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Past articles by Allison:

The Great British Baking Show’s Pastry Week is, in fact, Linda Week

It’s Pastry Week on The Great British Baking Show, and across the pond, “pastry” means pie dough, “tart” means pie, and “crusty slag” means Paul Hollywood. → Read More

Why So Serious? Escaping Food Media's Uncanny Valley

It's about damn time that we got weird. → Read More

Literally no one is profiting off of third-party delivery apps

So by now you’ve most likely heard that delivery apps like Grubhub, Door Dash, and Uber Eats are potentially harmful to restaurants, as evidenced by some of the most exciting dystopian developments in the food world. These delivery services take up to 30% of every order, often wiping out a restaurant’s profits entirely, or worse, driving it into the red. Delivery drivers are members of the gig… → Read More

Bask in the comforts of these sweet and puffy bomboloni doughnuts—no frying oil required

Right now there are a lot of things I have absolutely no control over, and it sucks. The way I’d like to deal with most of these problems is by shoving a dozen doughnuts in my mouth, but all the doughnut shops are closed. I could make myself a dozen doughnuts, but I have a small house in which four other people live, and as we’re stuck in here for the foreseeable future, no one is keen on the… → Read More

Coronavirus threatens our precious supply of Coke

I’ve been trying to keep calm in the face of the coronavirus outbreak, reminding myself how we’re all perpetually in danger of contracting any sort of new drug-resistant mutations of illnesses, like MRSA, or pneumococcal meningitis, or the flu. I’m still eating Chinese food, because I’m not a bigot, but I’m avoiding cruise ships, which, to be fair, mostly has to do with my inability to do the… → Read More

Hot Pocket heiress could be headed to prison

While we were all distracted by Aunt Becky’s involvement in the college admissions cheating scandal (code name: Operation Varsity Blues), Michelle Janavs, one of the other 52 people facing federal charges, was quietly pleading guilty to bribery and fraud. Janavs isn’t a household name, largely because her unofficial title consists of six words nobody has ever thought to put together: heiress to… → Read More

Watch Jimmy Fallon take BTS to Katz’s for their first pastrami experience

BTS is quite possibly the biggest band in the world, and yet I know almost nothing about them outside of the fact that they comprise 80% of Twitter’s trending topics. But I do know quite a bit about Katz’s pastrami sandwiches, which Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, V, Suga, RM, and J-Hope were first introduced to yesterday, courtesy of Jimmy Fallon. Watch the footage below and keep your eyes out for these… → Read More

Make ram-don à la Parasite, the fanciest cheap dinner money can buy

The first oyster mushroom I ever ate was stolen from the the table scraps of a Saudi prince. I was teenager working a summer job in the business center of the New York Palace, one of the city’s most obscenely expensive hotels, where I took care of the printing and faxing needs of conference attendees, manic event planners, and, when they’d summon me from their penthouse suites, members of the… → Read More

Are fancy beans worth buying?

Over the past decade, chefs and food writers have been enthusiastic evangelists for the Church of Fancy Beans, a rapidly growing denomination whose Vatican City is a little place in California called Rancho Gordo. It was upon that rock that Pope Steve Sando the First built a company devoted to spreading the gospel of good beans with immaculate pedigree, cultivated from heirloom seeds by a… → Read More

Hasselbacked Croque Monsieur Bagels Recipe

Throw custom to the wind and cut your bagel vertically, like a Hasselbacked potato, turning each slit into the perfect receptacle for slices of ham and cheese. → Read More

Hasselbacked Croque Monsieur Bagels Recipe

Throw custom to the wind and cut your bagel vertically, like a Hasselbacked potato, turning each slit into the perfect receptacle for slices of ham and cheese. → Read More

Admit why you truly hate the word “moist”

At this very moment, there is somebody reading this who clicked through the headline for the express purpose of writing “next time, trigger warning please!” in the comments. Those “somebodies” are the exactly the people I am writing this essay for. This entire thing was a trap! I’m so sneaky. → Read More

The Great British Baking Show’s bread week is its best week

For our contestants, bread week is the worst week. For a smart-ass like myself watching at home in sweatpants and a bra, it is the best week. Not only is it nerve-wracking and dramatic, it’s also the week I finally feel as if I know these contestants on a deep, spiritual level. I have fully entered the warm confines of the tent, and all of these people have become my closest, imaginary best… → Read More

McDonald’s Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwich earns participation trophy

It’s pretty clear what went down in McDonald’s corporate offices a few weeks ago: → Read More

Biscuit Week unleashes the dragons on The Great British Baking Show

Welcome to week two of The Great British Baking Show, everybody! Before we get started I’d like to clarify something that’s befuddled some of our international readers who know this show as The Great British Bake Off: In America the Pillsbury Corporation legally owns the right to the term “bake off” and are standing by ready to sue the sweater off Noel and friends the second anyone slips up. You… → Read More

All Praise the St. Louis Bagel and Its Infinite Potential

The infamous, vertically sliced St. Louis bagel is not an abomination—it’s a brand-new playing field for a brand-freaking-new game. → Read More

Why So Serious? Escaping Food Media's Uncanny Valley

When you filter out your life’s flaws, when you insist on a standard of perfection that makes everyone and everything exactly the same, you have taken up residence in the uncanny valley. → Read More

Two New Cookbooks We'd Never Want to Live Without

We find two of the best new cookbooks, James Beard Award-nominated Season by Nik Sharma, and Bottom of the Pot by Naz Deravian. Which one will end up the winner, winner? → Read More

Why These 4 Latest & Greatest Cookbooks Need to Be on Your Shelves

Here's our final four faves of the latest & greatest cookbooks. → Read More

Crispy Potatoes & a Taco Debacle: Here’s What Happened in Piglet Round 1

The best cookbooks of 2018 went head-to-head in an NCAA-style bracketed tournament. Read on for a recap of the tournament's first round, judged by Emeril Lagasse, Bon Appétit Magazine's Andrew Knowlton, and more: → Read More