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Past articles by Alexis:

ERP 2.0 will use satellites to suck money out of your CashCard by the kilometre, Digital, Singapore News

Another year, another new acronym: get ready for a new ERP system that will require replacing in-vehicle units (IUs) with on-board units (OBUs). Starting in 2020, the LTA has finally announced that we’ll be blessed with free replacement OBUs at inspection centres and selected vehicle workshops. Trials began in March 2018 and will continue through the year. → Read More

Travel back in time with Sega's first official retro console, the Genesis Mini, Digital News

Emulators and retro consoles have been all the rage for the past few years, but this is Sega’s first proper effort. There are many like it (like AtGames’ sub-par third party Sega Genesis Classic emulator), but this one’s legit. Meet the Sega Genesis Mini (also known as the Mega Drive Mini), packed with 40 games and coming to an online retailer near you later this year. The legendary games… → Read More

Google Translate 'bug' shows weirdly political translation on Hong Kong-China relations, Digital, China News

News of a curious translation “bug” hit Twitter today, as the Google Translate app had some interesting results for the phrase “so sad to see Hong Kong become part of China.” a friend showed me this google translation that translates “so sad to see hong kong become a part of china” as “happy” (高興)in chinese → Read More

Netflix enters the games industry with Stranger Things and The Dark Crystal , Digital News

In what seems like an inevitable move, Netflix is rolling out video games based on a couple of its most-hyped shows. The age of Netflix games begins with two Stranger Things titles — a full-fledged adventure game for PC, Mac, consoles (including Switch), and mobile — as well as a location-based RPG/puzzle mobile game. There’s also the upcoming The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics game,… → Read More

Sick Penangites can get a free session with this online medical consultation service , Digital News

Folks in Penang can now get a free online medical consultation and discounted medication, thanks to a government joint venture with DoctorOnCall (DoC… see what they did there?). → Read More

Learn to code while building this overpowered remote-controlled robot, complete with cannon, Digital News

If you’ve ever been interested in programming, but can’t bear the thought of learning the old-fashioned way, the DJI RoboMaster S1 might be just the toy for you. The remote-controlled rover is entertainment and education rolled into one ridiculous 46-part package. Not only does it have a camera and a blaster cannon that spits out soft, wet, gel beads (which have to be soaked in water before… → Read More

Social media explodes with Cyberpunk 2077, now with 100 percent more Keanu Reeves, Digital News

Keanu Reeves’ delightful appearance may just be the best thing about E3 2019 so far, even though the week is far from over. Frankly, we all got a little bit pregnant when Keanu pointed at a fan in the crowd to return a compliment: “You’re breathtaking!” When Keanu Reeves said that the world of Cyberpunk 2077 was breathtaking someone in the audience shouted "You're breathtaking." Hard to argue.… → Read More

E3 2019: Bethesda announces new Orion tech and goes deep on Doom Eternal, Digital News

Waiting for the Bethesda stream on Twitch was one long musical tease for Elder Scrolls VI, which of course, never materialised beyond a quick verbal mention (along with Starfield, its next-gen role-playing game). This year, Bethesda’s focus was on their die-hard gaming community, learning from criticism, and a ton of free games. → Read More

Facial recognition tech is creepy, convenient, and here to stay , Digital News

Facial recognition has inserted itself into our everyday lives — most notably through Face ID on our iPhones, as well as security systems at immigration checkpoints around the world. As a concept, biometric identification is a not-so-futuristic notion that has long been explored in films, books, and television. Essentially, it involves using your own biological (and sometimes behavioural, or… → Read More

Libraries get a tech-driven makeover with augmented reality and book-sorting robots, Digital News

When’s the last time you went to the library? And most importantly, did you enjoy it? If your answer is no, don’t worry — the National Library Board (NLB) is giving our ol’ brick-and-mortar libraries a makeover, thanks to new technology like 3D printing and augmented reality. Real talk: Libraries are super cool. Librarians are hyper-skilled in the fascinating field of looking for information… → Read More

Daylight Studios' new programme wants to nurture wholesome homegrown games , Digital, Singapore News

As one of the first indie game studios in Singapore, Daylight Studios sure has some stories to tell, especially during their stint working with Konami on free-to-play games. Today, Daylight is all about giving others a platform. The studio behind the Holy Potatoes game series is now helping out a new generation of developers through its new DaylightX accelerator programme. DaylightX currently… → Read More

Japan's new virtual influencer, Liam Nikuro, is a computer-generated thirst trap, Digital, Entertainment News

Meet Liam Nikuro, the cute new Instagram star whose face is made up of more bytes than blood. Liam actually looks pretty convincing if you don’t look too closely. Although his head is a product of 3D computer graphics and animation, his body is real (as to whose body it is, we don’t know). Liam is also notably Japan’s first male virtual celebrity. → Read More

Behold Apple's new Mac Pro, the mightiest cheese grater computer that could cost over $33k, Digital News

Good news: we finally have a new Mac Pro. Bad news: it’s mind-numbingly expensive and looks like a giant Parmesan cheese grater. The grater-like casing on both the Mac Pro and the Pro Display XDR Monitor actually serves a purpose: to get rid of all the heat. (For the record, this is not the first time Apple has drawn inspiration from kitchen appliances.) Also new: you can put wheels on the Mac… → Read More

Aiways slated to sell first Chinese electric car in Europe, Digital, Business News

Shanghai-based electric vehicle brand Aiways is set to make a splash in Europe with its flagship model, the U5. Next year, the relatively new electric car company will open shop in Germany, France, Switzerland, Norway, and the Netherlands — a first for Chinese electric cars on the continent. → Read More

New US visa application requires your social media information, Digital, World, Travel News

In an eye-rolling extension of “all your base is belong to us” totalitarianism, applying for a US visa now involves giving up your social media information. While most people probably don’t need a social media cleaning service to sanitise their shitposts, the new system also asks “most” applicants for five years’ worth of previous email addresses and phone numbers. → Read More

Singapore and Estonia co-parent death drone that can fire beyond the range of human sight, Digital News

If you’ve ever wanted to get blown to smithereens by an unknown monster drone from beyond the horizon, boy, do we have good news for you. → Read More

Are microtransactions the drug that feeds Asia’s obsession with mobile gaming? , Digital, Singapore, Business, Asia News

Earlier this month, the World Health Organisation (WHO) voted to classify gaming addiction as a disease, prompting a swift pushback from the games industry. → Read More

Ban on PUBG in India leads to police putting young gamers behind bars , Digital News

In March, the Indian state of Gujarat decided to ban Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), one of the most popular games in the world. And now, according to an investigative Buzzfeed News report, young Gujarati PUBG players have actually been arrested under this draconian new policy. → Read More

Fashion giant LVMH taps blockchain to authenticate luxury goods, Digital, Business News

French fashion powerhouse LVMH is working with Microsoft to incorporate blockchain into their luxury brands, which include Louis Vuitton, Hublot, Celine, Givenchy, and Christian Dior. This isn’t LVMH’s first foray into new technology, though – it recently experimented with foldable screens as a form of wearables in their Cruise 2020 line. → Read More

Chinese drivers can avoid minor traffic tickets by confessing on WeChat, Digital, China News

In the public-shaming spirit of Chinese struggle sessions, Shandong traffic violators can now avoid tickets by confessing their offences on WeChat. Hold up, though – this is just for minor infringements. Don’t expect to run someone over and post a social media confession as penance… you’ll probably go viral, but not for the reasons you might want. → Read More