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Past articles by Jeff:

Good lord, we’re fighting over the sexiness of M&M’s (JEFF EDELSTEIN COLUMN)

I think that it’s possible, that when the history of this stupid time we currently live in is written, that the pivotal moment will be … when we decided to bring M&M’s into the culture war. If … → Read More

Edelstein: Adults will be forced to wear bike helmets if one N.J. lawmaker has his way

A little over 1% of all deaths in America are auto-related. Translation: Over the course of your lifetime, you have a 1% chance of dying in a car accident. → Read More

When Iran gives women more rights than some American states (JEFF EDELSTEIN COLUMN)

In Iran — you know, the Islamic Republic of Iran — abortion of a four-month fetus is allowable if there is a risk of life or risk of health to the mother, or if the fetus is impaired. N… → Read More

Legal marijuana sales to start Thursday in New Jersey, and it’s about time (JEFF EDELSTEIN COLUMN) – The Mercury

I have written about cannabis — you know, marijuana, weed, grass, reefer, pot, Mary Jane, ganja, bud, dope — more times than I care to count over the years. Fact is, I used to smoke mar… → Read More

Time to take the country back from the far right and far left (JEFF EDELSTEIN COLUMN)

My fellow Americans (who aren’t mouth-breathing morons who are aligned with either the extreme far-right or the extreme far-left, or, if you prefer, the extreme far-left or the extreme far-right): … → Read More

My 2021 predictions were pretty spot on, except for

I’m doing something I’ve rarely done in all my time here: I’m taking vacation this time of year and actually stepping away from the column for two weeks. I usually write ahead, but right now, at th… → Read More

Chris Christie still making me angry and happy after all these years

Leave it to Chris Christie — ‘memba him? — to, in one interview, make me both furious at his moronic take and then, moments later, have me shaking my head up and down and saying “yep.” … → Read More

Column: Fake news hits the COVID vaccine front

There has always been a lot of discussion in journalism circles about making sure to give both sides of a story a fair shake. You know, to be objective. This has been the way modern journalism work… → Read More

Column: Vaccine mandates are coming from your boss, not the government

Attention all you “Don’t Tread On Me” types, all you Ayn Rand devotees, all you Ronald Reagan-quoting believers in the government sticking their nose out of your business ("The nine → Read More

Column: It's time to take the American flag back from the fringe

Go buy an American flag right now and put it up in front of your house. It’s time to take America back from the crazies. → Read More

If the plague wasn't enough for you, just wait for the 'locusts'

If you thought COVID-19 wasn’t biblical enough, have I got news for you: The locusts are coming. → Read More

Column: On normal days, patio sets, and Walmart

It was a combination of weather, spring springing, and the fact the second shot of the Moderna vaccine was coursing through my veins, but I’ll tell you what: Last Sunday → Read More

Column: Here are 20 coronavirus phrases I hope to never hear again

Well, the pandemic portion of the program is coming to and end - thankfully - and so I think it’s finally safe to release my Top 20 Coronavirus Phrases I → Read More

If found guilty, Bruce Springsteen should get what he deserves for drunk driving (JEFF EDELSTEIN COLUMN)

1,2,3,4! The highway’s jammed with drunken heroes, on a last chance power drive. → Read More

It is becoming increasingly clear that schools can safely open (JEFF EDELSTEIN COLUMN)

Welcome to COVID’s (hopefully) last stand, and it will be playing out in the classrooms - virtual or otherwise - of New Jersey’s schools. → Read More

Coronavirus, Kim Kardashian and Trump: 15 fearless predictions for 2021 (JEFF EDELSTEIN COLUMN)

All right, here we go, the annual predictions columns. Let’s not waste any space. → Read More

The Trenton Thunder deserve better than the Yankees, don't you agree, Nationals? (JEFF EDELSTEIN COLUMN)

As if I needed another reason to hate the Yankees. → Read More

Column: Trump! Biden! Masks! Christie! Other stuff!

I’m going to keep this “Week’s Worth” format up through the election, at which point I plan on going back to writing about football and sex and bourbon full-time. But → Read More

Column: Finding Phish and finding out why I do the things I do

August, 1995: I had graduated college. I got a job waiting tables at the Olive Garden. I quit to drive cross country with a buddy. I got home. I had → Read More

Column: Time to recognize we have a problem, and it's also time to help solve it

Imagine going to your favorite burger joint and ordering the cheeseburger deluxe. You’re with all your friends, and they all order the cheeseburger deluxe as well. Eventually, the server brings → Read More