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Past articles by Jamie:

Election Day: Our Own Gettysburg Looms Before Us

Now Trump is like Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy, without the Southern charm. → Read More

Trump Can't Charm, Not Even For One Spring Night

Not this April. Donald Trump's a no-show at the ritual for the second straight time. The president is boycotting the best chance to make peace with the press and let his hair down. (Kidding!) → Read More

The Big Chinks In Comey's Righteous Armor

The former FBI director, fired by President Trump last May, is avenging his abrupt exit from the job J. Edgar Hoover held for half a century. Comey just launched a war of words with Trump. Reckless or high-minded? You tell me. → Read More

Trump and American History: The Wrong North Star

"I mean, had Andrew Jackson been a little later, you wouldn't have had the Civil War." — President Donald J. Trump → Read More

Kennedy Leaves Trump And O'Reilly In The Stardust

Enormously popular with Trump voters, the cable show host was just fired by Fox News for mounting millions of dollars in lawsuits by several women. → Read More

The Senate Changes Its Ways For Gorsuch

Smooth-talking Neil Gorsuch, the Colorado judge nominee named by President Trump, is already a change agent in the capital. → Read More

How Neil Gorsuch Snowed One Side Of The Senate Aisle

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) noted millions of "dark" dollars had backed Gorsuch. "They obviously think you will be worth their money," he said bluntly. → Read More

Don't Paint President Bush in Rose Colors

One reason Trump became a leading presidential candidate is because he was the only outspoken critic of Bush's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. → Read More

Frederick Douglass: Bookends Of A Great American Life

Frederick Douglass, striking in appearance and speech, became the first public speaker to tell the story of American slavery from personal experience. → Read More

Hold The Presses: Trump's Feeble Attempt To Act Presidential

For the first time in a long life, Trump tried to act presidential. Fake gravitas does not become him, but his slick performance fooled half the people. → Read More

How Healthy Are We The People?

Bad news: The body politic's muscles got flabby in the last 16-17 years. Blood pressure up, and too many Cheetos, not enough kale. → Read More

Imagine If Obama Offered Trump Advice From His Island Paradise

May I suggest you resign over an imaginary illness. After a short recovery at Mar-a-Lago, you could replace Arnold on the "The Celebrity Apprentice." → Read More

Vive La Resistance: The Sisterhood Stands Against President Trump

Sisters are stepping up to save the day. That's what Trump hates most: when women judge, challenge, or dare to defy him — or get three million more votes on Election Day. → Read More

The Senate Must Light The Way

Under the Dome, Congress is scurrying to find its place in the presidential matrix. → Read More

Trumped Up: The First Excruciating Seven Days In Trumplandia

Authoritarians love walls. It will make an enemy of our neighbor, Mexico, but who cares? That may be Trump's foreign policy in a nutshell → Read More

'Unpresidented': A Sign Of The Times In The World Of Trump

As Donald Trump's inauguration approaches, it feels "unpresidented." Never has the transfer of power been so traumatic for anyone paying attention. → Read More

Obama Made America Cool Again: Lifted More Minds Than Hearts

Obama's persuasion aims to connect with minds — sweet reason — more than hearts, and will we ever miss him when he's gone. → Read More

Trump Is Like King Henry VIII Revived

Trump is reminiscent of one English Tudor king, known for his reddish hair, huge body heft, six wives of various nationalities and, um, forceful personality → Read More

Not A Lot Of Comfort And Joy As Obama's Legacy Starts To Go Dark

Here's the thing making Republicans joyful this holiday season -- there's nothing to stop Trump from knocking Obama's legacy down like a house of cards. → Read More

Will The Electoral College Save Us From A President Trump?

Now and then, the Electoral College deals a deathblow to democracy. Under the unfair system set up over 200 years ago, state results "trump" the popular vote. → Read More