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Recent articles by Jared:

Crypto's Limp BlackRock Response Is a Clear Tell

If not even a vote of confidence from the world’s largest asset manager can spark a rally, then the bear market is far from over. → Read More

Team Soft Landing Is Starting to Pull Ahead

It’s starting to look as if the US economy might avoid a deep and painful recession as the Federal Reserve battles to bring down inflation. → Read More

Uber Embodies the Post-Covid Inflationary Economy

The ride-sharing company is finally enjoying some pricing power, which may be the turning point investors have long waited for. → Read More

Presidents Don’t Move Prices. So Why All the Tweets?

For Biden it’s gasoline; for Trump it was stocks. Taking credit on social media for market swings will always backfire eventually. → Read More

Junior Bankers Deserve Their Bonuses. Really.

Cutting payouts when inflation is already eroding their value will only hurt the morale of those lowest on the ladder. → Read More

The Dollar Bulls Are Looking Increasingly Like a Cult

It’s hard to boil the $6.6 trillion foreign-exchange market down into a simple narrative. But that hasn’t stopped people from trying. → Read More

Single-Stock Levered ETFs Are Financial Mutants

The SEC has approved a product that is sure to increase volatility and benefit few investors. → Read More

Are We in a Recession Now? Just Look at Discount Retailers

The shares of companies that operate so-called dollar stores have soared in one of the rare bright spots for markets. → Read More

Americans Are Talking Themselves Into a Recession

If not even one of the hottest job markets in history can cheer up consumers, then an economic downturn looks inevitable. → Read More

The Redditors Should Know When They Are Conquered

The more meme stock investors lose, the more strident they become. → Read More

California’s $17 Billion Rebate Plan Is Economic Illiteracy

The last thing the US economy needs is more inflation, but the state’s bid to send checks to its citizens will only bolster prices. → Read More

Average Investors Should Try and Time Markets

It doesn’t mean going all in or out but rather tweaking allocations in response to telltale signals. → Read More

Oil Is in Another Bear Market

Traders seem to be betting on demand destruction, which would not be bad for the economy, stocks and bonds. → Read More

Inflation's 'Fun' Period Was Way Too Brief

Rising prices are initially good for the economy because activity tends to pick up and wage growth accelerates. The trick is not to be fooled by the resulting boost to nominal GDP. → Read More

The Next Crisis to Hit Markets May Be About Liquidity

It’s becoming tougher to trade securities, and it's not just because the Federal Reserve is tightening monetary policy. → Read More

Gold's Strange Behavior Shows It's No Haven

Lately the precious metal is adding to portfolio volatility, moving with the broader markets instead of against them. → Read More

What Fidget Spinner Mania Can Teach Bond Traders

We are witnessing maximum fear about interest rates. That is good news for the bond market, but perhaps not so much for the economy. → Read More

There's a Bull Market in Macro Doom

Bearish arguments are compelling because they sound smart. That’s what makes them seductive to novice investors. → Read More

Walmart Truckers Earn as Much as Some Bankers. Good.

The pandemic and supply-chain disruptions have upended the notion of an essential job. → Read More

Consumer Despair Is Probably Worse Than We Realize

Prices of hard assets are rising fast and financial assets are dropping, ratcheting up the misery. → Read More