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Recent articles by Ed:

Are Democrats Turning Around Their Dire Midterm Prospects?

In very recent days the reemergence of a budget reconciliation bill, the backlash to the Dobbs decision, and Trump’s visibility, have all boosted Democratic midterm hopes. These hopes are real, but there are counter-trends to beware. → Read More

The Presidential-Election Landscape Keeps Getting Tougher for Democrats

New analysis from the Cook Political Report shows that the electoral college landscape is getting tougher for Democrats, which means they may need a bigger national popular vote victory to prevail in 2024. → Read More

Obstructionist Democrats Could Still Kill the Manchin Deal

Joe Manchin’s agreement to a broader-than-expected reconciliation deal was exciting news for Democrats. But until it’s agreed to by anti-tax Democrats like Sinema and Gottheimer, celebration is premature. → Read More

Trump to America: Next Time, No More Mr. Nice Guy

Donald Trump’s first speech in Washington since he left office was mostly an anti-crime tirade that contrasted greatly with his own peril of criminal indictment. But what it lacked in coherence it gained in sheer authoritarian menace. → Read More

Biden ’24 Is in Real Trouble Now

With as many as three-fourths of Democrats indicating they want a different presidential nominee in 2024, and with a midterm shellacking perhaps just ahead, Biden’s 80th birthday on November 20 could be the moment when his 2024 hopes fade. → Read More

Bad News for Missouri’s Extremely Disgraced Former Governor

The Senate bid of Eric Greitens, who was forced to resign as governor of Missouri in 2018 over multiple allegations of misconduct, appears to be collapsing after his ex-wife accused him of physically abusing her and their child. → Read More

Trump’s Biggest Legal Danger Comes From Georgia

Even as Merrick Garland’s ability to pursue criminal charges against Trump has come into question, Fulton County (Georgia) DA Fani Willis may secure indictments related to Trump’s call to Brad Raffensperger along with fake-elector proceedings. → Read More

COVID Outbreak Hits Senate at Worst Possible Time

Just when the Senate is logjammed with must-pass legislation ranging from Build Back Manchin to semiconducter subsidies, it’s the worse possible time for a COVID outbreak among senators, which has gummed up the works. → Read More

Wes Moore Looks Set to Become Next Governor of Maryland

In Maryland Democrats seem sure to recapture the governorship after extremists Dan Cox won the GOP primary. The first Black governor of the state will be Democrat Wes Moore, an “outsider” who got timely support from Oprah Winfrey. → Read More

For Democrats, It’s Now Culture War or Nothing

Any idea that Democrats could win a tough midterm election in 2022 by running on economic issues has been destroyed by inflation. Meanwhile the Supreme Court gave Democrats the opportunity and responsibility to run on abortion and other rights. → Read More

Trump World Plans to Take Over the Deep State

During Trump’s first term, the federal bureaucracy was regarded as enemy territory. If reelected, Trump intends to make it MAGA country. → Read More

House Passes Contraceptives Bill the Senate Will Likely Kill

Following legislation creating a federal right to same-sex marriage, the House passed a bill establishing a right to contraception. But with most Republicans claiming it violates religious liberty, death in the Senate seems likely. → Read More

Same-Sex Marriage Now a Wedge Issue Dividing Republicans

Thanks to a threat from Clarence Thomas to overturn same-sex-marriage rights, House Democrats are moving to codify them, while divided Republicans take no formal position. Will the Senate GOP launch a filibuster? → Read More

Arizona’s GOP Establishment Rejects Trump Pick Kari Lake

In the Arizona Republican gubernatorial primary, non–Trump Republicans such as Ducey and Pence are consolidating support behind wealthy self-funder Karrin Taylor Robson, who is catching up with Trump endorsee Kari Lake as voting nears. → Read More

Liz Cheney, January 6 Hearings Star, Is Bombing Back Home

A new polls shows Liz Cheney losing badly to Trump-backed Harriet Hageman in the August 16 Wyoming Republican primary. Her star turn on the January 6 committee in Washington has not gone over well in Washington. → Read More

Democrats Learn That a Trifecta Isn’t Everything

In 2017, Republicans had a trifecta and couldn’t repeal Obamacare. Sometimes institutional issues are to blame more than politicians like Joe Manchin. → Read More

What Exactly Did Trump Hope to Gain From the Capitol Riot?

The upcoming January 6 hearing investigating Donald Trump’s behavior during the Capitol riot could help solve one big mystery about the insurrection: Did Trump incite mob violence to stay in office after January 20, or was there no real strategy? → Read More

Kansas Is First State to Vote on Abortion Rights Post-Dobbs

The first ballot test on abortion after the Dobbs decision will be in Kansas on August 2, when primary voters judge a proposed constitutional amendment striking down court-created state abortion rights. Kansas has long been an abortion battleground. → Read More

When All Else Failed, Trump Turned to the January 6 Mob

The latest January 6 committee hearing focused on Trump’s decision to summon a mob to overturn the election on January 6 after his fraud claims collapsed. He brought together Oath Keepers and Proud Boys, groups that had not worked together before. → Read More

Despite Trump Endorsement, Palin May On Way to Defeat in Congressional Bid

New polls in Alaska show Trump’s Alaska candidates Sarah Palin and Kelly Tshibaka narrowly losing to Nick Begich III and Lisa Murkowski, respectively, in the state’s new top four/ranked choice voting system. → Read More