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Recent articles by Todd:

Rule of Law, Not Laws

Our choice is not between chaos and as many regulations as possible. || Todd Seavey → Read More

The Center Doesn't Deserve to Hold

If centrists regain power this week, they’ll be insufferable. || Todd Seavey → Read More

James Randi and Donald Trump

A true skeptic doubts government as well. || Todd Seavey → Read More

Locked Down vs. Off Grid

They want us governable, not necessarily healthy. || Todd Seavey → Read More

Egomania, Dementia, and Stroke

Trump, Biden, and Ron Paul reveal your options. → Read More

The Feature is Female

Oscar politics and death may boost superheroines. || Todd Seavey → Read More

The Wish for Jesters

The left likes a fist in the face more than a crude jest. || Todd Seavey → Read More

Unanswered Questions for Anti-Capitalists

Left/liberalism has wallowed in madness for decades. || Todd Seavey → Read More

Half Symbol, Half Machine—All Cop

Kamala Harris and other phony narratives. || Todd Seavey → Read More

The War on Nuance

Many leftists responded in strange ways to that recent letter to Harper’s defending free speech that was signed by over 150 intellectuals (seconded by a comparably-large group of intellectuals across the Spanish-speaking world including Mario Vargas Llosa). Many self-absorbed leftists responded by saying the array of pro-speech intellectuals (who spanned the political spectrum) had not… → Read More

Healing Superheroes

A mutant second wave is inevitable. → Read More

Attend Radcliffe!

Words don’t magically alter reality, says Rowling. || Todd Seavey → Read More

CHAZ Beats Chaos

Hey, an autonomous zone’s worth a try. || Todd Seavey → Read More

Never Initiate Violence

I don’t know any conservatives who think that because looters exist, cops should be forgiven for strangling immobilized arrestees. By contrast, it turns out I do know some leftists—and you probably do, too—who appear to think that if a cop commits murder, large numbers of innocent third parties (even black third parties) should have their businesses and cars set on fire. Those leftists are evil… → Read More

Different Strains of Covid Crisis

“Everything’s offensive” easily becomes “everything’s contagious.” || Todd Seavey → Read More

Corona: Worse Than Thanos

The real tragedy, if businesses and public gatherings are disrupted for the rest of 2020, is that the release schedule of the Marvel movies is blown to heck. One week in March, when the CV-inspired lockdowns were just starting, box office returns dropped to $5000 for the whole country. Fans should probably be relieved that Marvel put out about two dozen films from the current cycle before things… → Read More

From the Epicenter

New York, like Biden, is either fine or collapsing. || Todd Seavey → Read More

CV Political Side Effects

Virus doesn’t appear to suppress narratives. || Todd Seavey → Read More

Super Black Markets

Freedom squirms out of its constraints. || Todd Seavey → Read More

Plagues and Politicians

No banding together in this crisis. || Todd Seavey → Read More