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Recent articles by Michelle:

A Detailed Map of The Internal Structure of Mars Has Been Revealed For The First Time

An immobile probe sitting like a squat turtle on the surface of Mars has finally delivered a comprehensive picture of the red planet's internal structure. → Read More

VFX Artist 'Unwraps' Classic Apollo Pic to Show Us What Buzz Aldrin Saw on The Moon

Fifty-two years after the first historical Moon landing, we've been given a brand new perspective of a classic Apollo-era photo. → Read More

Ancient Roman Road Discovered Under The Waves of Venice

At the bottom of the Treporti Channel, meters beneath the waves of the Venetian Lagoon, a series of surprising ancient structures has just been uncovered. → Read More

Physicists Just Broke The Record For World's Thinnest Magnet, And It's Wild

A slice of material just a single atom thick is breaking records. → Read More

Rock Fragment Found in Field Turns Out to Be Ancient 4.6-Billion-Year-Old Meteorite

A small fragment of rock found lying in a field in Gloucestershire in the UK may not have looked like much to the casual passerby, but it could contain vital information about the formation of the Solar System – and the origins of life itself. → Read More

Spacecraft Flies Through Dusty Tail of Exploded Comet in Unique Chance Encounter

A comet that broke apart before it was due to appear in Earth's night sky last year has now nevertheless given us a rare and wonderful gift. → Read More

Mysterious New 'Borg' DNA Seems to Assimilate Genes From Different Organisms

Mysterious strands of DNA that seemingly assimilate genes from many different organisms in their surrounding environment have been discovered in a Californian backyard. → Read More

Think Your Dog Would Share Its Food With You? We Have Bad News

If you've ever actually met a dog, new research into canine behavior will come as no shock. Scientists have found that "man's best friend" won't necessarily help said man out with a delicious snack, even if that man has given a snack first. → Read More

Jumping Spiders Seem to Have a Cognitive Ability Only Previously Found in Vertebrates

Tiny little jumping spiders, with their magnificent eyes, seem to be able to do something we'd only ever seen before in vertebrates: distinguishing between animate and inanimate objects. → Read More

With 319 Tb/s, Japan Absolutely Smashes World Record For Data Transmission Speed

New technology developed by Japanese engineers has walloped the heck out of the previous data transmission speed record. → Read More

Discovery of 10 Unknown Phases of Plasma Could Bring Us Closer to Fusion Power

A new way of classifying magnetized plasma has led to the discovery of 10 previously unknown topological phases of plasma. → Read More

This Brainless Slime Mold Can Decide Where to Go Without Having Already Been There

A slippery yellow slime that lives in the damp undergrowth is continuing to test our understanding of what it means to make decisions. → Read More

Isotopes Detected in The Atmosphere of an Exoplanet For The First Time

A world just over 300 light-years away has yielded the first ever detection of isotopes in an exoplanet's atmosphere. → Read More

The Genome of a Human From an Unknown Population Has Been Recovered From Cave Dirt

A cup of mud that has been buried beneath the floor of a cave for millennia has just yielded up the genome of an ancient human. → Read More

We Now Have Precise Math to Describe How Black Holes Reflect The Universe

A new set of equations can precisely describe the reflections of the Universe that appear in the warped light around a black hole. → Read More

Two Stars Spiraling Towards Explosive Doom Detected in Our Cosmic Neighborhood

A binary star just 1,500 light-years away is spiraling towards a spectacular doom. → Read More

That Scandalous Phosphine on Venus Really Could Come From Volcanoes, Says New Study

Phosphine gas detected in the atmosphere of Venus could have a volcanic origin after all, new research has found. → Read More

This One Planetary Feature May Be Crucial For The Rise of Complex Life in The Universe

The way a planet is tilted on its rotational axis with respect to its orbital plane around a star - what we know as 'axial tilt' - could be key to the emergence of complex life. → Read More

A Mystery of Jupiter's Constant Aurora Has Finally Been Solved After 40 Years

Earth is not the only world adorned with the glowing atmospheric phenomenon that is aurora. In fact, in a Solar System aurora competition, the clear winner would be Jupiter. The so-called King of Planets is crowned with the most powerful auroras in t → Read More

Scientists Have Created a New Bendy And Flexible Form of Ice

Water ice isn't exactly known for its flexibility. In fact, it's quite the opposite: rigid and brittle, easily fracturing and snapping. It's why avalanches and sea ice fragmentation occur. → Read More