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Recent articles by Ed:

Have Conservative Evangelicals Turned Their Backs on Trump?

In an interview with David Brody, Trump revealed he’s bitterly unhappy about the disloyalty of many conservative Evangelical leaders who haven’t endorsed him for 2024. Many now view Ron DeSantis as the savage culture warrior they want. → Read More

Do Republicans Want Swing Voters to Watch Their Debates?

In negotiations with potential 2024 primary debate sponsors, Republicans seem to want free-wheeling red-meat events that may not improve the party’s appeal to swing voters while giving candidates like Trump an advantage. → Read More

House GOP Vote to Abolish the IRS Is Kooky and Self-Destructive

As one of the concessions he made to become Speaker, Kevin McCarthy promised a vote on Buddy Carter’s “Fair Tax” bill, a right-wing chestnut that would replace all federal taxes with a very high national sales tax. Democrats are licking their chops. → Read More

Kevin McCarthy Pays Off Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar

Kevin McCarthy has restored committee assignments for extremists Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar, who lost them for violent utterances aimed at colleagues. Fabulist George Santos is getting a fresh start in Congress. → Read More

Can Ron DeSantis Compete With Donald Trump’s Sinister Charisma?

Ron DeSantis is doing great in the 2024 invisible primary of buzz and hype. But his retail political skills are iffy and at best unproven. Against a master like Trump, particularly in a one-on-one fight, it’s unclear the Florida governor can win. → Read More

How Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s Concessions Will Cost America

Kevin McCarthy made a lot of concessions to win the Speakership. Some are mostly symbolic; others mainly involve the internal power dynamics of Republican factions. But some could wreck the fiscal process in Congress or trigger a debt default. → Read More

Will Kevin McCarthy Be Elected House Speaker? Live Updates.

Kevin McCarthy, the prospective House speaker, appears to be short of the votes he need to unite Republicans. Here are live updates on Tuesday’s voting, which is expected to be chaotic. → Read More

The MTG-Boebert Feud Is Fueled by Diverging Political Paths

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are MAGA freshmen who are often associated with each other. But they’ve engaged in a spat because Greene has a safe seat and every reason to work for a leadership post, while Boebert must scratch for votes. → Read More

Another Former Lover Accuses Herschel Walker of Misconduct

As early voting in Georgia continues, one more alleged ex-lover, this one named, has emerged to complete the portrait of Herschel Walker as a violence-prone man perhaps suffering from untreated mental illness while running against Raphael Warnock. → Read More

Democrats Should Worry About Signs of Lower Black Turnout

Data is showing that Black turnout in 2022 was down in many states, including those like Georgia and North Carolina where Black candidates led Democratic tickets. It’s a bad sign for Democrats going forward. → Read More

The Many Ways MAGA Republicans Threaten Kevin McCarthy

The House Freedom Caucus and its MAGA allies want power over their party’s House caucus. But even more they want two years of intense partisanship and hearings going into 2024, when all the marbles will be at stake. → Read More

Herschel Walker Can’t Shake His Texas Residency Problem

As the Georgia Senate runoff nears completion of the 2022 midterms, Republican candidate Herschel Walker is being hit with renewed questions about his long-time residency in Texas, which is a symbol for concerns that his heroic image is empty. → Read More

Electability Is Great Again

The 2022 midterms showed we may have another close high-stakes election in 2020, and gave Republicans an excuse to question a Trump comeback in 2024. If Trump becomes vulnerable to a primary challenge, Biden could look less electable as well. → Read More

How Accurate Were the Polls in the 2022 Elections?

While midterms votes are still being counted and there were some big misses — like analysts overestimating the Republican wave — the 2022 polls generally matched the election results better than they did in 2016 or 2020. → Read More

Swing Voters Are Angry, Alienated, and Very Powerful

Swing voters as a percentage of the electorate is declining. But in close races they are decisive, and far too many of them are angry, alienated, and sucker-bait for negative campaign and anti-government pols like Trump. → Read More

What the Polls Say Today: Red Alert for Patty Murray?

Both polls and spending pattern suggest Democratic Senator Patty Murray could be in some trouble against Tiffany Smiley, reflecting a regional pattern. But Times-Siena has relatively good news for Democratic Senate candidates in four states. → Read More

What the Polls Say Today: Maybe Warnock Really Is Going ‘Downhill’ in Georgia

Two polls in Georgia show Herschel Walker moving ahead of Raphael Warnock and Brian Kemp leading Stacey Abrams handily. Meanwhile, New York’s Kathy Hochul is doing a bit better in polling against Lee Zeldin. → Read More

Fewer Young People Are Voting Early, a Danger Sign for Democrats

Despite robust expectations of a high youth turnout in 2022, early voting statistics show a big falloff in youth voting that could be fatal for Democrats, who may be under-estimating the need to explain convenience voting to people who need it. → Read More

Chuck Schumer’s Hot-Mic Moment: Does He Know Something We Don’t?

The Democratic Senate leader seemed optimistic on Nevada and Pennsylvania, but not Georgia when he spilled his guts to Joe Biden on a tarmac. → Read More

Dixon Said Democrats Are Destroying America in Revenge for Losing the Civil War

It has come to light that Michigan Republican gubernatorial nominee Tudor Dixon said in 2020 that Democrats were destroying America in revenge for having lost the Civil War. She really does need to explain her words. → Read More