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Recent articles by Sally:

No, Joe Biden's healthcare plan won't let you keep your private insurance

This week, Joe Biden released his healthcare plan. The proposal aims to "protect and build on Obamacare," most notably by creating a public option, which would allow anyone to buy into a government-sponsored plan. → Read More

Don't Buy The Democrats' 'Moderate' Alternatives To Medicare For All

Democrats are committed to a government takeover of our nation's healthcare system—they just can't decide how. Whether it's Medicare for All, or through the public option, in the end, both choices will lead to the same inevitability: deteriorating quality of care for all. → Read More

Sally Pipes: Democrats don't understand ‘Medicare-for-all’

Next week, 20 Democratic presidential hopefuls will gather in Miami for their first debate. One issue is sure to dominate the discussion – "Medicare-for-all." → Read More

Vaccines save lives. Deregulating them would save even more.

Measles is making a comeback. → Read More

SALLY C. PIPES: Middlemen are ripping off state Medicaid programs

Kentucky's Democratic attorney general just launched an investigation to determine if middlemen in the prescription drug supply chain are ripping off the state's Medicaid program. He's onto something. → Read More

X out 'Medicare X'

Sens. Tim Kaine, D-Va., and Michael Bennet, D-Colo., recently unveiled their "Medicare X" proposal, which would create a public Medicare plan that anyone could purchase. → Read More

Medicare 'buy-in' proposals would lead to single-payer system, long waits, care rationing

Guest columnist: Government-run health care leads to doctor shortages, long waits for treatments and low-quality care. → Read More

End partisan attacks on short-term health plans

House Democrats this week introduced legislation that would neuter short-term health plans. These policies don't have to comply with Obamacare's many cost-inflating mandates, so they're less expensive than the plans available through the exchanges. → Read More

A $44,000 surgery can cost just $16,000 somewhere else for one reason: Competition

A hip replacement in Maine can run north of $44,000. Down the coast in Boston, it's a different story. There, the same procedure costs just more than $16,000, a fraction of the price. Knee surgeries follow the same pattern. They cost up to $13,500 in Maine, but as little as $3,900 in Boston. → Read More

Medicare expansion would make socialized health insurance inevitable

Several lawmakers want to pull more people into Medicare. This would hurt anyone with private insurance, and it would inevitably lead to single-payer, government funded healthcare, which would deprive people of any choice over their healthcare. → Read More

Don’t blame drug companies for high prices

Health insurers hire third-party firms, known as pharmacy benefit managers, to manage drug plans, writes Sally C. Pipes of Pacific Research Institute. → Read More

You should absolutely believe Kamala Harris: 'Medicare for All' will kill your health insurance

Harris should be commended for her honesty and criticized for her policy. → Read More

'Medicare-for-all' means long waits for poor care, and Americans won't go for it once they learn these facts

Kamala Harris and her fellow Democrats may think “Medicare-for-all” is their ticket to the White House. But voters are not interested in their plan to eliminate private health insurance. → Read More

Wasteful Medicaid spending prevents government from fulfilling core responsibilities

Medicaid is America’s largest health insurer, covering roughly 76 million people. Yet it delivers lousy care at an outrageous cost to taxpayers. → Read More

Partial Medicaid expansion isn't the solution

Some Trump administration officials, and even President Trump himself, reportedly favor allowing states to partially expand Medicaid, the program for low-income Americans jointly funded by the federal and state governments. Any expansion is a bad idea, for both fiscal and moral reasons. → Read More

Electronic records are driving doctor burnout

In Pennsylvania, 45 percent of physicians report feeling burned out. → Read More

While Democrats push government healthcare, Canadians wait nearly 5 months for treatment

Last year, Canadians waited a median of almost 20 weeks to receive specialist treatment after being referred by a general practitioner, according to a new report from The Fraser Institute. In practical terms, that's the equivalent of getting a referral this week and waiting until May for treatment. → Read More

Don't let Elizabeth Warren ruin the generic drug market

On Dec. 18, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., introduced the Affordable Drug Manufacturing Act. The bill would create an Office of Drug Manufacturing to produce and sell generic medications. Warren hopes this government entity would solve "market failures" — her term for generic drug shortages and steep price hikes on off-patent medicines. → Read More

Blame Government Regulations for America's Uninsured Problem

Government mandates deserve much of the blame for the rise in the number of uninsured Americans. → Read More

'Unconstitutional' ObamaCare is deeply flawed, and it's time to do away with it

It's time for Congress to acknowledge ObamaCare's failures and devolve authority for health policy to the states. → Read More