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Past articles by Jesus:

A Crash Course in Game Theory for Machine Learning: Classic and New Ideas

Game theory is one of the most fascinating areas of mathematics that have influenced diverse fields such as economics, social sciences, biology and, obviously, computer science. There are many ways… → Read More

Beyond Clustering: The New Methods that are Pushing the Future of Unsupervised Learning

If you ask any group of data science students about the types of machine learning algorithms, they will answer without hesitation: supervised and unsupervised. However, if we ask that same group to… → Read More

Moving Beyond the Ethereum Phase of Security Tokens

Next Evolution of Security Tokens Networks and Blockchains → Read More

Reimagining Privacy in Blockchains: An MIT-Incubated Solution

Yesterday, blockchain privacy startup Enigma announced the availability of its second testnet. Incubated in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) Media Lab, Enigma takes a very unique angle… → Read More

The Theory of Marginal Improvements and Security Tokens

A few weeks ago, I spent some time with several extremely bright Wall Street executives discussing the universe of blockchain and security tokens. These group of talented individuals have done a very… → Read More

The Security Token Anthology: May 2019 Edition

June is here and it’s time to publish the newest Security Token Anthology which includes my recent articles about crypto-securities. Last month I published articles that deep dive into topics such as… → Read More

Beyond Snarks: Some Blockchain Privacy Protocols You Need to Know About

Last week, J.P Morgan made an important contribution towards the mainstream enterprise adoption of blockchain technologies with the addition of new privacy capabilities to the Quorum stack. Almost… → Read More

Decentralized AI for the Rest of US

I’ve been working on a new series of papers on decentralized AI and decided to edit and series I published early last year. → Read More

Four Ideas to Enable Disclosures for Security Tokens

Disclosures continues to be one of the existential challenges to the security token industry. In a market without any information about active digital securities, the opportunities for achieving fair… → Read More

Blockchains, Networks, Protocols or Fantasies in Security Tokens: Part I

Yesterday, during the first day of Consensus NYC, Polymath announced their intentions to work on a tier1 blockchain for digital securities. The announcement, arguably, represents one of the most… → Read More

The Security Token Anthology: April 2019 Edition

May is here and it’s time to publish the newest Security Token Anthology which includes my recent articles about crypto-securities. Last month I published articles that cover key security token… → Read More

Value-Leaking Protocols and Security Tokens

The creation, accumulation and exchange of value via protocols is one of the most important attributes of the crypto ecosystem. From fat to thin protocols, the dynamics of crypto-networks are… → Read More

Some Thoughts About Security Token Networks Part II

This is the second part of an article that explore ideas about the emerging field of security token networks. The first part discussed some of the economical and technological foundations of the… → Read More

Some Thoughts About Security Token Networks: Part I

Recently, I wrote about the emergence of security tokens in permissioned blockchains as a “local maximum” phenomenon or an approach with strong short term perspectives but with questionable viability… → Read More

The Security Token Anthology: March 2019 Edition

April is here and is time to release another edition of the Security Token Anthology which compiles some of my recent articles about crypto-securities. Last month I put some work into some of my… → Read More

A Local Maximum Paradox: Permissioned Blockchains and Security Tokens

Security tokens have evolved exclusively as public blockchain scenarios but that trend seems to be rapidly shifting. In the last few months, I’ve talked to at least a dozen of startups that are… → Read More

Identity: The Elephant in the Enterprise Blockchain Room

The adoption of permissioned blockchain technologies in the enterprise is a road full of challenges. The so called Web3 stack based on decentralized ledgers is still fundamentally immature to enable… → Read More

Programmable Disclosures and Security Tokens

Very often we hear voices in the security token community claim that we need better projects in order to improve the momentum of the crypto-securities markets. I often find that argument a bit… → Read More

Some Reflections About Identity and Security Tokens: Part II

This is the second part of an article exploring ideas about identity capabilities in security tokens. In the first part, we explored some of the basic principles of identity and extrapolated them to… → Read More

Some Things I Wish I Had Known About Permissioned Blockchain Solutions

At Invector Labs, we are fortunate to be working on highly sophisticated permissioned blockchain implementations for some of the top brands in the world. Differently from other technology trends… → Read More