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Recent articles by Scott:

Democrats want to close your churches and raise taxes to pay for sex reassignment surgery

In their war on rural America, Democratic candidates want to take guns, put churches out of business and pay for sex reassignment surgery for inmates. → Read More

From Kamala Harris and Biden to Nancy Pelosi and AOC, the Democratic Party is a mess

Fault lines are deeper than ever between the young socialists and the old establishment figures who run the Democratic Party, Scott Jenning says → Read More

A red-state Republican takes on the Democratic debates, Part II

Republicans watched in amazement as the Democratic herd moved so far to the left as to be unrecognizable to most middle-American voters. → Read More

A red state Republican’s take on the Democratic junior varsity debate

None of the Wednesday night candidates made a compelling case that they're the one who can beat Trump. → Read More


Democrats can't decide if America is great

Scott Jennings writes that as Democrats prepare for their first debates this week, they are offering a disparate and perplexing set of descriptions for the real state of America. It will be difficult for Democrats to maintain such contradictory positions and present a coherent message in 2020. → Read More

Kentucky's Jenean Hampton has got to go, but so does the incompetent Alison Grimes

Kentucky Lt. Gov. Jeanean Hampton is working against Gov. Matt Bevin, and Alison Grimes has destroyed the office of secretary of state → Read More


Mueller's report looks bad for Obama

Scott Jennings writes that a key takeaway from the Mueller report is that Barack Obama's administration failed the United States with its tepid response to Russian interference in our democracy. → Read More


Mueller's report looks bad for Obama

Scott Jennings writes that a key takeaway from the Mueller report is that Barack Obama's administration failed the United States with its tepid response to Russian interference in our democracy. → Read More

Mueller report takeaways: Trump didn't collude but Obama blew it bigtime on Russia

Donald Trump, use Mueller report as election security roadmap; Democrats, drop impeachment and work on 2020; and Rep. Adam Schiff, you should resign. → Read More

Tiger Woods gave his children the gift of seeing him at his best

Tiger gave us the thrill of a sports comeback, yes. But, more importantly, his win at the Masters allowed his children to see him at his best. → Read More

Bloodthirsty Democrats lose after Mueller report findings. Trump and the US win.

With Donald Trump exonerated, our nation will be spared of what would have been certain impeachment of the president → Read More

Don’t doom your next president, Democrats. Accept the Mueller report

If Democrats double down now, refusing to accept the outcome of Mueller’s Russia investigation, Trump’s base will galvanize even further. → Read More


Nancy Pelosi's impeachment remarks were laughable

Democrats went too far out on a limb with their collusion promises to score political points, have lost confidence that the Mueller report will back their wildest conspiracy fantasies, and are now forced to dial back one of their party's most animating issues, writes Scott Jennings. → Read More

Why do Republicans still back Trump? The answer is simple: Attitude and gratitude

Is Trump a perfect representative of the disrespected rural Republican? No, but they backed him in 2016 and they'll back him again in the 2020 election. → Read More

Blackface is bad. But slaughtering deformed babies is worse, Northam

I’ll remember Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam for calling for infanticide — exposing the darkest part of the left’s abortion agenda, Scott Jenning says → Read More

BuzzFeed's failed Trump exposé has deepened the Trump-media crisis

BuzzFeed News blew a President Donald Trump story, deepening the news media industry’s trust crisis. → Read More


Both Trump and Pelosi think they're winning the shutdown

The shutdown continues because both sides think they are winning, writes Scott Jennings. While one poll found that most Americans blame Trump for the shutdown, another suggests the majority of Americans are sympathetic to increased border security. → Read More

Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib are honest Democrats. And their party can't stand it.

If you hear a Democrat telling you that his party isn’t bloodthirsty for impeachment, he's straight up lying to you. → Read More


Pelosi's big test: Keeping moderates and progressives happy

Whether House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can hold her conference together will have more of an effect on 2020's presidential campaign than on policymaking, writes Scott Jennings → Read More

2019 political predictions: Donald Trump will be impeached

Columnist Scott Jennings predicts the Senate will not convict President Trump, but Democrats will get a public look at his tax returns. → Read More