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Recent articles by Sally:

TennCare block grant will serve as blueprint for the country

A block grant system could deliver similar levels of satisfaction to Tennessee's Medicaid beneficiaries and set an example for the rest of the country. → Read More

Sally Pipes: Warren's 'Medicare-for-all' is financial fantasy – There's no way to do this fuzzy math

Promising to double everyone's taxes is no way to win an election. → Read More

Sally Pipes: Elizabeth Warren misleads Americans on harm and costs of 'Medicare-for-all'

Like all "Medicare-for-all" supporters, Warren is misleading the public about the damage her plan would do to the finances and health of every American. → Read More

Hey Bernie, it's 'Medicare for all' that would be 'cruel' and 'dysfunctional'

During last week's Democratic presidential debate, Sen. Bernie Sanders called the current U.S. healthcare system "dysfunctional" and "cruel." → Read More

Mayor Pete’s Medicare for All Who Want It plan as flawed as Medicare for All

Mayor Pete is promising Americans that he can create a public insurance option without eliminating private coverage. But he can’t. → Read More

Commentary: Medicare for All won't ensure great health care

Medicare for All could deprive hospitals of billions, forcing them to trim services or close → Read More

Business Leaders Should Crunch the Numbers On Medicare for All

Big business appears to be getting behind Medicare for All. That's one way to read a new report from the National Business Group on Health. The organization recently asked 147 large employers that... → Read More

Medicare's finances are full of waste

A new report just uncovered millions of dollars in Medicare waste. The report, from the Office of the Inspector General at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, found that the agency paid for some of the same drugs twice, wasting $160 million. → Read More

Sally Pipes: Corporate profits are socially responsible

Companies have just one responsibility: maximizing profits for their shareholders within the bounds of the law. → Read More

Sally Pipes: ‘Medicare-for-all’ would be hazardous to the health of seniors – Rationed care could be deadly

'Medicare-for-all' would cost hospitals $151 billion in lost annual revenue. This would force them to cut services and ration care, hitting seniors especially hard. → Read More

Sally Pipes: Union workers, be careful what you wish for – 2020 Dems might ruin your excellent health benefits

Union workers have some of the best health benefits around. "Medicare-for-All" would take those benefits away -- and lead to long waits for poor-quality care. → Read More

Foreign drugs import danger

The Trump administration just announced it is taking steps to introduce a "safe importation action" pilot program authorizing states, wholesalers, and pharmacists to import drugs from Canada under one scenario and from other countries under another scenario. There is no specific timeline for… → Read More

Democrats wrong to call for more government meddling in health care

Perhaps it’s time for a new approach, one that will reduce costs and improve the quality of care by dialing back the level of government interference in the healthcare marketplace. → Read More

No, Joe Biden's healthcare plan won't let you keep your private insurance

This week, Joe Biden released his healthcare plan. The proposal aims to "protect and build on Obamacare," most notably by creating a public option, which would allow anyone to buy into a government-sponsored plan. → Read More

Don't Buy The Democrats' 'Moderate' Alternatives To Medicare For All

Democrats are committed to a government takeover of our nation's healthcare system—they just can't decide how. Whether it's Medicare for All, or through the public option, in the end, both choices will lead to the same inevitability: deteriorating quality of care for all. → Read More

Sally Pipes: Democrats don't understand ‘Medicare-for-all’

Next week, 20 Democratic presidential hopefuls will gather in Miami for their first debate. One issue is sure to dominate the discussion – "Medicare-for-all." → Read More

Vaccines save lives. Deregulating them would save even more.

Measles is making a comeback. → Read More

SALLY C. PIPES: Middlemen are ripping off state Medicaid programs

Kentucky's Democratic attorney general just launched an investigation to determine if middlemen in the prescription drug supply chain are ripping off the state's Medicaid program. He's onto something. → Read More

X out 'Medicare X'

Sens. Tim Kaine, D-Va., and Michael Bennet, D-Colo., recently unveiled their "Medicare X" proposal, which would create a public Medicare plan that anyone could purchase. → Read More

Medicare 'buy-in' proposals would lead to single-payer system, long waits, care rationing

Guest columnist: Government-run health care leads to doctor shortages, long waits for treatments and low-quality care. → Read More