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Past articles by Passant:

Incredible images capture a ridiculously swole galaxy

Astronomers captured a new image of spiral galaxy with an overdeveloped arm. NGC 772 is on the Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies as one of the weirdest galaxies. → Read More

NASA drafts Mars helicopter Ingenuity into search for ancient alien life

NASA has extended the Ingenuity helicopter mission until September. The helicopter will assist the Perseverance rover in its hunt for organics in Jezero Crater. → Read More

Space WiFi? A new startup wants to give NASA's moonbase an internet connection

A startup company wants to provide high speed internet connection on the Moon by the year 2024. → Read More

Behold! NASA releases stunning new Webb image of an unexpected star

NASA released the latest images from the James Webb Telescope. → Read More

Look: A small, powerful star just unleashed 40 trillion mile-long beam of antimatter

Astronomers imaged a record-breaking beam of matter and antimatter shooting out of a pulsar star. → Read More

NASA announces Artemis lunar rocket is ready for critical test on Thursday

NASA will roll out its SLS rocket to prepare for a wet dress rehearsal ahead of the Artemis mission. → Read More

A ravenous, explosive nova star may be creating massive gamma ray bursts

Astronomers observed a recurring nova explosion, allowing them to learn more about the source of gamma ray bursts. → Read More

The largest molecule ever found in a proto-planet disc could be a precursor to life

Astronomers detected the largest molecule ever found in a planet forming disc, which could lead to organic molecules. → Read More

How the Webb Telescope will reveal invisible features of the universe

NASA's James Webb Telescope will capture images in infrared light, providing a new perspective on the cosmos. → Read More

New study improves the chances of habitability in the outer Solar System

A new study suggests that mid-sized, icy worlds can still be geologically active. This opens the door for several places once considered barren to possibly host life. → Read More

Earth's closest black hole may actually be a vampire star

Two years after finding the closest black hole to Earth, astronomers are now reporting that it may be a two star system instead. → Read More

Physicists discover a massive problem with the search for dark matter

A simulation of the early universe revealed the mass of an elusive dark matter particle to be twice as massive as previously thought. → Read More

NASA, ESA may cut ties with Russia's space program — here's what that means for future missions

In light of Russia's assault on Ukraine, NASA and ESA are implementing sanctions imposed against Russia. → Read More

China just discovered strange glass balls on the far side of the Moon

China's Yutu-2 rover spotted odd glass spheres on the far side of the Moon, the latest strange discovery by the rover on the little-explored side of our Moon. → Read More

Astronomers find a puzzling black hole spinning sideways

Astronomers discovered a black hole that spins in a misaligned direction from the plane it shares with its companion star. → Read More

Look: Stunning new image of Rosette Nebula taken from backyard

Astrophotographer Kevin Gill captured this image of the Rosetta Nebula from his backyard in Los Angeles, using a long exposure to evade light pollution. → Read More

6 major breakthroughs Perseverance made during its first year on Mars

NASA's Perseverance rover has been on Mars for a year, and has accomplished some major feats during that year. → Read More

Astronomers looked at 260,000 stars to find alien megastructures in the Milky Way

Researchers calculated the maximum amount of Dyson Spheres in the Milky Way in order to know what it is they did not find. → Read More

Look: NASA reveals electrifying remnants of a star that exploded 400 years ago

For its first science image, the NASA IXPE observatory zoomed in on the remains of a star that exploded in the 17th century, revealing the intensity of X-Ray light coming from the blast. → Read More

Astronomers spot a supermassive black hole hiding behind a cosmic cloud

Astronomers observed a cloud of cosmic dust at the centre of the galaxy Messier 77 hiding a supermassive black hole. → Read More