refined Measurements of Earth's Spin

Records of solar eclipses from a millennium and a half ago have allowed scientists to refine measurements of Earth's changing rotation. → Read More

Hubble Captures 2 Galaxies Overlapping to Form a Stunning Interstellar 'Snail'

A new image from the Hubble Space Telescope beautifully illustrates why astronomers need to be so careful about distance in space. → Read More

Fascinating Study Gives a Unique Glimpse Into How Dogs See The World

Putting cute dogs in an MRI machine and watching their brains while they watch home movies might sound like a rollicking good time just for its own sake. → Read More